[Top 10] CS:GO Best Entry Fraggers

CS:GO Best Entry Fraggers
Take one for the team.

Every team needs one. However, professional CS:GO players excel in many aspects of the game, and therefore share many roles. Whether you're an AWPer, or a rifler, you too can have an impact in the game, depending on the situation, round, play styles, and so forth. That said, roles tend to be fluid in CS:GO, ranging from entry fraggers to support players, and in some cases, integrate with one another. For starters then, let’s discuss some of CS:GO’s best entry fraggers in early 2021.

10. arT (AWPer)

The arT of entry fragging.

arT is a Brazillian CS:GO player for Furia. His primary roles include in-game leader, AWPer, and of course, entry fragger. According to HLTV (a well-known source for CS:GO stats), he currently holds the highest attempt rate at ~35% for entry frags with a success rate slightly above 50%. Add to his resume an opening kill ratio above 1 with over 750 maps played. Although correlation does not imply causation, Furia wins ~75% of the rounds when arT gets the opening kill, creating more flexibility for trades, deaths, positioning, and so on. 

9. Mir (Rifler)

A promising clutch rifler.

Mir is a Russian CS:GO Player for team Spirit. As a rifler, he currently owns a 1.15 K/D ratio and ~52% hs. Mir’s clutch/win ratio of ~1.52 for 1v1’s also demonstrates his reliability for closing rounds. With over 800 maps played, he’s won ~55% of his opening encounters at a 20% attempt rate. Overall, Spirit’s premier rifler not only can out aim his opponents, but remain calm in tough situations.

8. blameF (Rifler)

 Can’t blame him for doing so well.

Although blameF (Complexity Gaming) is primarily known as a lurker, he also possesses good opening kill stats, making him a versatile entry fragger. With a ~20% attempt rate for opening kills, blameF is successful nearly 60% of the time. Surprisingly, as a rifler, he maintains a fairly low hs% at ~39%, however, it seems that, based on his solid kdr, impact and KAST rating (rounds with a kill, assist, traded, or survived; the higher the %, the better), he plays an immense role nevertheless. In fact, good positioning and awareness alleviates some of the tension from having less than perfect aim. By doing so, blameF is not only able to get kills consistently, but survive as well, bearing a strong DPR at.60; surviving close to 2 rounds before dying once.

7. Degster (AWPer)

Lives up to his name.

Like Mir, Degster also plays for Team Spirit and is of Russian descent. What’s unique about him is his third-best K/D PR (Pistol Rounds) ratio at 1.31, with a difference of ~+189 kills. Add a 1.67 opening kill ratio and ADR of ~81, and we’re talking about a guy who can not only AWP early in-game, but also consistently weakens the enemy’s defense or strengthen his own offense using a variety of guns. With over 440 maps played, Degster possesses a ~63% success rate for opening duels at a ~23% attempt rate. Thus, he’s consistently positioning himself well for his frags, regardless of the weapon he chooses.

6. NiKo (Rifler)

No surprise here.

Nikola Kovač is a Bosnian CS:GO player for G2 Esports. His primary roles include rifler, lurker, and entry fragger. Approximately one out of every four rounds, NiKo will win the opening encounter (if he chooses to engage) more than 50% of the time. Add a 1.20 opening kill ratio, an ADR of ~86, and an impact rating of 1.30 (based on multi-kills, clutches, and opening kills; the higher the better with 1 as average), and you’ve got yourself a solid player. If that’s not enough, check out his k/d from pistol rounds at ~1.26 with over 1,300 maps played.

5. Xantares (Rifler)

This dude can aim.

Xantares is a Turkish-Macedonian CS:GO rifler for BIG. What distinguishes him from the others is his crisp aim, boasting a hs% around 53%. Add an ADR of ~90, and you know his shots will hurt. It’s no wonder then why his precision contributes to his 55% success rate for opening duels with over 1,300 maps played. Like many other players, his attempt rate for entry frags sits at ~25%.

4. Kaze (AWPer)

Kaze also means, “Wind,” but perhaps it’s purely coincidental.

Kaze is a Malaysian AWPer for Vici Gaming. Arguably one of the top AWPers in the game, he currently sports a ~1.3 KDR ratio along with a 1.7 OKR (albeit, a small sample size of ~300  encounters). Although his attempt rate for opening kills (roughly at 20%) is average or so, he’s quite successful nevertheless, winning more than ~60% of those opening duels. A lower attempt rate also may contribute to Kaze’s low DPR (Deaths Per Round) at ~.60, as he’s often picking and choosing his battles, so to speak. Overall, Kaze is an excellent AWPer and entry fragger because of his survivability, aim, and awareness. 

3. Jame (AWPer)

A strong AWPer, especially on the CT side.

Jame is currently an AWPer for Virtus.pro. What gives him an advantage over entry fraggers/riflers and other AWPers is the range and maneuverability to dance around danger. Hence, this is one reason why AWPers, like Jame, can also be successful entry fraggers. Overall, Jame has a ~20% attempt rate for opening encounters with a subsequent 63% success rate. Taking a look at his CT-sided stats, however, we see a staggering ~68% success rate at roughly a 23% clip. Overall, Jame is able to capitalize on many common and uncommon angles by often positioning himself well on most, if not all maps.

2. s1mple (AWPer)

Pretty much a staple in any CS:GO Top 10 list.

s1mple is arguably one of the most iconic AWPers in the game, but don’t overlook his performance as an entry fragger. With over 1,300 maps played, s1mple has a 61% success rate for opening kills at a ~25% clip. Throw in a 1.57 OKR, and you’ve got a guy who, on average, will get 3 opening kills for every 2 deaths or so. He also has a 1.66 clutch (win) ratio for 1v1’s, akin to the ORK, and on average, wins 3 for every 2 losses. He currently plays for Natus Vincere and resides in Ukraine.

1.ZywOo (AWPer)

He does more than just frag.

ZywOo is a French AWPer and entry fragger for team Vitality. Ever since his late breakout in 2018, he’s considered one of the top players in CS:GO. He currently owns a 1.38 KDR, an ADR close to 90, an OKR of 1.61, an impact rating of 1.48, and the highest KDR for pistol rounds at 1.39. With close to 800 maps played, his opening kill success rate stands at ~62% given a ~25% attempt rate. So not only is he getting plenty of kills every match, but he’s also making a consistent impact via opening kills, multikills, 1v1 clutches, and so on. His frags then, are anything but ordinary.

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