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The best looking graffiti in CSGO for you to spray. Cute ones included!

CSGO is a game fully loaded with all kinds of unique and standard features. Being a top FPS game, it has to make and maintain its position as a king of FPS. That's why it has features such as beautiful skins for guns and stickers to apply on them, recently they introduced agents too and of course graffitis. 

You might have seen these while playing CSGO. Maybe your friend applied it after getting a frag, or the opponent used Graffiti to show dominance. In Either case, graffitis looks fantastic. They are bright and may or may not alter feelings, but there is some cool-looking graffiti in CSGO, which I will share with you today. Below are the Top 25 CSGO Best Graffiti that you may find and use in CSGO. Teabagging is old. Graffiti is now gold! Have the power of your opponents and show them who's the real Pro! Not on silvers though, that’s not fair.


25) NaCl (Shark White)

When CSGO first introduced graffiti, they added some cool-looking graffiti like this one. It's called NaCl (Salt), and you can find it cheap on the Steam marketplace for just 0.03 cents! It may be used after you headshot your opponent and put some salt on their wounds. To make them show who's the boss in this match. It is very well designed and looks great.

24) Jump Shot (Blood Red)

Aaaah, just what the name describes. A sick-looking jump shot with AWP or scout will make you apply this Graffiti no matter what. There are 19 colors you can choose from for such Graffiti, and my favorite is this blood red. 

23) Noscope (Tracer Yellow)

Just after Jump Shot graffiti, we have No scope. I enjoy the no-scope, especially after I saw s1mple making that no-scope shot on the Cache map. It looks sick, unique and shows your raw skill with scoped guns. The yellow no scope looks like gold which to me sounds like anyone will enjoy using it after landing that no scope shot!


22) Toasted (Desert Amber)

In every CSGO match, you have the opportunity to get clutch moments. And what makes a clutch unique and funny at the same time? Burning your opponents with Molotov or incendiary grenade, then go up and apply this cool-looking toasted Graffiti in desert amber color.


21) Backstab (Blood Red)

Just like clutch moments, in CSGO, we have those sneaky moments where we hide like a ninja and wait for an opportunity to backstab our opponent with our knife. Backstab Graffiti in blood-red will make your opponent worry about going to the exact location again. The design is really nice and cool to look at.


20) GGWP (Monarch Blue)

A pretty common phrase in many competitive games nowadays. GGWP means Good Game Well Played. This Graffiti, especially in this color, gives friendly vibes after you either lose or win the game. To show sportsmanship, this looks pretty awesome.


19) Tombstone (War Pig Pink)

This is one of my favorite Graffiti in CSGO. It's funny too, like after getting a frag, you can apply it above your opponent's head. Rest in Peace, my friend. Rest in Peace. May your skills get better soon. Amen. 


18) Sorry (Violent Violet)

Sometimes, chat gets a little too intense with your opponents, and the only way to communicate is through skills. This Graffiti will shine bright when you dominate your opponent after they are talking smack to you. A simple sorry goes a long way but in CSGO, oh boy, does it mean it's going to get real competitive soon!


17) Ninja (SWAT Blue)

Here we have ninja graffiti in SWAT blue color. Everyone enjoys seeing ninja defuse clips on YouTube, but when you get a chance to do it in your match. It feels amazing! And what can make you feel even better? Of course, this Graffiti. It looks terrific in SWAT Blue color, and the ninja design is excellent as well.


16) Rage Mode (Brick Red)

CSGO without raging is difficult sometimes. Maybe your teammates can be the cause, or the opponents might be just as good like there are many factors to make you rage. That's why Valve made this Graffiti depict how you feel with unique design and variety of colors. It shows your blood is pumping, and you are about to unleash the beast!


15) King Me (Tracer Yellow)

King Me is a graffiti that you must have in your CSGO graffiti inventory. I mean, look at the beautifully drawn crown. It is befitting for a king like yourself, especially in Tracer Yellow color. Let your crown shine bright when you are at the top of the scoreboard. That's what this Graffiti is for, being at the top of your game. The King.

14) Heart (Blood Red)


I enjoy spraying this Graffiti at random locations because of its black border and beautiful red color inside. It's a cute-looking heart and is very pleasing to the eye. It is simple, yet it's so beautiful. 


