[Top 5] CSGO Best Maps For Solo Queue

Best Maps For Solo Queue
What are the best maps for solo queue?

What are Solo Queue Maps?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a five vs. five FPS title, in which emphasizes team play and coordination, but, with that being said, how do you win when you have to play all by yourself? This is called solo queuing, and it is the bane of most competitive FPS titles, due to the fact that it essentially forces players into an unknown environment with complete strangers who may (or may not) be good at the game…

This random factor that comes with solo queuing may put people off from doing it entirely; however, there are a select few maps that one can be successful on when alone. These maps can be the difference between a win and a loss, or even a de-rank or rank-up.


5. De_Nuke

After many reworks throughout the years, Nuke has become one of Counter-Strike's most beloved maps. Although many enjoy spectating this map, playing it is another story, as it is typically not most people's first choice… The map is fairly complex on the T side, with not much room for working picks or solo plays. Alternatively, this means that CT is pretty easy.

As previously stated, Nuke is complex. But, in simple terms, that just means it is difficult for everyone. The best part about playing Nuke for solo queuing is the CT side, and the ability to absolutely steamroll most rounds and shut down plays across the map. This doesn’t mean T’s are useless, with some general map knowledge, good plays can be made.

Why Nuke is Great for Solo Queue

  • Momentum based
  • Extremely Ct sided
  • Playmaking potential


4. De_Overpass

Overpass is a map that is well balanced for both good team play and well-timed solo plays that can win rounds. This map is well known for many iconic pro games, pro plays, and even an infamous boost. So, most people should have a general understanding of the map.

Overpass in particular has a great solo queue experience on the CT side specifically, with lots of play-making potential on both sites. Although the CT side should be easier, things get a bit tougher on the T side. The attacking side of Overpass can be tricky for solo queue games; however, if a player has a good grasp of timings, or can get their teammates to cooperate, they should be able to pull through some rounds.

Why Overpass is Great for Solo Queue

  • Lots of playmaking potential on CT side
  • Fast rotates
  • Good for catching timings


3. De_Dust2

Everyone's favorite (and least favorite) map is Dust II. This map has aged well, and after going through several changes since its inception in 2001, Dust II has grown up to be a well-balanced map.

Dust II is a great map to solo queue on for many different reasons. Everyone knows how to play the map due to it being a fan favorite, as well as it being in the active duty map pool for so long. The main reason this map is great for solo queuing is the potential for a carry. Dust II is unique in the aspect of being very aim-dependent, and even more so AWP-heavy. A good player can carry on this map on both sides if their aim is crisp, and even more so if their scope is honed.

Why Dust II is Great for Solo Queue

  • Great for awpers
  • Lots of 1v1 potential
  • Aim dependent


2. De_Inferno

The map that takes place in Italy is great for solo queuing. Inferno is well known for being the most popular decider map in CS: GO's best of three matches, as well as for its strongly contested banana position. Inferno is an iconic map and very even on both sides.

This linear map is evenly balanced with its narrow lanes offering a lot of opportunities for solo fights, along with wide areas outside of the sites for establishing executes. Inferno offers many chances for players to make a big impact, allowing solo carrying with some ease, and lots of play-making ability. This map also makes it easy for players to take space by themselves with good utility usage.

Why Inferno is Great for Solo Queue

  • Incredible amounts of playmaking on both sides
  • Balanced on both sides
  • Map control easy with good utility


1. De_Mirage

When Dust II was taken out of the map pool in 2017, it left a hole in many CS: GO players' hearts. But, that hole was quickly filled by Mirage. Since then, Mirage has been the most popular map by a considerable amount, both in casual and pro play. Mirage is arguably the most balanced map in CS: GO, with its highly contested middle position, and easily accessible sites.

Mirage is the best map for solo queueing because it is simply the easiest map to carry on and squash other teams with momentum. Mirage offers a lot of areas for good lurking and one on one duels. Along with the lurks, the map has a lot of different ways for both CTs and T’s to make solo plays that can decide a round at any point.

Why Mirage is Great for Solo Queue

  • Lots of 1v1 possibilities
  • Incredibly balanced
  • Tons of  playmaking possibilities

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