[Top 10] CSGO Best AK Skins That Look Freakin Awesome!

CSGO Best AK Skins
It's time to eliminate your enemies in style!


In the market for some AK skins? Here we have the Top 10 AK skins that will get you the respect you deserve!

10. AK-47 Safari Mesh Field Test

As one of the earliest AK-47 skin in CS:GO’s history, it has been a relatively simple yet beloved skin in the community for years. With only two tones of color, one may say its too simple but hey, for some that’s a plus.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Because it gives you that militaristic look and feel.
  • Very inexpensive and relatively easy to get.
  • A rugged look that’s hard to find in other skins nowadays.

How to get Safari Mesh Field Tested: Shadow Case / $0.26 current market (10/25/19)

See Safari Mesh in action: 

9. AK-47 Point Disarray Field Tested

For lovers of abstract art, this gun oozes creativity all over. Custom painted with a geometric hydro-graphic, coupled with a reasonable price, this gun is perfect in terms of value and art.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • This skin makes you stand out amongst the crowd.
  • Allows you to kill your opponent with style.
  • The many abstract shapes and colors on the gun keep it interesting.

How to get Point Disarray Field Tested: Revolver Case / $21.50 current market (10/25/19)

See Point Disarray in action: 

8. AK-47 The Empress Battle Scarred

As one of the most gorgeous skins that most well-known high tier players tend to use, The Empress is painted in royal colors and the image of an empress (hence the name).

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Because it makes you feel like you’re a badass shooter born from royalty.
  • It’ll make you seem like a high tier player or smurf even if you’re in silver (don’t quote us on that).

How to get The Empress: Spectrum 2 Case / $40.19 current market (10/25/19)

See The Empress in action: 

7. AK-47 Vulcan Field Tested

Are you into science fiction? Is blue and black your style? Well look no further, the Vulcan will launch you into the future with its high-tech looks.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Looks like a gun straight out of a sci-fi movie (who doesn’t like that?).
  • Sometimes called the blue and black version of the asiimov.

How to get Vulcan Field Tested: Huntsman Weapon Case / $38.33 current market (10/25/19)

See Vulcan in action: 

6. AK-47 Asiimov Field Tested

Affordable, fresh, and unique is the best way to describe this skin. This white, black, and orange skin is a skin you’re either going to love or hate due to its less than traditional color scheme.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • It’s a skin inspired by the science fiction author Isaac Asimov!
  • Currently has 4 other weapon classes with Asiimov colors (M4A4, AWP, P90, P250) so you can pick up the other guns to get a good set going.

How to get Asiimov Field Tested: Danger Zone Case / $37.14 current market (10/25/19)

See Asiimov in action: 

5. AK-47 Elite Build Minimal Wear

Another very affordable skin on this list, the Elite Build has a good rugged feel to it and very pleasing patterns to the eye. With a simple color scheme of mainly black and highlights of brownish/gold, this respected skin is a solid one to pick up.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • It won’t break your bank!
  • Looks great with other dark themed skins such as Deagle Conspiracy.

How to get Elite Build: Chroma 2 Case / $3.57 current market (10/25/19)

See Elite Build in action: 

4. AK-47 Bloodsport Field Tested

Ah, the Bloodsport, the skin of choice for many AK Marksmen. With a black and red hydrographic base and colorful logos everywhere, this skin has quite a lot going on. Although some may not like the “clutteredness” of the skin, most seem to enjoy it. In all, if you’re the type of person to have a lot of bumper stickers on your car, this is the skin for you.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • It’ll make you look like a cold hard killer.
  • It’ll make your teammates follow you so they can pick up your weapon when you die.

How to get Bloodsport Field Tested: Spectrum Case / $44.89 current market (10/25/19)

See Bloodsport Field Tested in action: 

3. AK-47 Neon Revolution Field Tested

As one of the most unique skin in CS:GO for obvious reasons, the color scheme Neon Revolution is what makes it beloved in the community.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Lots of bright colors to make you stand out.
  • Available at a great price for such a unique skin makes it one of the best values in CS:GO.

How to get Neon Revolution: Gamma 2 Case / $24.99 current market (10/25/19)

See Neon Revolution in action: 

2. AK-47 Frontside Misty Field Tested

With the most unique gun patterns in the game available at a good price, Frontside Misty is a skin of distinctiveness and value. Some may consider it overdone, but who doesn’t like a little extra sometimes?

What makes this skin awesome?

  • The many patterns to look at will never leave you bored with this skin.
  • It’s a unique skin available at a relatively cheap price providing a good value.
  • Sometimes confused as the more expensive Vulcan which isn’t a bad thing.

How to get Frontside Misty Field Tested: Shadow Case / $17.25 current market (10/25/19)

See Frontside Misty in action: 

1. AK-47 Redline Field Tested

This skin’s sleek black look with the red highlights makes for a sick looking and professional combination. Although a relatively simple skin, it is one of the most popular and available at an economical price.

What makes this skin awesome?

  • Gives you a very militaristic look and feel.
  • Professional and simplistic, what’s not to love?
  • Inexpensive!

How to get Redline: Operating Phoenix Collection / $13.92 current market (10/25/19)

See Redline in action: 

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