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Did your M4 make the top ten?

Factory-new, minimal wear, battle-scarred; what really makes an M4-A4 skin better than the rest? In this list, I’ve come up with the top ten M4A4 skins in CSGO. Considered not just for their price -though you’ve got a deep wallet if you’re carrying one of these around- any of the following ten CSGO skins are deserving of an honorary inspect for those of us unable to experience such beauty on a daily basis.

10. Bullet Rain

Created a little over half a decade ago, you might not see Bullet Rain often but it is still one of the best M4A4 skins in CSGO. With an angry storm cloud painted on the side, it’s the perfect metaphor for the way you’ll be raining bullets on T-side if you own this colorful covert rifle. 

What's Awesome About Bullet Rain:

  • It won’t empty your bank account. 
  • Most sticker placements won’t cover the main illustration. 

Bullet Rain Factory New Market Value: $21 

How To Get Bullet Rain: Purchase it on the Steam Marketplace, trade with a friend, or unbox an eSports 2014 Summer Case. You cannot receive it through a drop. 

See Bullet Rain in Action: 

9. Hellfire

And brim pebbles.

With a devil-like creature painted on the side, the Hellfire M4A4 skin is the reason why T-Side plays CSGO… to set things on fire. Luckily, if you’re on CT you can stop this from happening. Maybe that’s why it’s a devil… you’re putting out the fire before they can start it? 

What's Awesome About Hellfire:

  • It comes in a great price range and you get your money’s worth. 
  • You’re bound to see something new every time you inspect it. 

Hellfire Factory New Market Value: $26 

How to Get Hellfire: Purchase it through the Steam Marketplace, trade with a friend, or unbox it by opening an Operation Hydra Case

See Hellfire In Action: 

Inspired by Nuke, the maroon and orange M4A4 skin, Radiation Hazard is toxic in all the right ways. With a hazardous symbol spray-painted in plain sight, I can’t help but wonder, are the guns contaminated?

What's Awesome About Radiation Hazard: 

  • The design is part of the unique Nuke Collection. 
  • Factory New wears are rare; they will never be created again!
  • The cost is relatively reasonable for certain wears. 

Radiation Hazard Market Value: $208 

How To Get Radiation Hazard: Purchase it on the Steam Marketplace or trade with a friend. These are not unlockable nor are they currently offered as a drop. 

See Radiation Hazard in action: 

7. 龍王 Dragon King 

A weapon worthy of The Monkey King himself - Booth, Arms Dealer

With a Chinese dragon painted on its receiver, the 龍王 Dragon King M4A4 is a perfect paradox between peace and destruction. 

What's Awesome About Dragon King: 

  • The Chinese dragon illustration. Need I say more?
  • It comes at a great price! 
  • There’s no need for stickers because of the detailed illustration. 
  • Holographics look great on there!
  • It is still unlockable!

龍王 Dragon King Factory New Market Value: $21

How To Get 龍王 Dragon King: Purchase it on the Steam Marketplace or unlock it by opening a Chroma Case. You cannot receive it in a drop. 

See 龍王 Dragon King in Action: 

6. Royal Paladin

This phonecall never happened, do you understand? - The Paladin and the Father Part 1

Everyone likes a little bling. Maybe that’s why the Royal Paladin was created. The shiny gold and intricate patterns make this M4A4 the perfect skin for anyone who enjoys the finer things.

What's Awesome About Royal Paladin:

  • It isn’t flashy enough to draw attention. 
  • The color scheme is colorful without being bright.
  • It’s rustic but not worn. 
  • The price range is fair. 

Royal Paladin Factory New Market Value: $83

How To Get Royal Paladin: Purchase it at the Steam Marketplace, trade with a friend, or unbox it from a Revolver Case

See Royal Paladin in action: 

5. Daybreak

The sun rises on the just and unjust alike. 

Signifying the first moments of morning, the Daybreak M4A4 is a gorgeous representation of hope, determination, and new beginnings! It’s also the perfect metaphor for the way we respawn every round.  

What's Awesome About Daybreak:

  • It was only available for a limited amount of time which makes this skin rare!
  • The price isn’t going to break your bank account. 
  • Inspect the metallic design in the sun and it looks even better.
  • The smooth, metallic finish makes this M4A4 take on an entirely new shape. 

Daybreak Factory New Market Value: $27 

How To Get Daybreak: Purchase it on the Steam Marketplace or trade with a friend. It is no longer offered as a drop.  

See Daybreak in action: 

4.  The Emperor 

Lead with your head, even if it means ignoring your heart

Inspired by the Emperor tarot card who is said to have an especially strong hold on his life, The Emperor M4A4 skin is an absolute marvel. With deep shades of blue and intricate illustrations, this is among some of the most detailed skins in the game. Even the grip has small details! I assume any player with a gun of this extravagance must have a firm handle on their life. 

What's Awesome About The Emperor 

  • The dark color palette compliments default gloves. 
  • There are intricate designs from barrel to stock.
  • You can still unlock it through a crate!

The Emperor Factory New Market Value: $204

How To Get The Emperor: Purchase it at the Steam Marketplace, trade with a friend, or try opening a Prisma Case

See The Emperor in Action: 

3. Neo Noir 

"She grabbed what she could and disappeared into a decaying dystopia"

I genuinely envy anyone who owns a Neo Noir. Not only is the design breath-taking but the colors compliment each other perfectly. When you hold it, you’re transformed into an entirely different universe (DC Comics… Marvel... pick your poison) and you can’t help but gain an extra boost of confidence. 

What's Awesome About Neo Noir: 

  • Intricate color from barrel to stock. 
  • There’s no need to fill this gun with stickers; there’s enough detail already. 
  • The illustration is enticing. 
  • It’s still unlockable! 

Neo Noir Factory New Market Value: $137

How To Get Neo Noir: Purchase it on the Steam Marketplace, trade with a friend, or unbox in a Clutch Case

See Neo Noir in action: 

2. Howl

This fierce design once caused controversy and is now one of the rarest M4A4 skins in CSGO. The chaotic illustration and bold colors of Howl are the perfect motivation for bloodshed and destruction. 

What's Awesome About Howl:

  • The rarity of this gun; there isn't a single Factory New Howl on the Steam Marketplace as of July 2019. 
  • The flaming lion illustration is absolutely mesmerizing. 
  • Even though the colors are bright you aren’t going to stick out like a sore thumb. 

Howl Factory New Market Value: est. $1844

How To Get Howl: Purchase it on the Steam Marketplace or by trading with a friend. This item is no longer unlockable nor can it be received in a drop. 

See Howl in Action: 

1. Poseidon 

Three can keep a secret if two of them are dead. 

The Poseidon. It’s the perfect juxtaposition between beauty and ferocity which is the only explanation for why Pisces would be depicted fighting Poseidon on this enticing M4A4 skin (especially after that whole situation at the Bermuda Triangle). 

What's Awesome About Poseidon

  • The ocean-blue is not over the top. 
  • The illustration tells an entirely new story of mythology. 
  • Market value is relatively consistent for all wears. 
  • It is ultra-rare; it’s not dropped anymore, it cannot be unboxed, and there are less than ten Factory New on the Steam Marketplace as of July 2019.  

Poseidon Factory New Market Value: $595

How To Get Poseidon: Purchase it on the Steam Marketplace or trade with a friend. It cannot be unboxed nor does it look like Valve will ever offer Poseidon as a drop again.

See Poseidon in Action:


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