[Top 15] CS:GO Best Karambit Skins

CS:GO Best Karambit Skins
I wish this was on the list.

Karambit knives are one of the most popular skins in CS:GO because of their sleek design and smooth animations. Unlike many knives, the blade is curved rather than straight. Furthermore, the shape of the blade closely resembles the talon of a griffin/eagle, and even a tiger’s claw. Upon inspection, the animation shows the player casually twirling the blade on the index finger. Without further to do then, here are some of the top Karambit knives in the game today.

15. Vanilla (~$540)

Even vanilla deserves some love.

Introduced in 2015, the Vanilla Karambit features a silver blade with a black handle. Near the bottom of the blade lies the word, “Griff,” along with the corresponding logo. Griffins were quite common in Greek mythology, possessing the body of a lion, the head/wings of an eagle, and the talons of an eagle; hence the curved blade you see today. Although some say that the (original) Karambit knife was originally modeled after a tiger’s claw. Nevertheless, the VK offers players a solid design using a black and gray standard combination; suitable for a variety of glove and weapon colors.

How to get the Vanilla Karambit

Your primary source is usually the Steam Market. Right now, it’s about ~$540. Otherwise, you can try third-party sources such as BitSkins and CS.MONEY for ~$410 and $650, respectively. Although these third-party sites may offer cheaper skins, they generally pose greater risks (so use at your own discretion) than the Steam Market. The VK is found in about 11 cases, including the revolver, operation vanguard, phoneix weapon case, and so on (check the market for more details). Some of these cases are fairly inexpensive (<$1.00), but keep in mind that the key costs about $2.50. Prices also fluctuate depending on the demand and time.

14. Rust Coat (~$390, WW)

It's been through a lot.

Depending on the wear, the KRC offers two primary colors: rusty blue (WW) or rusty orange-brown (BS). For the latter, think of an ore or metal factory full of used parts and now imagine a knife sitting there. Both knives are coated with an uneven layer of rust. There is no apparent griffin logo either. It seems well suited for battle-scarred skins ranging from gloves, AWPs, AK-47’s, and so on.

How to Get the Rust Coat Karambit

There are only two versions of the skin as mentioned before: well worn and battle-scarred. On the Steam Market, the price varies from ~$300 to $400. Bitskins offers a battle-scarred version for $240, but I’d keep checking for new listings. CS.MONEY prices range from ~$390 to $410. Otherwise, you can test your luck in any of the chroma cases (<$1.00).

13. Damascus Steel (~$550, FN)

Look into my blade.

The blade is made from two different types of steel, creating a pattern of wavy gray lines (or wood). It sort of seems hypnotic, at first. Depending on the lighting, certain shades of gray stand out, giving it a special shine. However, with the battle-scarred version, the blade seems to be infused with a murky backdrop, along with its respective gray blends. The handle is black by default.

How to get the Karambit Damascus Steel

Depending on the condition, it ranges from ~$405 to ~$550 on the Steam Market. Getting it from Bitskins is cheaper, but they do not offer a WW or BS version at the moment. From FT to FN, prices range from ~$310 to $430. CS.MONEY is a bit more expensive, for this particular skin. Alternatively, you can try any of the 3 chroma cases.

12. Night (~$450, MW)

“Tyger Tyger, burning bright, in the forests of the night”- William Blake

Released in 2013, the Night Karambit offers a navy blue blade with a blackish-gray handle. Alongside the handle, you can see a small streak of marine blue with a peculiar shape. The outline of the blade features a gray stencil, reminding you once more how sharp the blade truly is. As the skin deteriorates, you’ll see etches or stencil markings across the blade, transforming into a slightly darker blue shade with sluggish streaks of gray. Perfect for a nightfall setting.

How to get the Night Karambit

Ranges from ~$300 to $450, without an FN version on Steam (currently). Since the FN version is rare, the price goes up. That said, you can find one for about $950 on BitSkins or $335 for a MW version. CS.MONEY recently posted a FN version for more than $1,000. Like the Vanilla Karambit, the Night Karambit is found in 11 cases (similar, if not the same ones).

11. Black Laminate (~$750, FN)

One of a kind.

