[Top 10] CSGO Best Warmup Maps

Get your game face on using these awesome warmup maps.

Warming up before a grueling competitive match is crucial to winning the game. It helps focus your mind and refreshes your reflexes. A good warm-up should enable you to readjust your aim and adapt your recoil control depending on the weapon, and most importantly, it should get your head in the game. Winning the game requires a sharpened focus and a mindset to win, so we’re here to tell you the best warmup maps to get you started.


#10 CSGOHUB KZ Training Map

Movement training is a commonly overlooked aspect by most players, but knowing how to nail those seemingly difficult jumps is beneficial when setting up a vantage point. This map provides players with a movement training course; it teaches players how to effectively transition from one point to another in quick succession.

Why CSGOHUB KZ Training Map is great for a warmup:

  • Gets the blood pumping by making the player move at a quick pace.
  • It helps players readjust to the control scheme.
  • It’s a great map to practice getting to out-of-reach places for tactical purposes.

Come and check out the map.


#9 Training - Blank

Are you a fan of both CS:GO and Superhot? Fantastic, because we just found the perfect map for you. Training – Blank offers a minimalistic approach to warmups; it sets the player onan all-white map, playing against enemy bots painted in bright red. You can adjust the number of bots, armored or unarmored, and the cherry on top – you can play in slow-motion, just like in Superhot. It’s a great warmup map for newbie players who are still getting used to CS:GO’s fast paced gameplay. 

Why Training - Blank is great for a warmup:

  • It’s a great starting map for newer players who are having trouble adjusting to CS:GO’s steep learning curve.
  • The map is all-white, while enemies are highlighted in red, it’s the perfect shooting gallery.
  • You can play it in slow motion and mow down hordes of enemies like an utter badass.

Come and check out the map.


#8 Recoil Master – Spray Training

Recoil control is important in maintaining the accuracy of your shots, and the Recoil Master – Spray Training map is the perfect place to get started. The map features a "ghostsprayer" which indicates the spray pattern of each weapon. It allows the player to practice controlling the recoil of their chosen weapon while retaining its deadly precision. The map provides options to reconfigure the training settings, enabling players to adjust the distance of their targets, enable infinite ammo, and disable the ammo spread. 

Why Recoil Master – Spray Training is great for a warmup:

  • It shows players the spray pattern of each weapon and teaches them how to control each weapon’s recoil.
  • It enables players to test a weapon’s recoil from varying distances.
  • It’s an excellent tool for practicing the recoil control of weapons like the AK-47 and M4A4.

Come and check out the map.


#7 training_aim_csgo2

One-tapping and flicking are two of the biggest hurdles that most newbies will encounter. Mastering these skills will take time and dedication, and this is the perfect map to start your training. This map tests the player’s speed and reaction time by showing targets that the player needs to shoot within a limited time frame. Your first attempt will be a little difficult, but don’t be discouraged if you miss those shots - everyone has to start somewhere.

Why training_aim_csgo2 is great for a warmup:

  • It’s a great map for training your reflexes.
  • The breakneck speed of the training is guaranteed to improve your accuracy.
  • It provides the ideal warmup for nailing those one-taps and flicks.

Come and check out the map.



If you really want to improve your aim, then live training with bots is the way to go. This map bombards the players with an endless swarm of bots, forcing the player to act fast and eliminate as many bots as possible. The map gives you the option to choose any weapon and play against an infinite number of armored or unarmored bots.

Why FAST AIM/REFLEX MAP – TRAINING [DUST 2] is great for a warmup:

  • The map is a shooting gallery that’ll get your blood pumping and improve your aim over time.
  • It allows you to improve your aim using a variety of weapons.
  • It also allows you to test your skills against moving targets.

Come and check out the map.


#5 Training Center

Unlike previous entries, the Training Center isn't just one map but an entire collection of unique and challenging maps. The layouts of each map are specially designed to provide situation-based challenges. It improves the player's accuracy and reaction time, as well as their decision-making and tactical know-how.

