[Top 10] CSGO Best Bhop Maps That Will Make You a Pro

[Top 10] CSGO Best Bhop Maps That Will Make You a Pro
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10) bhop_dragon

Bunnyhop is the name given to the player to jump farther by gaining momentum from moment to moment. bhop_dragon is also a map where players can hone their bunnyhop skills. Although there are many bunnyhop maps in the CS: GO community, bhop_dragon stands out for its visuals and design. You can play the map alone or with your friends.


9) bhop_arcane

The bhop_arcade map, which requires you to jump on blocks made of stone or wood, particularly aesthetically and perfectly, is very popular played among CS: GO players. After completing the first part, a futuristic and colorful map will be waiting for you. If you have passed this part, a passage made of gigantic columns will be waiting for you. In the last part, you will see a cold, snowy, and frozen path. It is an inevitable map for hand, arm, eye, and wrist conditions.


8) bhop_null_fixed

The colors of the map are gray, white, and partly black, this bunny hop map moves to the other stage as soon as you go to the target points of the game. You have to be very skillful in this map where you have to go over steep columns, tiny passages, cramped stairs, and very tight boxes.


7) bhop_exodus

The first part of this map feels like you're doing bunnyhop in an arena in ancient Greece. In other parts, you have to pass through toxic states, steep columns, boxes that are too far away from each other. If you've come this far, you're quite talented, but the real difficulty starts after that. You have to go over boxes that are almost invisible in the sky. If you pass this place, an area with very confused colors awaits you. I would like to say that the colors are deliberately designed to distract you. This map makes you think pretty fast.


6) bhop_sqee

Packed with geometric shapes, this bunny hop map asks you to go through the square, rectangular and triangular shapes that are almost all pink.


5) bhop_lego2

The track made of legos in the first part will give you a little bit of nostalgia. In this very colorful part, you can have fun and improve your fitness. To successfully finish the other part of the map, you need to focus because you will see various cubes made of stones in space.


4) bhop_challenjour_v2

Filled with independent maps, this bunnyhop map focuses on maintaining your performance on different maps and conditions. In the first part, after you pass the track in the forest, the track inside the cave awaits you. Steep slopes, narrow steps, and cubes that are far apart will be very difficult to pass. On this map, you will sometimes need to rotate your wrist 360 degrees.


3) bhop_fps_max

The bhop_fps_max map has a quite simple design. This makes it effortless for you to focus on the game. You can pass to other parts of the map through the passages at the end of the obstacles. It is not very entertaining compared to other maps, but this map will give you maximum efficiency.


2) bhop_japan

On this map, you will see symbols from Japanese culture. You will never be bored with its very enjoyable colors and it will be easier for you to bunnyhop in competitive matches with realistic obstacles. You can enter this map individually or with your friends.


1) bhop_haarukka

It allows you to feel yourself in a temple while training on the haarukka map, which has been particularly designed with neon colors. In the other part of the map, you drift in the sky. You focus on both the beauty of the map and the obstacles as you pass through the trees that are not connected to the ground. At the end of this part, you pass through a passage and suddenly find yourself jumping through the stone cubes. If you want to have fun and improve your hand and eye condition, this map is the best.

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