[Top 10] CSGO Best Maps To Learn Smoke

Best Maps to learn smoke in CSGO

What makes CSGO unique is the smoke gameplay element. Most of the time, it makes a round go one way and favors the player utilizing it. This is why we have created a list of the maps which you should prioritize learning in the game.  

10. Grind

Grind is one of the newest maps in the game. Currently it is in the Reserve map pool, meaning that it is not a map that is chosen in the pro scene and as playable. However, if you want to be the person who knows all the smokes regardless of all maps, then you should be able to learn this map. 

CS:GO Grind Guide - Smokes, Flashes, Molotovs and Wallbangs!

9. Train

Train has been an OG map ever since beta, and people have never gotten tired of it. However, it has recently been removed from the active map pool, but it can still be played by players of the community. Train’s map design is designed in a way that would have great flexibility in using utilities, especially smokes. And with that, it can be too much information if you’re planning to learn all the smokes, as they require mostly pixel perfect throws and precise timing. Avoid learning smokes here if you get easily overwhelmed.

CS:GO - Essential Train Smokes UPDATED 2020

8. Cache

Cache has been reworked quite recently, and within the rework there have been a lot of drastic changes to the map aesthetic and design. Learning to smoke in Cache has always been difficult as there would be a lot of memorizing of visual cues for lineups, precise jumpthrows, and mostly almost no room for error. However, since the map has recently moved away from the Active Duty map pool, you may wish to not learn the smokes for the map.

New Cache Nades, Smokes, Molotovs & Thoughts

7. Ancient

The latest addition to the Active Duty map pool, Ancient, has eyes all over the competitive scene. Replacing Cache, players have been trying out smokes and making theories about which smokes are great for the map. Due to its nature being a new map in the pool, this map is still under heavy theory-crafting and you can discover smokes on your own too!

Ancient Smokes and Flashes with huNter and NiKo | G2 CS:GO

6. Vertigo

Vertigo is a map that has large verticality, having two floors and an open skybox. The map has some highlights and lowlights, from runboosts to people falling to their deaths. The map’s design is also designed in a way to help players with lining up with smokes, as some decals are there to help, like a simple x mark on some parts of the ceiling or wall.

CS:GO - Essential Vertigo Smokes 2021

5. Nuke

Nuke has been a controversial map among the community and pros, as the map required many balance changes. Both sites are parallel to each other, and a large open side area of the map that consumes most utility from both teams. Learning to smoke in Nuke is like studying for a degree as it requires attention and precision.

CS:GO - Essential Nuke Smokes (2022)

4. Overpass

Overpass is one of the maps that was created during the era of CSGO, Overpass has been in game since Dec 2013, and since then it has received many updates and map balances. During this time, lineups and smokes have already been refined and discovered However still there are a lot of new ways to make more efficient and effective smokes. To add to that, with Overpass’s open skybox, this map almost relies on many difficult ways to throw smokes, which adds an additional layer of skill in landing smokes.

CS:GO - Essential Overpass Smokes 2021

3. Dust 2

Dust 2 is the map that everyone knows, even those who don't play CS but know about it. It is the face of the game. However, Dust 2 has been reworked heavily, from the aesthetics to the map design, but the map’s layout is still similar to the old one. And with that, the smoke lineups have also been changed, with more ways to create situations and flexibility in the game. Learning smokes in Dust 2 is easy as you only need to learn a few smokes for each site and most of them are in safe territories.

ALL SMOKES you should know on DUST 2 | CSGO [2022]

2. Inferno

Inferno is another map that comes from the original counter-strike iterations. With its small map and unique skybox, you are surely limited to the map’s smoke and flexibility. If you wish to learn some easy and impactful smokes, then Inferno is the map for you, as the community has found almost all of the ways to smoke effectively and efficiently.

CS:GO - Essential Inferno Smokes (2022)

1. Mirage

One of the staples in the game, Mirage has been a competitive map ever since its inception. Knowing Mirage smokes should be second nature to any player picking up this game since it is currently the most played CS map up to date. Even though it has been in the map pool for so long, there are still smokes that are being discovered up to now, and you might figure out a smoke that is useful in a unique situation.

CS:GO - Essential Mirage Smokes 2021

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