Added in 2016, this Karambit uses a black matte blade with a sanded wood handle. Similar to the Vanilla Karambit, the BL displays a griffin near the bottom of the blade. As the skin wears out, the blade ever so turns slightly darker and possesses light scuff marks. Regardless, all versions use a silver outline, making its sharp curved blade even more apparent. Eagle’s talons anyone?

How to get the Black Laminate

Ranges from ~$500 to $800. Bitskins offers a lower price range, but they offer no factory new or battle-scarred versions at the moment. You can test your luck in any one of the gamma cases for about ~$.015 a piece with a key.

10. Tiger Tooth (~$800, FN)

The claw of a tiger.

As expected, the tiger’s claw/tooth shares some structural similarities with the blade, possessing a natural curve. It is coated with metallic yellow paint and brown stripes. Currently, there are only two versions of the skin: FN and MW. However, variations exist within the stripes. By the way, did you know tigers don’t actually chew their food?

How to Get The Tiger Tooth

The price ranges from $715 to $800 (with MW actually being more expensive; possibly due to rarity). Bitskins only sells a FN version at the moment for about $545. Otherwise, you can open any of the three chroma cases.

9. Lore (~$1,080, MW)

Inspired by the Dragon AWP Lore.

The Karambit Lore uses a golden coat with a pickle green handle. On the blade, you can see Celtic ornaments, or knotworks. As the skin fades, so does the color, as silver streaks emerge. The Lore is one of the most popular skins for the Karambit, but due to its high price, is rarely seen in-game. At first, I thought it was a golden banana skin (still pretty cool nevertheless).

How to Get The Karambit Lore

It may hurt your wallet a bit, ranging from ~$470 to $1,215. There is no FN version on the Steam Market either. Bitskins, however, sells a MW skin for ~$1,370. From field-tested to battle-scarred skins, the color starts to rapidly deteriorate. You can also find it in a gamma 1 or 2 case.

8. UltraViolet ($~550, MW)

Poised and elegant.

Using an ultraviolet scheme, the UVK offers a black matte blade with a slightly purple handle. As the skin wears down, you’ll start to see scuff marks near the ends of the blade alongside a scruffy-looking color. It bears a striking resemblance to the Night Karambit, offering a slightly darker tone. Nevertheless, it’s one of the few karambit blades that’s predominantly black or so. It might even go well with the default ct/t gloves because of their similarities.

How to get the UltraViolet Karambit

One of the more moderately priced Karambit skins, if you will. That said, they range from ~$330 to ~$550. Bitskins currently offers a field-tested version for about ~$270. There seems to be no FN version, however, as they are rare and nowhere to be found for the time being. The ULK is found in any of the chroma cases.

7. Slaughter (~$820, FN)

It covers up blood really well.

This karambit uses a candy red gloss coat with a zebra-like pattern. Like with many karambit skins, you’ll start to see scuff marks around the edges as the quality decreases. Pattern variations, such as a “heart,” “dogbone,” “diamond” and so on, can be found on some of the blades. In fact, pattern shapes resembling a diamond tend to be the rarest and most expensive karambit slaughter skins. It seems however that many of the patterns on the skin also tend to be random shapes and stripes dispersed or connected with one another (but not as valued).

How to get the Slaughter Karambit

Currently, there is no WW or BS version of the skin. From FT to FN, the slaughter ranges from ~$600 to $820 on the Steam Market. Bitskins counteroffer ranges from ~$500 to $600. Or you can try opening up to 11 cases, including, but not limited to: CS:GO Weapon Cases, eSports 2013 Case, Revolver Case, and so on (check online for full details).

6. Freehand (~$500, FN)

Take a look at my drawings.

Depending on the pattern index, the images on the blade vary. Examples include stick figures, arrows, waves, lightning, etc. The handle remains unpainted while the blade is predominantly black and purple. Although it is rarely seen in-game, the Freehand is not as popular as the other karambit skins. Nevertheless, the freehand drawings are unique as many other karambit skins don't really offer any sketches.

How to get the Freehand Karambit

Going from WW TO FN, the Freehand Karambit ranges from ~$400 to $500. As the skin deteriorates, you’ll see some heavy scratches throughout the blade. That said, there don’t seem to be many battle-scarred versions out there. Bitskins prices range from ~$265 to $500. CS.MONEY’S prices for this particular skin tend to be higher. The Karambit FH can be found in any of the gamma cases.

5. Crimson Web (~$1,130, MW)

Watch your step.

