[Top 5] CSGO Best Way To Get Skins

CSGO Best Way To Get Skins
The Cosmetic Final-Touch (to lose 16-0, but with style)

It really does get frustrating to see beautiful skins on the guns of people you play with, while your inventory is all gray. And since you can’t really afford to spend money buying the skins you like, here’s a short guide as to what you can do to increase your chances of getting a good skin.


This article will not be a YT counterpart of those sponsored videos that encourage you to go on third-party sites and sell all your information and identity and soul for a few skins that you’ll probably never get because you were randomly disqualified from the string of surveys you were doing. Nope. This is legit. This is real. This is real life. Hence, things will be a little more realistic than what you see on YT.


With that said, let’s get into the countdown!


5. Play… A Lot

This is one of the most straightforward ways to get skins, but to get a particular one, this is one of the most unreasonable, if not the most. When you play a lot, you have a good chance of getting skin drops or crate drops. There is a limit to both of them, of course. Also, you may end up needing keys to open the crates, and even if you do, there is no real guarantee you’ll get a desirable skin, most of whom will be basic at best. 


But nevertheless, this is one of the best ways to easily build up a basic inventory whilst not spending too much time away from the real game itself.


4. Open Crates

After you play a lot, you’re gonna get a lot of crates. If you get the keys, you can open the crates and get lucky! This is a safe but the most uncertain way to get skins. Why? Simple. There is no guarantee you’ll get a good skin. Okay. What if you do? There again is no guarantee that you’ll get a skin that you want or for the weapon that you want. 


If you want to passively build up your inventory, this is a fair and good way to do it. But if you want to put some effort and actively build up a genuinely good inventory, this is probably the worst.


So if you do play a lot and you do get those crates, what do you do? Read on!


3. Playing with crates

An extension of the previous point is to play a lot during crate updates. There is a higher chance to get a crate, a good one at that. Then you have options to play around with. You can either open a crate and bank on your chances of getting a good skin, which is rather reasonable. But if you have won a crate early into the update, then its market price will be soaring since the availability will be less. Hoarding will ruin the value, but selling it quickly and earning easy money for it is a better option. Why? Because you don’t have to play the probability game anymore for the skins. It’s someone else’s problem now. You can hard cash (almost) that you can use to buy a skin that you specifically want. Pretty good, right? Of course, there’s the chance of losing out on a skin that is extremely valuable, market-price wise at least.


There’s a caveat everywhere in life, people.


2. Money - 1

Okay so hands down, the best way to get the skins you want is to buy them with your own money. This is the safest way to do it. This is the most desirable way to do it. You can get to choose what skins you want. You can get to pick your budget and choose from a myriad of skins. Most importantly, you get to stay away from fishy third-party websites that easily steal your information. You can not convince me that there is a better way to get skins. 


Except one of course.


1. Money - 2

Though buying it with your own money is the most straightforward way, there are indeed other ways to do it. They do involve real money, of course. This is the best way to earn skins. So… the caveat? The drawback? Well, this is not exactly one way. This is a tree and you can have your pick for the many fruits. As to the one you picked is sweet or not is uncertain. If it’s not, repeat!


You earn money, in essence. The biggest branch of this is Trading. You put in a little of your own capital, your own money, and carefully buy something. Looking at the market price history of the skin/product, you hoard it. And after the price rises, sell it! Money = Earned.

Drawback again? The price may never rise and you may get stuck with the skin. But the flip side of the drawback is that the more unwanted the skin is, the rarer it may get and hence, in a few months or years, you can list it with a higher price and earn some extra cash!


Another way is to play a lot and get those crates I mentioned before. And do not open them. Sell them! I discussed this in point 3, of course. 


The higher your capital and the smarter and well-researched your decisions, the quicker you can earn cash! Sticking to Steam Community Market and trading as well as you can is the best way to do it. 


And since it’s the best and since it’s so good, you sure as hell know it’s not gonna be easy ;)

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