[Top 10] CSGO Best Eco Weapons

Sometimes you really gotta pinch pennies

10. XM1014

Who needs aim anyway?

Our list starts with the semi-automatic dream-come-true for anyone who needs to dish out a team’s worth of damage in about 3 seconds flat. Yes, the Benelli M4 Super 90 boasts the highest fire-rate of all shotguns with 7 shots before reload.Under the right circumstances,  this can be an excellent anti-eco weapon and absolutely devastating to groups, especially at short range. In order to make up the cost you’ll need to get 3 kills, however, so you’d better be confident about where the enemy is grouped at short range or the weapon will be wasted.

Seethe XM in Action:


9. Mag-7

Sometimes all you need is some swag and a dream

A few notches higher in the shotgun world is the Mag-7. The shorter platform allows for faster positioning and closer play on corners without giving your position away, and the absolutely crushing 1-shot damage in the 5-round magazine is enough to stop a team in their tracks. After only 2 kills you’ve more than made up your expense for purchase. In the right hands the Mag-7 is the premier shotgun choice for ending the round with a load of cash - provided it’s utilized properly.

See the Mag in Action:

8. CZ-75

When you need SMG speed without the SMG price tag

Next on our list is the humble automatic pistol. This pocket rifle is capable of dishing out an incredible amount of damage to one target, (or accurately dispatch several) under the right conditions. This bad boy only has 2 magazines of ammo and a paltry $50 reward per kill in contrast to its $500 price tag. The idea here isn’t to make your money back, in the traditional eco, but rather to immediately acquire the kit of whoever is unfortunate enough to round a corner in front of you.

See the CZ in Action:

7. Five-Seven

For when you need to hold down a site, and hold... and hold.

The Belgium Five-Seven checks in as a stand-out pistol for save rounds. For only $500 you’ll make your money back after 2 kills. With 20 rounds in the mag and 5 mags in reserve, you can dish out some serious pain for a sustained period, which makes this CT-side gun excel at holding down a position while waiting for backup. The added ability to one-shot armored enemies makes this pistol a top contender, even against a fully bought team.

See the 5-7 in Action:

6. P250

If you look at 'eco' in the dictionary it's a picture of the P250

The Sig-Sauer P250 is the eco pistol. It’s ubiquitous nature is due in part to it’s $300 tag, only needing 1 kill to pay it back. Having 3 total magazines, a high rate of fire, decent damage and accuracy, the P250 is the top pick for reliable side-arm and eco rounds alike. Although the rate of fire can become problematic at long range, a mid to close range engagement can be handled with reliable accuracy and damage.

See the P250 in Action:

5. P90

The P stands for pro!

The P90 is the gun everyone loves to hate due to its ease-of-use, spray pattern, recoil, rate-of-fire and reduced movement penalty. All of these factors combined make it exceedingly easy to spit 50 bullets out in a few seconds, chewing through anyone with accuracy and speed. The drawback is that it’s $2350 and makes an abysmal $300 a kill, along with significant drop-off gives the P90 a very specific use-case.

See the P90 in Action:

4. MP9

You don't need recoil control if you can touch them with the barrel

The B&T MP9. Coming in at $1250, with a $600 award, this small and lightweight weapon is perfect for an ambush or CQC. It boasts a high rate of fire, and loses little accuracy from short to mid range and is highly effective at counter-eco’s and full saves. Although a fantastic option, it does lack armor penetration, so be mindful of the enemy’s budget when buying. Full sprays at close range and careful bursts at distance against unarmored enemies is the ticket to win.

See the MP( in Action:

3. Mac10

For the discerning, yet broke terrorist

The Military Armament Corporation Model, or Mac10 for short, is the workhorse SMG for all T’s and T-sided activities. Costing only $1050, the 2nd kill award easily doubles its value if you manage to get 2+ kills. It loses virtually no accuracy while moving and shooting, and has a relatively easy recoil pattern that trends upwards towards the head, which is perfect, as it relies on volume and close range to be effective.

See the Mac10 in Action:

2. Deagle

Like you two even need an introduciton

The flashy, loud pocket AWP everyone knows and loves. The high-risk, high-reward nature of the Desert Eagle makes it hard to place, but if it can be used effectively, it’s a complete game changer. With a very slow rate of fire, a huge movement penalty, and only 7 rounds in the mag, it’s a risky gamble to buy the $700 pistol on a save. With that said, if you’re able to accurately shoot it, the devastating damage and range of the Deagle is more than enough to handle the job.

See Weapon in Action:

1. Scout

Sometimes it's better to keep an arms length, other times a football field

Coming in at #1 on the list, and also at a mere $1700, the SSG08. It won’t make enough to pay for itself, but in the right hands it can reach out and touch the other team in a way they’ll never forget. With high maneuverability, accuracy, and penetration, you can provide excellent long-range cover and net some enemy guns for your team for only $1700. Confident scouters can outmaneuver their slower AWP cousins, and keep less accurate enemies at bay with the range advantage.

See the Scout in action:


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