[Top 10] CSGO Best Sweden Players

NiP has been carrying Sweden's Torch for some time already, holding a majority of CSGO Best Sweden Players

Sweden has been the center of attention in CSGO for a long time since its launch.

Due to the NiP supremacy of 87-0 wins on Lan, and Fnatic’s long reign in major wins, Sweden has deserved that attention.

However, the spotlight has changed its focus to a closer enemy in Denmark’s Astralis, who went on to break Fnatic’s records 2 years ago.

Despite that, Sweden still holds many stone-cold players who improved the Swedish scene level and others who are featured among the top 20 in the world.

In this guide, you’ll have a list of the top 10 CSGO Best Sweden Players, explaining their roles, stats, what made them great, and how much they have earned throughout their careers as professional CSGO players.



To pick the top 10 CSGO Best Sweden players, we’ll use HLTV’s rating system, choosing players from Sweden only, filtering the performance of the players in the last 12 months, and counting all the LAN and online matches on all maps.

This methodology is the same one used to pick the Top 15 Best CSGO North American Players and the Top 15 Best CSGO Brazilian Players on the website.


Top 10 CSGO Best Sweden Players

#10 Ludvig "HEAP" Alonso (Role: Rifler)

We’ll start our list of Top 10 CSGO Best Sweden Players with Dignitas’ HEAP. He has been playing for quite some time with the org but has been inactive since June.

HEAP started playing competitively in 2017, and since then has earned over $36,000.

With a 1.07 and a +103 K/D difference on 145, HEAP has earned his spot on this list, beating the legendary f0rest and Friberg to the spot.

What made HEAP incredibly beneficial to his team was his high headshot and 1v1 clutch ratios.

He had a 60% headshot rate and a +%58.5 clutch win rate over the last 12 months.

HEAP favors his AK-47 over the M4a1-s, scoring 1253 with the Russian weapon, while only scoring +700 with the CT-sided one.


Throughout the whole year, HEAP couldn’t win any tournaments with his team, but they came too close to winning a couple of those, including:

  • 2nd at REPUBLEAGUE Season 3 winning $32,000
  • 3rd at Funspark ULTI 2021: European Playoffs #2 winning $7000
  • 2nd at ALL IN Series winning $26,000

Watch HEAP in action:

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#9 Love "phzy" Smidebrant (Role: AWPer)

Phzy's name is written entirely in small letters, as is his experience, which is also brief but effective.

He started his high-level venture with Young Ninjas but has been loaned recently to Sangal Esports.

With Sangal, he almost made it to the major, only losing the last game 1-2 to the more experienced MOUZ.

At the young age of 20 years old, phzy has earned over $57,000 already, with a huge future ahead of him judging by his skills.

phzy had a similar rating to HEAP’s at 1.07, but he doubled his K/D to +242 over 176 maps.

Winning 1v1 clutches became his thing, with a success score of more than %61.66.

As an AWPer, he scored most of his kills with the big green gun, with 1339 kills, compared to the AK-47’s 655 and M4a1-s 362.


Tournaments phzy has recently won:

  • GAM3RS_X EU Champions: Fall 2022
  • GAM3RS_X EU Champions: Fall 2022 - DACH Qualifier
  • Esportal Bybit Open 2022: Nordic Qualifier #2
  • Ace X Prague Open 2022: Open Qualifier

Watch phzy’s AWP skills when he was playing with NiP’s main team:

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#8 Freddy "KRIMZ" Johansson (Role: Rifler)

KRIMZ is always considered one of Fnatic’s finest, as he’s the sole remaining member of Fnatic’s 5 who kicked off the Swedish organization’s reign in CSGO.

KRIMZ continues to be one of CSGO’s best anchors, despite his age of 28 years old.

He has played competitively for 9–10 years already, winning nearly a million dollars in tournament winnings.

KRIMZ has a 1.08 rating and a +207 K/D difference over 155 maps, with an impressive 62% win rate in his 1v1 clutches.

