[Top 3] Best CSGO Binds Used By Pros

Run Jump
The best binds used by CSGO professionals that offer quality of life improvements and gameplay enhancements.

In all competitive source games, binds are an essential part of an every-day player's setup. Especially in a professional setting, there are many ways how a bind can save time and improve quality of life tasks. For CSGO specifically, binds can be used to set up tricks easier, move around faster, and improve gameplay. Whether you need these binds for competitive or even casual play, this is a list of some of the best binds that professionals use.

3. Mousejump Bind

Something that has lasted throughout every source game is the existence of bunny hopping. Bunny hopping is whenever you time your jumps in succession to gain momentum to propel yourself forwards faster. It’s a technique that is used in professional plays all the time and even has a dedicated community for completing bunny hopping maps. For more information on bunny hopping, I recommend looking up some tutorials on YouTube or bunny hopping speedruns. Whenever you’re in a competitive lobby, bunny hopping can get you to places faster or take your enemy by surprise when going around corners or flying at an enemy. It’s a tactic that is unexpected and only the best of the best typically use proficiently. Practicing this will help anyone. How to apply:

  • Open up your console in CSGO with the ~ (Tilde) key.
  • Type into your console: bind mwheelup +jump
  • If you want your scroll wheel completely binded then add: bind mwheeldown +jump

2. Switching Hands Bind

When playing CSGO, you normally start off with your gun on the right side of your screen where your hand is. However, that means that whenever you’re peeking around a corner, there is a certain visibility that is blocked by your gun. To combat this, there is a console bind that CSGO professionals often use for full visibility on the screen whenever possible. The CSGO bind actually switches your hand and weapon from the right side to the left side of the screen. How to apply:

  • Open up your console in CSGO with the ~ (Tilde) key.
  • Type into your console: bind (Key) “toggle cl_righthand 0 1”
  • By doing this, you toggle your right hand to be on or off.

1. Quickswitch Bind

The Awper role is a significant position that plays a major part in competitive and casual matches. Having a good awper on your team can be game changing with its long distance and one shot kill. Professional players in this role can change the tides of a game simply by positioning themselves well with the help of quick reflexes. However, another important detail that many players use is the quickswitch bind. It is probably one of the most essential binds that can make switching between weapons fast, efficient, and reliable. Due to the nature of the AWP and SSG, after firing a shot when scoped in will automatically return you to a scoped position and can cost speed as well as safety. This CSGO bind with a press of a button will switch your weapon to your knife, and if pressed again, back to your weapon. Here is how it’s applied:

  • Open up your console in CSGO with the ~ (Tilde) key.
  • Type into your console: bind (key) “use weapon_knife;slot1”
  • This bind is also very helpful with pistols.


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