[Top 15] CSGO Best Knife Skins That Look Freakin Awesome!

CS:GO Knife Skins
She's beautiful, isn't she?

Knives are one of, if not the most iconic weapon featured in CS:GO. Thanks to their unique colors and design, they’re often a prelude to a player’s skill, style of play, or simply a form of expression. Without further to do, here are the top 15 knife skins currently in CS:GO.

15.  Nomad Knife (Crimson Web)

Be careful where you walk.

Released in 2019, the Crimson Web uses a blood red coat and pitch black handle. On the blade, you can see a long spider web. The draw animation shows the knife rapidly moving from the left to right hand, with the left hand sometimes shaking as a result. It also features two inspect animations: one slowly twirls the blade while the other tosses the knife midair. It looks like something Miles Morales would use, assuming he wanted a knife.

  • Cool black and red design featuring a spider web
  • Uses a dark blood color for the blade
  • Black widow colors

Where to find the Crimson Web

Most knives are found on the steam community market. You may find one by buying a case and key. Case prices vary, but most keys you can buy in-game for $2.50. That said, this knife ranges from ~$200 to $320, as there are no minimal wear and factory new listings for it. You might be able to find one in a Fracture case (with a key) for about $3.50 or in a Shattered Web case for about $4 instead.

See the Crimson Web in action

14. Skeleton Knife (Vanilla)

When it’s not used during knife rounds, the skeleton knife is commonly known for cutting fruit or cheese.

The skeleton knife has 4 holes with a thumb placeholder. The outside of the blade is silver while the inside is dark gray, with the handle wrapped in black or gray duct tape. Its unique draw animation shows the knife twirling around the thumb. The inspect animation shows the player admiring the knife’s front and side view on the index finger. By the way, did you know that some skeleton knives are also foldable?

  • Nice contrast between the dark gray and silver parts of the blade
  • Duct tape on the end or handle
  • Unlike most knives, features see-through holes, resembling  a skeleton (transparency)

Where to find the Skeleton Knife Vanilla

This particular version goes for ~$890 on the steam market. Since this is a plain skin (not the default knife, however), it comes as factory new. You can also find it in the same cases for the Nomad Knife (Crimson Red).

See the Skeleton Knife Vanilla in action

13. Gut Knife (Lore)

Trust your gut.

Custom painted with a knotwork decal, the Lore uses a bold golden color with a pickle green handle. Gut knives are also referred to as hunting knives designed for cutting and skinning animals, such as fishes. The draw animation shows the knife spinning clockwise whereas the inspect animation uses the default movement. Unfortunately, you can’t gut a player with this.

  • Inspired by the AWP Dragon Lore
  • Uses Celtic ornaments toward the end of the blade
  • Unique hook near the top of the blade; originally designed for cutting certain animals

Where to find the Gut Knife Lore

You can find it in both gamma cases (1 and 2) with a key for about $2.75. Otherwise, you can directly buy it on the steam market for roughly $263 new. A field tested version costs ~$150 whereas minimal wear goes for ~$200. If you just like the overall design of a gut knife, you can buy a vanilla version for under $100 instead (as of now). 

See the Gut Knife Lore in action

12. Survival Knife (Urban Masked)

Thanks to its flexibility, survival knives are often used for trapping, wood carving, and skinning.

This particular knife is spray painted with various shades of gray using a stencil pattern. It features a saw-like edge for ripping through coarse material and displays a sharp gutting hook near the end of the blade. The unique draw animation shows the knife flipped mid-air with the right hand. The inspect animation uses the index finger and thumb to examine the knife up close. It just might help you survive during a match after all.

  • Multi-purpose knife
  • Shades of grey etched throughout the blade
  • Features a white saw edge

Where to find the Urban Masked

Currently, there are no factory new listings. However, you can still buy one at minimal wear for ~$145. The battle-scarred skin goes for about $20 bucks less. If you’re feeling lucky, you can open a Fracture or Shattered Web case for about $3.50 or $4 instead.

See the Urban Masked in action

11. Stiletto Knife (Doppler, Phase 1)

Initially developed in Italy, the Stiletto knife was primarily intended as a stabbing weapon.

Using gradient marble colors, such as purple, blue, and pink, the Stiletto offers a spring-loaded blade that can be deployed instantly with the push of a button. Although it’s sometimes referred to as a dagger, stilettos are often designed for thrusting, rather than cutting or slashing. With the draw animation, you can see the blade rapidly flick out whereas the unique inspect animation shows the blade thrown mid-air. The design looks like something from a galaxy wallpaper.