13) Hop (Shark White)

In CSGO, there is this thing called "Bunny Hopping" which is moving faster than running using jumps that look like bunny hopping. That's what this Graffiti is for. For all those Bunny Hoppers out there who make the CSGO community happy by submitting their cool Bhop frags. 


12) Recoil AK-47 (Tiger Orange)

Recoil control in CSGO is hard. It's so tricky that you may spend hours and days and weeks to get just one gun under control. Each weapon has its pattern. That's why CSGO has smartly and uniquely introduced the recoil pattern, as you can see in the above Graffiti of the AK-47 Recoil pattern. Each gun has its shape, and this one has a cock!


11) Easy Peasy

Now we are near the Top 10 Graffiti in CSGO. That's why putting this one before the number 10 spot makes sense. All Graffiti mentioned above had various colors, but the next ones will be all colorful and one design only. We have this eye-catching Easy Peasy graffiti from the line " Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy" You can see in the art how they are squeezing the blood out of that lemon. It's well-designed Graffiti.


10) Flickshot

CSGO AWP and flick shots are best friends. You might have seen many CSGO pros performing insane flick shots with an AWP or a scout. That's why this design resonates with an epic moment that may happen or already happened. Spraying this after landing a flick shot feels right, to be honest. The green color of CSGO and hand design (Yes, it's the meme one too, I know, I know) is sick. Like bending the bullet.


9) Tyloo Boston 2018

CSGO has a variety of graffitis like the normal drop ones and the container ones, and they also have introduced graffitis for CSGO professional teams. That's where this beautifully designed Tyloo graffiti comes in. Its red color and fantastic design show off the work to make such cool and sexy-looking Graffiti. The contrast, the design shows elegance. 


8) Unicorn

You might not find many cute things in CSGO like this cute Graffiti because CSGO is all about hardcore competitive gaming. But they listen to their community and have given us this cute colorful unicorn to spray in the game. It's very adorable, and the design is looking spot on! It is one of the few cute-looking designs in CSGO. 

7) G2 Esports Boston 2018

Another team Graffiti which is designed very well. The French flag is visible in the logo of G2, and the behind supporting Boston logo design is looking as sleek as ever. It's my favorite Graffiti from all the Boston team ones. I love this design, and the colors blend in so well. All I can say is just WOW!


6) Cerberus

Anywhere I hear the word Cerberus, only this design comes into my mind because when CSGO first introduced the Cache Collection, I saw that and l I was so intimidated by it. The green, yellow and black color is such a fantastic choice. As you can see, the design of wolves is so badass that it's a must-have Graffiti. Nothing shows more dominance than leading your team as a pack of hungry wolves! Feared us should be.


5) Crown

We have already seen the King Me graffiti, which had a crown just. But our list will not be complete without mentioning the legendary Crown graffiti. First introduced as a foil sticker, this Graffiti is just GOLD. Everything about the design is perfect. The crown is befitting for a daring soul. The color here really is more golden rather than yellow, which is excellent! 


4) Fire Serpent

If you have played CSGO for long, you might have heard of the word Fire Serpent at some point when discussing skins or looking for any. Initially designed for AK-47 in The Bravo Case, this eye-catching Graffiti is of superb quality and design. The green-colored serpent makes this Graffiti of exotic rarity. We might not get the AK with luck, but we can get this Graffiti for just $2 on the steam marketplace.  


3) Kawaii Killer CT

Like I mentioned before, there isn't much cute stuff in CSGO, but here we have on no.3 spot a cute-looking CT with hearts and a peace sign. It's a cute adorable CT girl with big wide blue eyes and orange hair. It can be used to distract your enemies and get that stealthy kill with attractive looks. How bad will the opponent feel? Well, spray it in-game and see the results. You won't be disappointed, that's for sure.


2) Rekt

On the no.2 position, we have the Rekt Graffiti. With bold, the unique blue-colored font in the middle and the explosion surrounding it conveys your strong feelings about dominance and winning the match. The design is simple, yet it's so cool looking that the opponent knows what's coming for them, getting rekt by your amazing skills.


1) Howling Dawn

The controversial Howling Dawn Graffiti takes the top spot on our list. Firstly, it was first introduced in the Huntsman case as M4A4 drop, but later it was removed and labeled as contraband, making it very rare. Graffiti is not rare, though, but it still follows the sickest-looking design and pattern ever. The flames howling sets the mood in CSGO for you from beginner to Pro, and the fire colors are perfect. It's the best Graffiti in-game, hands down, and is currently on the market for $8.

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