[Top 15] CSGO Best AK Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

CSGO Best AK Skins
Spray and slay with the AK

There are so many skins on AK-47 that one could safely make at least one more top 10, but I tried to select the most beautiful skins of all. Therefore, I present to you the top 15 AK-47 skins that I would like to see in my inventory.

Important Remark

Inspect the skins before buying, watch the video on YouTube (links will be under each skin), you can also go to the server with the skin changer and look at the skin and choose the type of knife that you like best.

#15 Jaguar ( $40-950 )

The Jaguar skin opens our top. An animal that hunts, based on its red eye, has already decided on its prey. You've obviously decided on your objective as well.

An attentive reader will notice that the skin is called Jaguar, but the black panther is drawn on the weapon, whether by intention or mistake. 

See Jaguar in action: 


#14 Frontside Misty ( $15-180 )

The Frontside Misty skin looks like an artist's drawing on the snow. The beautiful pattern completely covers the entire surface of the AK-47.

The skin combines the lightness of a snowflake with the coldness of snow. If you feel something familiar, then this skin is for you.

See Frontside Misty in action: 


#13 The Empress ( $30-480 ) 

The Empress is a gorgeous pattern. Golden patterns and shields with symbols help in this. The eyes of the empress are intent and stern.

The more you look at The Empress skin, the more details you see.

See The Empress in action: 


#12 Vulcan ( $110-1250 )

The Vulcan skin is one of the very first skins for the Ak-47, which is made in a sporty style. You can see rubberized inserts all over the weapon so that the weapon does not slip in your hands.

Each owner of the Vulcan skin can safely call himself a well-thought-out cyberathlete with a sense of style and practicality.

See Vulcan in action: 


#11  X-Ray ( $420-1150 )

The X-Ray skin was created  in nice colors and shows the innards of the AK-47, one of the simplest and most reliable weapons in the world. I heard that with a couple of accurate shots, you can see perfectly through the enemy;)

I'm not sure if it's possible to see through walls with this skin, but you can see how the AK works in your hands.

See X-Ray in action: 


#10 Bloodsport ( $110-400 )

The Bloodsport skin is similar to the racing car with the team stickers. Bloodsport is another skin that you can look at endlessly and notice new details every time.

Probably no other sport in the world has seen so much blood as Counter-Strike, and the name of this skin is a confirmation of this.

See Bloodsport in action: 


#9 Fuel Injector ( $115-690 )

The Fuel Injector skin has a detailed center section and leather finishes on the grip and buttstock. The weapon says AK-47 supercharged, so I suggest you check if the bullets are faster with this skin.

With accurate shooting and a Fuel Injector in hand, opponents are guaranteed to have their blood boil like oil in an old car.

See Fuel Injector in action: 


#8 Neon Rider ( $30-485 ) 

The Neon Rider skin, unsurprisingly, is painted in neon colors with a racer against the background of the city. Red eyes full of aggression and fangs are clearly visible on the racer's helmet.

Ready to race for first place? Ready to tear your enemies apart? Then Neon Rider is your choice.

See Neon Rider in action: 


#7 Point Disarray ( $10-120 )

The Point Disarray skin is chaos from a distance, but it is beauty up close. This is how I would describe this skin, which is really nice to look at.

If you chose Point Disarray, then the triangles clearly show that you aren't smoothing the corners. This skin is a great choice if this phrase is about you.

See Point Disarray in action: 


#6 Neon Revolution ( $20-215 )

The Neon Revolution skin, another neon skin with the bright green word anarchy on the central part of the weapon, you can see how sloppy the weapon was painted because all the wooden inserts are smudged with paint.

If you have Neon Revolution, welcome to the suicide squad. You are now one of the five honorary members.

See Neon Revolution in action: 


#5 Aquamarine Revenge ( $20-400 )

Aquamarine Revenge is a colorful skin that depicts a pod of dolphins that are swimming together as a team, and you are an important part of this team, don't forget about it.

The main question in the Aquamarine Revenge skin for me is the word "revenge." Do you have any unanswered questions?

See Aquamarine Revenge in action: 


#4 Leet Museo ( $25-230 )

Leet Museo is a multicolored cubist skin that depicts terrorists sneaking up A-long on Dust II. Unfortunately, the skin does not show how their attempt ended, but you can imagine the end of this story yourself.

The Leet Museo skin looks like a piece of art in a museum. An attentive player may notice a drawing of a legend on the skin. A chicken. Maybe it's time for you to join the list of legends?

See Leet Museo in action: 


#3 Wasteland Rebel ( $35-1475 )

The skin was found somewhere in the desert among the sands. No one knows the history of the former owner of this skin, but you, as the new owner, can write your own story.

The Wasteland Rebel contains a scratched bomb code as well as graffiti with a terrorist icon, an unknown inscription, and a skull. You can draw a couple more skulls later;)

See Wasteland Rebel in action: 


#2 Hydroponic ( $850-1275 )

The Hydroponics skin depicts bamboo, which symbolizes strength and speed of growth, and the owner of this skin will experience rapid growth of skill and strength of nerves.

The Hydroponics feature bare wood finishes and elements painted in metallic green to convey a sense of tranquility, just like in a bamboo forest.

See Hydroponic in action: 


#1 Wild Lotus ( $3000-10000 )

The wild lotus skin depicts an orange flower of enchanting beauty, which is able to attract the attention of onlookers, but you need to remember that the lotus is wild, like its owner.

Like a real wild lotus, the AK-47 Wild lotus is a huge rarity, so if you want to become the proud owner of such a relic, you will have to pay a very tidy sum.

See Wild Lotus in action:


In conclusion, I would like to say a big thank you to everyone who read the article to the end. I hope that this top helped you find the skin you like. Write if you want the top 10 of the skins that are left out of this list, and I wish you good teammates and more winning games.

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