  • Unique “needle-like point,” allowing the blade to penetrate deeply
  • Switchblade
  • Cosmic colors

How to find the Stiletto Knife P1

It’s only available as factory new (~$268) and minimal wear (~$355). The reason why the latter is more expensive is because the color completely changes to a galaxy/dark ocean blue. Both are found in Prisma cases (1 and 2) for about $2.55 each.

See the Stiletto Knife P1 in action

10. Bayonet Gamma (Doppler, Phase 1)

Often accompanied by the muzzle or barrel of a rifle.

Tempered for durability, the Bayonet is often used as a fighting or utility knife. Like the Stiletto, it’s more effective at thrusting than cutting. The color of the Gamma Doppler features a gradient dark blue or green on the blade (depending on the version), with black ink/”smoke” on the outline. The draw animation twirls the weapon in a clockwise direction whereas the inspect animation uses the default knife transition. Most modern knife bayonets are 6-8 inches long and sometimes 1.5 inches wide; not something you’d want to mess with.

  • One of the bigger knives in CS:GO
  • Gamma doppler colors are reminiscent of an ocean infused with black ink or a vibrant green plant
  •  Cross pattern on the thick handle

How to find the Bayonet Gamma P1

Currently, it’s only listed as factory new for ~$515. A vanilla version however costs ~$370. Like the Lore, you can find it in both Gamma cases.

See the Bayonet Gamma P1 in action

9. Falchion Knife (Damascus Steel)

Modeled after the original Falchion sword.

The Damascus Steel is made of two different types of steel, creating two shades of gray. Unlike some knives, the falchion has a clipped blade with curved edges. Originally, it was much larger (as a sword), weighing 1-2 pounds and used to slice an opponent or cut off their limbs. In-game, it is drawn by unfolding the blade from the handle. The inspection animation shows the player spinning the blade or balancing the knife on the palm of his hand.

  • Illusive background colors
  • Balancing/”Circus” act animation
  • Rapid spinning animation

How to find Falchion Knife Damascus Steel

It ranges from $115 scarred to $140 new. Alternatively, you can get the vanilla skin for ~$122. Falchion knives are usually found in Spectrum cases, costing ~$2.75 each, but the vanilla version is exclusively in the Falchion case for about the same price. 

See the Damascus Steel in action

8. Flip Knife (Autotronic)

I smell blood.

A type of folding knife, the flip Autotronic offers a backswept blade with an acute tip. It’s predominantly steel with a streak of blood red near the top of the blade. On the handle, you can see grips that look like, “pills.” It shares the same animations as the default knife, with the exception of flipping it out. The colors resemble a shark following a blood trail.

  • Silver and red theme
  • Flip knife animation
  • Jagged edges, resembling shark teeth

How to find the Flip Knife Autotronic

The Autotronic ranges from $167 to $380, roughly speaking. Field tested skins are about $190. You can also find them inside the Gamma cases.

See the Flip Knife Autotronic in action

7. Huntsman Knife (Ultraviolet)

What should I hunt today?

Released in 2017, the Huntsman blade is well suited for utilitarian and combat needs. Its unique tip allows the knife to penetrate through even the toughest of surfaces. On the top of the blade, you can see the rigid edges that appear as, “waves.” This particular edition offers a purple handle and a black matte blade. You’ll often see the twirling blade wrapped around the right hand and the default animation for inspection.

  • Features a purple midnight color
  • Thick blade with rigid edges
  • Exclusive knife based on real hunting knives

How to find the Huntsman Knife Ultraviolet

You may be able to get one for under $100, but in a battle-scarred condition. Currently, there are no factory new listings, so minimal wear is your next option at ~$154. You can also find one in either of the Spectrum cases.

See the Huntsman Knife Ultraviolet in action

6. Navaja Knife (Stained)

Modeled after a traditional Spanish fighting and utility blade.

Introduced in 2018, the Stained Navaja knife features gray stains of patina (oxidized film) on the blade with a silver coating. The handle displays a light leather brown color. In Spain, the term Navaja is often used to describe folding-blade knives, such as this one. The blade is slightly curved on one side and pointy on the other. Like the flip knife, it shares the same animations.

