[Top 5] CSGO Best Ways To Get XP

CSGO Best Ways To Get XP
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The craving for those precious service medals could get out of hand at times. If you’ve spent random countless, fruitless hours trying to boost your XP, I think it’s time for a strategy that is a little more ordered. Spending all the time in DM can lead to wasted hours. To know how XP works and what is the most optimal way to get it is key to get the best service medal your potential allows. 


There is a myriad of complex factors that contribute to your XP, and I’ll share the most dominant ones. Just being good won’t get you XP, being good at the right place and at the right time is key. 


Playing one game mode for 1 hour will ideally lead to a higher XP gain than playing some other. To know which to play, all the while maintaining your ideal playing standards and routine, is what’s important.


Here is a rough summary of how the whole concept of XP works. 


There are different “multipliers” for different game modes. All but Competitive depend on the number of kills you get per match. In Competitive, the multiplier deals with Rounds Won. The first image in the Image Gallery mentions the multiplier for each game mode. I’ll discuss the most relevant in the article too, of course.


Moreover, your XP count for the week resets after 1 week. Your total XP remains the same of course. 

For the first 4500 XP you earn in the week, the bonus is x4. Here’s a pic of the whole values.

As you can see, once you earn 11200 XP, the multiplier is extremely small. So you’re highly recommended that if you reach this much amount of XP in a week, you should stop playing until it resets. 


Now that you know the basics, we can move on to our list.


Let’s start. 


5. Arms Race

This fun and fast game mode is a great way to earn XP. It also helps you in being a little more proficient in all guns. 

On the XP front, you get as much XP as your score. So ~40 score per game can easily give you 450-480 XP per hour, which is not bad at all.


The competition in Arms Race is scarce and if you are a decent player, this 1.5 hour of Arms Race is easy 750 XP for you. You encounter bots many times and usually, there are only 2 people who you need to actually compete with, so Arms Race is personally one of my favorite ways to practice all guns (and my knifing skills) and gain easy XP.



4. Deathmatch

Our favorite game-mode. What a shame it finds itself only on 4th and not 1st. Anyway, DM is decently effective to get those sweet XP points. There are better game modes but one hour of DM will not only give you a good XP boost but will also warm you up for playing Competitive out of which you can gain an even better XP boost. 


This routine is highly effective for both improving yourself and getting the most XP in a set time.


Onto the numbers and how they are calculated. Deathmatch, given how easy it is, has a low multiplier of 0.2. If you can consistently get a 400+ score in DM, you can earn around 500 XP per hour. In DM, it solely depends on how good your individual skill is.


3. Wingman

Wingman is a fun game mode with a decent-high XP grant. For every Wingman match, you can get around 90 XP and since the match lasts around 10 minutes, one hour of Wingman gameplay will earn you 540 XP.


This is higher than Deathmatch but it depends on your skill. Deathmatches are easier to find and if you are highly skilled aim-wise, then Deathmatch is your real go-to place for XP. Otherwise, Wingman is the way to go.


2. Competitive 

Needless to say, Competitive finds its way in this list. But as mentioned before, there is a different way to calculate XP for Competitive matches. It doesn’t depend on your kills, unlike the rest of the game modes. It depends on the number of rounds won in a game. 


XP Grant for Competitive = No. of Rounds Won * 30


If you win the game, you’ll earn 480 XP. If you are a decent player with decent luck, your average rounds won per game would be 12. Doing some math, we get that the average XP earned per hour of Competitive is 540 XP, which is the same as Wingman. 


1. Danger Zone

Unbeknownst to a lot of people, Danger Zone is the most effective way to gain XP. One hour of average gameplay will give you roughly 650 amount of XP, which is head and shoulders above the rest. (You’ll get  650 XP if you are placed 5th and get 3 kills in a game in all the games you play in that one hour.)


There are regions and countries where it can take forever to get into a Danger Zone match and for them, method 2 above is the way to go. After optimizing your game schedule, and getting the best service medal you can, there is not much to do except to improve your skill. The better you individually are, the more you can frag and the better the XP gift is for you.


Now that you know what to do, I have a simple recommendation for you. Do not play Casual too much. It has the lowest average XP grant per hour of 360 XP. This is from an XP POV of course. To better your gameplay and learn your nades, etc., Casual is great but to earn XP, Danger Zone or Wingman is the real way to go. 


Competitive is overall probably the best since it helps you earn decent XP and improves you significantly. If you have your own team/group of friends that play seriously, then chances are that you must be winning a lot of Competitive matches against randomized opponents. In that case, playing Competitive is the best way to go for you and your team. 


There’s a chance that you excel at one of the game modes. For example, I excel at Arms Race and I mostly win all my matches, barring a few out of 10 or 15. That means I get roughly 600+ XP by a single hour. The average is lower, but since I’m so much better at Arms Race than the rest, I earn way higher XP. 

If you excel at a game mode, grind it harder. Casual grants the lowest of all XP, not more than 360-400 XP per hour. But if you find that you can consistently play around the map without dying and getting 35-40 frags, maybe Casual is better than, say, Wingman. 


The concluding line is: git gud bro.

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