[Top 10] CSGO Best AWP Training Maps

Test your precision with these awesome maps.

The AWP's notorious precision is counterbalanced by a steep learning curve. Learning how to wield this weapon takes a lot of practice; thankfully, we have maps for that kind of job. AWP training maps say exactly what their name says; these are the workshop maps designed to improve a player's accuracy and handling of the legendary weapon. A great map must be able to reorient the player and teach them the basics of the weapon while providing limitless opportunities to improve themselves.


#10 training_aim_csgo2

Unlike most maps on this list, this one focuses solely on improving a player’s speed and precision. Players are tasked with shooting targets on a wall as fast as possible. Players are free to adjust the settings according to their capabilities. This map allows players to refine their reaction time and accuracy depending on their skill level, which makes it a must-try for newer players.

Why training_aim_csgo2 is great:

  • This map allows players to improve their speed and accuracy.
  • Players can freely adjust the settings of their training to better suit their preferences.
  • Its barebones approach is guaranteed to refine the player’s abilities over time.

Come and check out the map.


#9 Yprac Practice and Warmup

Yprac offers the most variety in terms of training courses. It provides players with a multitude of training options to improve their skills. The live bot training and prefire course excel at improving the player’s proficiency with the AWP. These courses improve their speed and accuracy through rigorous aim training.

Why Yprac Practice and Warmup is great:

  • It features multiple training modes to improve a player’s specific aspects.
  • Prefire training improves reaction time by pitting the player against bots spawned in areas frequently camped on by other players.
  • Live bot training is an excellent substitute for Deathmatch. 

Come and check out the map.


#8 AWP Peru

Sometimes, more is less. This map doesn’t waste time and immediately forces players to fight for their survival. Providing a huge open space with minimal cover, players must act fast and efficiently to come out on top.

Why AWP Peru is great:

  • The large open space with minimal cover can provide a quick yet exciting time with unexpected encounters. 
  • With so much exposed space, players must keep a sharp eye and even sharper precision in order to win.
  • The map’s design is perfect for settling beefs, mano a mano.

Come and check out the map.


#7 Aim_Long(Dust)

Simple and straight forward, while paying homage to classics. This map takes visual cues from Dust II’s setting and infuses them into a small arena. The simplicity of the design is what elevates this map; the open area layout provides plenty of space with cover interspersed to keep the fight interesting.

Why Aim_Long(Dust) is great:

  • Its appearance borrows heavily from Dust II’s signature look.
  • The map provides players with an open space and numerous cover to provide protection.
  • Its simple yet effective design makes it stand out from other workshop maps.

Come and check out the map.


#6 1V1 Metro

Play against a rival player or team in an enclosed metro station. Players are tasked with eliminating the opposing player or team as they duke it out inside an undisclosed metro station. The layout offers players plenty of cover to hunker down. Players are also free to experiment and set up defensive positions as they rain fire down on the enemy.

Why 1V1 Metro is great:

  • Players can immediately face the enemy right after spawning.
  • The layout of the map grants players freedom to strategize and outplay the enemy.
  • The map’s straightforward design can create quick yet tense shootouts for hours on end.

Come and check out the map.


#5 2buildings_csgo


Ever wanted to blow your neighbor’s head off? Yeah, me too. Well, now you can—virtually, that is. This map places two opposing players inside two buildings; each building’s façade provides a clear view of the other building. It’s only a matter of time until one finds the other, and the rest is history. Players can also choose to get acquainted with their enemy and face them in their building. The tight corridors and compact rooms of the building can make for a suspenseful and eerie experience.

Why 2buildings_csgo is great:

  • The map’s design can make for a thrilling game of hide and seek, forcing players to remain vigilant and keep a watchful eye.
  • The claustrophobic interior can provide players with a different but equally enjoyable experience.
  • The layout of the map allows players to think outside the box in order to get a jump on the enemy.

Come and check out the map.


#4 awp_bureau

The office just got a little more exciting. The map’s layout is designed to force players to get up close and personal with the enemy. The enclosed space provides just enough room for multiple players. The cubicles provide minimal cover at best, making for a tense and pulse-pounding experience.

Why awp_bureau is great:

  • The map’s small, minimalist approach is perfect for players itching to get right down to the action.
  • The map improves players' awareness and reaction time, as the map’s compact design forces players to keep a sharp eye and a quick reflex.
  • The mundane and monotonous vibe of the office surprisingly works well with CS:GO’s fast-paced and hard-hitting action.

Come and check out the map.


#3 awp_retro_neon_v1

Snipe enemies across this neon-themed arena. Players are placed inside this neon-lit minimalistic map, where only one can come out victorious. The layout of the map allows players to maneuver freely, or they can take up defensive positions where they can take the enemy by surprise.

Why awp_retro_neon_v1 is great:

  • The map’s layout provides maximum freedom for players to experiment and strategize.
  • The arena-like design of the map provides endless replayability.
  • The neon aesthetic offers a nice backdrop to the ensuing carnage.

Come and check out the map.


#2 awp_lego_asia

Annihilate your enemies in a Lego-inspired playground. This colorful wonderland allows players to play like kids again while wiping the floor with the opposition. The large open areas can cater to large shootouts between multiple players. The tight and narrow corridors provide a more contained yet tense encounter. Players can also opt to take the high ground for a safer approach, allowing players to wipe out enemies from a distance or provide covering fire for their teammates below.

Why awp_lego_asia is great:

  • The map’s astonishing size can accommodate multiple players and host large-scale fights.
  • The layout allows for a variety of encounters, from full-on shootouts to tense close-quarter fights in tight spaces.
  • The environment allows players to maneuver and take the enemy by surprise.

Come and check out the map.


#1 AWP_Dream

True to its name, this map looks and works like a dream. The map’s minimalist design and intricate layout provide AWPers with the perfect playground to refine and unleash their abilities. The map provides players with an endless amount of freedom to be creative in dispatching their enemies. The map is littered with cover, with multiple high areas to get a better view of the surroundings.

Why AWP_Dream is great:

  • Its excellently designed layout allows players to move freely around the map.
  • Players can use the environment to their advantage, whether by moving from cover to cover or advancing to higher ground for a better view of the area.
  • It’s the perfect playground for fans of the legendary AWP.

Come and check out the map.


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