  • One of the smaller knives in CSGO with a unique blade design
  • Folding knife
  • Distinct oxidized color on the blade

How to find the Navaja Knife Stained

It ranges from ~$75 to ~$105. A new vanilla version costs ~$70 on the steam market. Alternatively, you might find one in a horizon case or danger zone case for about $2.55 each.

See the Navaja Knife Stained in action

5. Shadow Daggers (Vanilla)

Two knives for the price of one.

Unlike some knives, daggers are often symmetrical. Although some knives are designed for stabbing, daggers do just that. The Vanilla Shadow Daggers are primarily black with a gray coat on the inside. Near the handle, you can see a rook chess piece. The draw animation shows the player holding each knife with his fists closed whereas the inspect animation shows the player twirling the knife on his right index finger. Besides the dual berettas, it’s the only other weapon that uses both hands.

  • One of the few daggers on the market
  • Features a white rook
  • Fairly small with fluid animations

Where to find the Vanilla Shadow Daggers 

They cost about $~123. Or with a Shadow case and key it’s about $2.75. As I mentioned before, Vanilla skins always appear as new.

See the Vanilla Shadow Daggers in action

4. Karambit (Black Laminate)

According to folklore, the Karambit was modeled after a tiger’s claw.

Originating in Indonesia, the Karambit features a small curved blade with an index finger ring. Initially designed to rake roots, thresh, and plant rice, it eventually transitioned to a weapon by becoming more curved. This particular karambit uses a black matte blade with two different types of wood on the handle. The draw animation shows the knife spun vertically, whereas the inspect animation shows the knife spun clockwise. Overall, it’s one of the most sought out knives because of its sleek design and smooth animations.

  • “Tiger’s claw”
  • White griffin decal on the blade
  • Moderate size

How to find the Karambit Black Laminate

Ranges from battle-scarred (~$519) to new (~$650). It’s about ~$2.75 per Gamma case (1 or 2).

See the Karambit Black Laminate in action

3. Paracord Knife (Case Hardened)

Apparently, a parachute cord is wrapped around the handle.

The Paracord knife is designed as a weapon and tool. The hardened blade features blue and wood charcoal colors. However, rare variations called blue gems are offered as well. The inspect animation slowly turns the knife while the draw animation rapidly tosses the knife from the left to right hand.

  • Unique blue charcoal color
  • Moderate size
  • Unique handle

Where to find the Paracord Knife CH

A brand new one costs roughly $820. Minimal wear and field-tested versions are ~$415 and ~$288, respectively. You can also find one in a Fracture or Shattered web case.

 See the Paracord Knife CH in action

2. Bowie Knife (Blue Steel)

As cold-blooded as it gets.

Primarily a fighting knife, the Bowie uses a clipped blade and crosspoint near the handle. The Blue Steel offers a rusty dark blue color with a bull (face) decal near the end of the blade. The black handle uses a minuscule square pattern. When you draw it, you’ll see the blade move towards and away from you in a spinning fashion. When you inspect it, you’ll twirl the blade for a bit as it moves towards you.

  • Rusty “cold” blue color
  • Fairly long knife
  • Uses a clipped blade

How to find the Bowie Knife Blue Steel

It’s on the steam market from  ~$138 to ~$250. Minimal wear goes for about ~$150. Instead, you might want to open an operation Wildfire case (with a key) for ~$2.75.

See the Bowie Knife Blue Steel in action

1. Butterfly Knife (Doppler Sapphire)

Fly like a butterfly.

Modeled after a folding pocket knife from the Philippines, the Butterfly knife transitions between a closed and open position. This is due to its flexible handles being mounted by a latch, becoming easier to conceal or rapidly deploy. The Doppler Sapphire in particular offers a gradient blue blade with a standard gray and black handle. The draw animations show the player flipping out the knife vertically or outwardly. The inspect animations show the player twirling it in a circular fashion, twirling it away and towards the player, and twirling it twice as the blade moves toward the player. 

  • Features a transparent galaxy blue color
  • 3 unique inspect animations
  • Small flexible knife with a unique handle

How to find the Butterfly Knife DS

You can’t actually find this one on the steam market, but from third-party sources, it’s rumored to range from ~$10,000 (minimal wear) to ~$11,000. However, a vanilla butterfly knife on the steam market costs ~$700. You can find the sapphire version on either of the spectrum cases (very low chance, however).

See the Butterfly Knife DS in action

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