Why Training Center is great for a warmup:

  • The map provides a fun shooting-gallery with an extra degree of challenge to keep it fresh.
  • The different maps simulate specific situations to improve your aim; from taking out enemies from a distance, to eliminating enemies on high ground, to nailing those headshots within tight spaces.
  • The variety it offers allows players to choose how they want to train.

Come and check out the map.


#4 crashz’s Crosshair Generator

Diehard veterans of the franchise will understand just how significant a player's crosshair choice can be. Afte rall, it’s responsible for guiding the player’s aim. crashz’s Crosshair Generator enables you to choose and customize the perfect crosshair and test the crosshair’s performance live.

The map offers a wide and diverse selection of crosshairs that were used by professional players. If that doesn’t cut it, you could choose to make one from scratch. You can test your crosshair’s performance by using it against bots; this also enables you to practice one-tapping and flicking. The background can also be customized to a specific map to test the crosshair’s visibility.

Why crashz’s Crosshair Generator is great for a warmup:

  • You can pick any crosshair used by CS:GO’s best and brightest, or you could make a unique one just for you.
  • You can test the crosshair on actual targets and in-game maps.
  • It enables you to recalibrate your aim and improve your accuracy.

Come and check out the map.


#3 DC | Aim & Movement | Training Map

This map offers players a plethora of training courses, expertly presented in a clean and well-done presentation. The player can choose from multiple modes, all of which are designed to improve a specific skill, from a player’s accuracy and reflexes to their movements. What makes the map stand out is how excellently it was made; from an outsider’s perspective, it’s basically a tutorial course that doesn’t constrict the player or hold their hand.

Why DC | Aim & Movement | Training Map is great for a warmup:

  • It offers a variety of modes to choose from; each mode is designed to improve a specific aspect of the player’s skill.
  • The layout is so well-done and intuitive that any newbie can just jump right in and have fun.
  • Players can lay back and chill as they wipe out bots in the arena mode.

Come and check out the map.


#2 CSGOHUB.com Skills Training Map

CSGOHUB’s Skill Training Map offers the most in sheer variety. It offers the usual live training with bots and movement courses that were previously mentioned, with the added bonus of the prefire mode. The prefire mode immerses the player in one of the game's maps, with the ultimate goal of eliminating all enemies stationed at specific points. 

This mode improves the player’s awareness, by placing enemy bots in areas where enemies frequently camp. The bots themselves are equipped with weapons and will shoot on sight, providing an additional challenge that will force players to focus and be aware of their surroundings.

Why CSGOHUB.com Skills Training Map is great for a warmup:

  • It offers all the training and warmup courses that every player will need.
  • The prefire mode is an excellent tool for improving the player's situational awareness. Additionally, it expands the player's in-depth knowledge of the game’s maps.
  • Its training courses excel at improving speed and accuracy while keeping the player engaged.

Come and check out the map.


#1 Ypac Practice and Warmup

Yprac Practice and Warmup is the quintessential warmup map for any player, combining every training course and packs them all into one map. The map provides a plethora of training courses that improve the player's accuracy. Similar to other entries, it provides a live training course with bots.

It also features a recoil training course with a more streamlined user interface. Additionally, it offers training courses for improving the player's flicking and tracking; these courses are specifically designed to improve a player's precision and reaction time.

It also offers more comprehensive prefire training which is a must for new players. It provides player's with the freedom to customize and tailor the training courses to match their preferences, providing the most efficient and rewarding experience that a warmup can offer.

Why Ypac Practice and Warmup is great for a warmup:

  • It offers a wide array of options and training courses.
  • Apart from improving the player's speed and aim, the training courses also reinforce trigger finger discipline. 
  • Its prefire mode offers multiple maps. Each map provides a detailed guide, including enemy placements and recommended routes.
  • The varied training courses provide newbies and veterans with the perfect warmup experience.
  • And of course, it has an endless amount of bots to test your newfound skills on. Poor bots.

Come and check out the map.


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