The CWK sports a blood-red coat with a black web design. The handle is slightly darker than the default version; painted black. Although the skin is available in all conditions, the paint starts to peel as you move towards the FT editions. Slight variations exist within the web patterns and their respective locations, with 3 or more web centers being the rarest and most expensive versions. It is rumored that the FN skin StatTrack is one of the rarest and most pricey skins in the game today.

How to get the Crimson Web Karambit

It’s usually on the Steam Market from battle-scarred to minimal wear, ranging from ~$400 to $1,200. Bitskins prices range from $390 to $700. CS.MONEY is offering a brand new one with StatTrack for ~$36,000 and ~$4,800 without it (while supplies last). Like the Karambit Slaughter, the CW edition can be found in 11 cases, such as the weapon cases, revolver cases, bravo cases, etc.

4. Case Hardened ($1,000 or more, FN)

It’s really shiny.

Similar to its AK-47 counterpart, the CH Karambit is highly regarded because of its rare pattern variations. Generally speaking, the bluer, the “better.” More often than not though, the blade is covered with violet, blue, and yellow stains while the handle remains unpainted. At heavy levels of wear, the CH karambit appears significantly darker. While rarity is a factor, the Blue Gem Karambit demands a hefty price because of its outstanding shine.

How to get the Case Hardened Karambit

There are no current FN listings for it on Bitskins or the Steam Market. That said, going from BS to MW the skin ranges from ~$325 to $600. CS.MONEY, however, is offering a brand new one for ~$2,800. Keep in mind that these are usually not blue gem versions because they’re much more rare and expensive. Your best bet then might be to open up cases (up to 11, as mentioned before), but the chances of not only getting a CH karambit, but one with a particular variation is extremely low. 

3. Autotronic (~$1,150 or more, MW)

A taste of blood.

Using a silver blade, the Autotronic touts a streak of red near the top. Below that, you’ll see three holes covered by metal mesh inserts. It appears as if a shark was chasing a blood trail. Nevertheless, you can see the griffin logo on the top of the blade as well. Pair these with Crimson Web or Kimono Specialist Gloves, and you’ve got yourself a powerful red and black theme.

How to get the Autotronic Karambit

With the Steam Market and Bitskins combined, the knife varies from ~$400 to $1,150. Steam does not offer an FN version at the moment. CS.MONEY’s prices tend to be higher, in this case. Otherwise, try any of the gamma cases. The more wear the knife has, the darker the blade gets.

2. Doppler Phase 4 (~$700 or more, FN)

A blue like no other.

By using a gradient transition, the DP4 Karambit creates a galaxy/ocean theme like no other. Upon taking a closer look, you’ll see a bit of purple, blue, brown, and black, appearing as smoke and solid colors. From afar, you’ll see the transition from a bright ocean to a deep ocean blue color. Patterns vary in terms of the ratio of colors and locations, but overall, the design tends to stay the same. It’s as if you ventured deep into the unknown depths of the ocean and found this on your way out.

How to get the Doppler (Phase 4) Karambit

Prices vary due to pattern differences; usually, the bluer it is, the more expensive it gets. The Steam Market does not separate each phase into categories, therefore you have to search for it manually. In this case, the lowest-priced KDP4 is around $670 (for now). Bitksins offers a few FN versions as well for ~$600. It's found in any of the chroma cases.

1. Marble Fade F & I (~$2,000 or more, FN)

Hot and Cold.

Released in 2015, the blade includes various shades of blue, red, and yellow merging with one another. Pattern differences make the Marble Fade one of the most popular karambit skins, with “fire and ice” on top. Other variations may include the “fake fire and ice (with a yellow tip),” “blue dominant,” “tricolor,” and “yellow and ice.” The handle remains untouched. Because of the transition, appearance, and symbolic relationship between these colors, the Marble Fade is one of the most well-designed karambit skins in the game today.

How to get the Marble Fade Karambit

As you may already know, the price fluctuates depending on the pattern. Most sources do not tell you exactly which version you’re getting, so you have to search for it manually. The default skin may range anywhere from ~$750 to $1,300 (Bitskins and Steam Market combined), with no guarantee of getting a fire and ice skin. CS.MONEY’s prices range anywhere from ~1,800 to $4,500 (Stattrack/fire and ice included). You can also open any of the chroma cases.

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