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CSGO Best Deagle Skins
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World of skins Desert Eagle

In previous articles, we discussed skins for knives and the AK-47. Now it's time to discuss skins for the well-known pistol for force rounds. For this article, I have selected 15 incredibly beautiful Desert Eagle skins that will decorate your inventory.

Important Remark

Inspect the skins before buying. Watch the video on YouTube (links will be under each skin). You can also go to the server with the skin changer, look at the skin, and choose the type of knife that you like best.

#15 Mecha Industries ( $5-30 )

For the price, the Mecha Industries skin is excellent. It is a futuristic, white skin with inscriptions and stickers that are extremely detailed.

Deadly technology is now available in a smaller form factor.

See Mecha Industries in action: 


#14 Crimson Web ( $8-550 )

The Crimson Web skin was designed for real hunters who prefer to win through cunning over physical might.

Oops, you got caught in my web. You won't get out alive.

See Crimson Web in action: 


#13 Conspiracy ( $7-35 )

Conspiracy is a very simple skin, but it has a soul and a unique vibe. Beauty isn't always in the details. Sometimes it's in the simplicity.

Every conspiracy should be put on trial, and I think you'll make a fantastic judge.

See Conspiracy in action: 


#12 Emerald Jörmungandr ( $240-400 )

The Emerald Jörmungandr skin depicts a sea serpent from Norse mythology who was the third son of Loki (not from the Marvel movies) and the giantess Angrboda.

A bit confusing, but very beautiful green skin.

See Emerald Jörmungandr in action: 


#11 Hand Cannon ( $260-1100 )

The Hand Cannon skin was inspired by antique brass cannons. The most interesting part of the skin is the color. The author was inspired by the shades that brass acquires when oxidizing.

Of course, this is not a full-fledged cannon, but it is convenient to hold in your hand, and there is enough power to kill with one bullet.

See Hand Cannon in action: 


#10 Kumicho Dragon ( $15-105 )

The Kumicho Dragon skin features a dragon lasered over a purple grip and the nice blue body of the gun. The dragon will generously share knowledge and power with the owner of the skin.  

I can't do this anymore. It's time to let out my inner beast. Otherwise, we won't win.

See Kumicho Dragon in action:


#9 Cobalt Disruption ( $65-200 )

The glittering blue color of the Cobalt Disruption skin makes it stand out. Such an unusual color scheme attracts attention and glitters dazzlingly in the sunlight.

I do not see any destruction, so this Deagle goes into battle with me.

See Cobalt Disruption in action: 


#8 Code Red ( $20-350 )

The Code Red skin, as you might guess, is red. When I look at this skin, I imagine a bunker wall with a red lamp's light reflected on it.

CODE RED! CODE RED! We're losing the game. I'm starting the comeback protocol.

See Code Red in action: 


#7 Golden Koi ( $100-235 )

The Golden Koi skin imitates fish scales painted in gold and looks a bit rough but very expensive, like a Fabergé egg.

This skin will help you evolve from Magikarp to Gyarados (if you didn't get the reference, you'll become much stronger).

See Golden Koi in action: 


#6 Sunset Storm 弐 ( $260-420 )

The Sunset Storm 弐 skin feels unsettling, but how beautiful those red waves are during sunset.

It looks like you hid someone on the handle. I wonder what he does during a storm among the waves.

See Sunset Storm 弐 in action: 


#5 Ocean Drive ( $15-540 ) 

The Ocean Drive skin has a very calming appearance; the various geometric shapes and forms, along with the overly saturated colors, do not elicit anger or arousal but rather peace. 

Something reminds me of this skin. Something related to Miami, hmmmmmm...

See Ocean Drive in action: 


#4 Printstream ( $50-300 )

With its distinctive stickers and iridescent accents, the Printstream skin stands out from all other skins and is deserving of its spot among the top 5 Deagle skins. 

I see some code that says "YOU_ARE_A_NOOB." It's definitely not about you, probably a glitch.

See Printstream in action: 


#3 Hypnotic ( $160-300 )

It is better not to twist the Hypnotic in your hands. Otherwise, you can inadvertently hypnotize yourself. The skin has unusual patterns such as "zebra" or "eye". Although the price does not differ from the usual pattern, it looks much more attractive. 

I'm not sure if the hypnosis worked correctly, but the opponents now shoot at each other.

See Hypnotic in action:


#2 Blaze ( $1020-1150 )

The fireball that is produced when the Desert Eagle fires is depicted on the Blaze skin. The flame pattern appears to demonstrate how the fire extends the full length of the gun's muzzle. 

It seems that something is burning on the part of the opposing team, and we both know what it is ;)

See Blaze in action: 


#1 Fennec Fox ( $190-1100 )

The Fennec Fox skin shows a small fox, after which the skin is named. The feature of this animal is its big ears. Maybe this skin will make the enemy's steps louder? Playing with the skin is the only way to find out. 

It makes no sense to always be big and scary. Sometimes it's enough to be inconspicuous and smart.

See Fennec Fox in action: 


As usual, thank you if you read the article to the end. I wish you success in our favorite game and remind you that you can do anything. After extensive and hard training, what has not yet been attained will undoubtedly be achieved.

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