KRIMZ has mastered his AK-47, getting similar stats to HEAP’s.


Tournaments KRIMZ has recently won:

  • GAM3RS_X EU Champions: Fall 2022 - European Qualifier
  • IEM Road to Rio 2022: European RMR - Open Qualifier #2
  • Fantasyexpo EU Champions: Spring 2022 - British Qualifier
  • REPUBLEAGUE Season 2 $67,000
  • DreamHack Open November 2021  $50,000

Watch how KRIMZ explains his great plays in detail:

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#7 Anton "Sapec" Palmgren (Role: Rifler)

Another Young Ninjas graduate appears in our list of Top 10 CSGO Best Sweden Players, as Sapec, who recently joined EYEBALLERS, makes it to the #7 spot.

He hasn’t earned as much as others on this list with +$28,000, but at the age of 20, Sapec still has a lot to prove.

His 1.08 rating and +111 K/D difference on 171 maps speak for themselves, while his impressive 1v1 clutch win rate of 63.8% isn’t any joke.

Sapec has another great stat with a headshot rate of 51.2%, which says a lot for his 1450 AK-47 kills.


Tournaments Sapec has recently won:

  • Svenska Elitserien Spring 2022 $12,000
  • Svenska Elitserien Spring 2022: Online Stage
  • Elisa Invitational Spring 2022: Swedish Qualifier
  • Pelaajat.com Nordic Masters: Spring 2022 - Swedish Qualifier

Watch Sapec’s 1v3 on Overpass:

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#6 Fredrik "REZ" Sterner (Role: Rifler/AWPer)

REZ the Swedish jewel of CSGO, has been part of NiP’s main roster since June 2017.

He’s a master of all trades when it comes to his role on the team. He can entry frag, he can AWP, he can lurk, and he has done them all flawlessly.

With his team missing an AWP in device, REZ has recently taken the role of AWPing in his team.

REZ has won more than $400,000 in tournament earnings since he started his Counter-Strike career in 2015.

This year alone, he has boasted a 1.09 rating and a +191 K/D difference over 165 maps. 

REZ is the best Swedish clutch player of 2022! He has won 40 out of the last 54 1v1 clutches he has been in this year, with a %74 win rate.

During the last 12 months, REZ scored 1279 kills with the AK-47, 803 kills with the M4a1-s, and 146 kills with the AWP.


Tournaments REZ has recently won:

  • Global Esports Tour Dubai 2022 $100,000
  • Intel Extreme Masters XVI - Fall: Europe $27,500

Watch one of his many highlight videos:

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#5 Niclas "PlesseN" Plessen (Role: Rilfer)

PlesseN is Team Finest’s great rifler, who joined the team after coming from Team Savage last winter.

PlesseN has been playing professionally since 2015, earning over $76,000 in tournament winnings.

His K/D difference isn’t as impressive as others on this list, scoring only a +72 kill/death difference, but he earned a 1.10 rating over 221 maps.

PlesseN has an impeccable 1v1 clutch win rate of 66.67%, meaning he only loses 1 out of every 3 clutches.

He loves both his AK-47 and M4a1-s, scoring 1578 kills with the AK and 1251 kills with the M4, at a headshot rate of 52.4%.


Tournaments PlesseN has recently won:

  • Pinnacle Cup IV $80,000
  • ESL Challenger at DreamHack Anaheim 2022: European Open Qualifier #1
  • Funspark ULTI 2021: Europe Season 4 - Closed Qualifier

Watch PlesseN in action:

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#4 Ludvig "Brollan" Brolin (Role: Rifler)

Brollan is a young kid from Fnatic who made a great career for himself at both of the greatest Swedish organizations.

He joined NiP this winter and has since won important tournaments, starting with the 250K Global Esports Tour Dubai.

At the young age of 20, Brollan has surpassed all his peers, earning more than $325,000 in tournament winnings.

He boasts a 1.12 rating and a +140 K/D difference over 146.

