CS:GO PGL Major Is Back For 2021 With $2M Up For Grabs!

CS:GO PGL Major Is Back For 2021 With $2M Up For Grabs!
Money is waiting to be made...

For 2 long years the CS:GO Majors have been on hold due to the Covid-19 pandemic. 

This year it is back with the CS:GO PGL Major in Stockholm, Sweden, running from 26 October to 7 November 2021. A total of 24 teams are participating for a $2,000,000 prize pool.

Teams were selected from Regional Major Ranking Events. The number of teams invited per region depends on that region’s performance during the regional ranking events. 

The top teams from the ranking events are invited as Legends. The next 8 are invited as Challengers, and the final 8 are invited as Contenders.

For the PGL Major, the 1st stage is called the Challengers stage. 

During this stage the Challengers compete against the Contenders in Swiss format, meaning that 3 losses result in elimination, and 3 wins result in advancement to the next stage. The Challengers stage is taking place from 26 October 2021 to 29 October 2021.

The 8 winning teams of the Challengers stage advance to the Legends stage to compete against the Legends, once again in Swiss format. The Legends stage is taking place between 30 October 2021 and 2 November 2021.

Upon completion of the Legends stage, the final 8 teams advance to the Playoffs, where they battle it out in a winner-takes-all single-elimination bracket.

Fans are able to watch the CS:GO PGL Major online using a viewer pass from Steam, which is available for $9.99 on Steam. Alternatively, a viewer pass that comes with Souvenir Tokens is available for $17.99.

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