Similar to REZ, Brollan is one of the finest 1v1 clutch masters in Sweden, with a 70% win rate.

He favors no weapon, getting a similar score with both the AK-47 and M4a1-s, at a 52.3% headshot rate.


Tournaments Brollan has recently won:

  • Esportal Bybit Open 2022 $5250
  • Global Esports Tour Dubai 2022 $100,000
  • REPUBLEAGUE Season 2 $67,692
  • DreamHack Open November 2021 $50,000

Watch his best highlights, starting with an ACE on de_mirage:

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#3 Jonathan "b0denmaster" Bodenmalm (Role: AWPer)

Previously a manager, now a top 3 Swedish player, b0denmaster currently plays for team ATK, having transferred from Lilmix in late January this year.

Since he spent most of his time managing, he couldn’t hack it when it came to tournament earnings.

However, b0denmaster has been grinding this year so hard, boasting a 1.14 rating and a superb +539 K/D difference over 204 maps only.

Being a top 3 Sweden player means exceeding the limits when it comes to AWPing, scoring 2109 kills with the weapon.

b0denmaster’s skills helped him win 65% of his 1v1 clutches too.


Tournaments that b0denmaster has recently won:

  • FACEIT Pro League - North America: September 2022 $1500
  • FACEIT Pro League - North America: August 2022 $1500
  • ESEA Cash Cup: North America - Summer 2022 #1 $4000
  • ESEA Cash Cup: North America - Spring 2022 #6 $4000
  • ESL Challenger at DreamHack Valencia 2022: North American Open Qualifier #1    
  • Intel Extreme Masters XVII - Dallas: North American Open Qualifier #2
  • FACEIT Pro League - North America: April 2022 $1500

Watch his strong AWP skills on de_inferno:

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#2 Tim "nawwk" Jonasson (Role: AWPer)

nawwk hasn’t been lucky lately despite his impressive skills, as he left NiP late last year, only to join the inconsistent Apeks who decided to pull out of CSGO earlier this month.

nawwk has earned over $88,000 throughout his career, which isn’t that great for a 24-year-old player in his prime, but his stats show he’s a one-of-a-kind AWPer.

Even in those inconsistent times, nawwk managed to score a 1.15 rating and a supreme +804 K/D over 173 maps only.

His headshot ratio is low since he’s an AWPer, but his 1v1 clutch win rate is 59%.

Getting a high K/D means scoring so many kills and staying alive. Those kills were distributed as follows: 1737 AWP kills, 636 AK-47 kills, and 265 M4a1-s kills.


Tournaments nawwk has recently won:

  • Tipsport Cup Bratislava 2022 $22,682
  • Fantasyexpo EU Champions: Spring 2022 - European Qualifier

Watch nawwk in action:

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#1 William "draken" Sundin (Role: AWPer)

Draken is ranked first on our list of the Top CSGO Best Sweden Players, having joined Into The Breach in July of this year after spending the majority of the year with Team Savage.

draken isn’t as young as other stars on this list, but he’s certainly the best among them all, using his 7 years of experience playing CSGO competitively.

During that time, draken earned $168,000 in tournament earnings.

His stats speak for themselves. With a 1.15 rating and a +502 K/D difference over 131 maps, draken has earned his spot as the best.

He won more than 55% of his 1v1 clutches while the AWP continued to be his favorite weapon, scoring 1520 AWP kills, while both his AK-47 and M4a1-s kills didn’t exceed 600 kills.


Tournaments draken has recently won:

  • Assembly Summer 2022 $7100
  • ESEA Cash Cup: Europe - Summer 2022 #2 $3000

Watch Sweden’s #1 in action, back when he played for NiP:

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Reaching this sector means you have surfed through the best Sweden players in CSGO, starting with HEAP at the 10th position, and ending the list with the best CSGO Sweden player in draken.

Do you have other players in mind that you think should’ve been on this list? Tell us in the comments section below.​

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