Coldzera: 10 most Interesting facts you need to know about him

He seems very focused while he is killing enemies
He seems very focused while he is killing enemies

10 Interesting Facts About Coldzera

Coldzera is a famous Counter-Strike: Global Offensive player who has won many tournaments and has made a name for himself. However, many people don’t know his real name or who he truly is. These are 10 most important facts you need to know about him:

10. His real name is Marcelo David

Angry, probably killed with a knife like a little bitch *lol

He is a normal man when he doesn’t play CS: GO and he has the same interests as any other person. Most people wouldn’t recognize him if they don’t follow the CS: GO tournaments.

9. He is Brazilian and lives in the city of Sao Paolo in the municipality of Santo Andre. He is born on October 31, 1994

Proudly wearing the logo of his team

Brazil has been known for the carnivals and the extrovert character of its inhabitants. However, the mysterious power of Counter Strike lured Coldzera in the darkest corners of the endless shootouts.

8. He is specialized in rifle combat and can use the AWP with a lot of precision and deadliness

Considering different ideas about killing enemies

Snipers can be very annoying and also it takes a lot of skill to master the sniper rifle. They move slower and have slow reloading, however one good shot and it’s over. Coldzera knows how to hold the rifle and hunt his opponents like cursed creatures.

7. His father is managing his money and he has the time to dedicate himself fully to the game

He is completely dedicated when it comes to the game, no playing around

His father is careful with the money and he knows how to manage it. Coldzera trusts his father, but does his father enjoy watching him play sometimes? Does he look with pride as his son slays enemies left and right? We can only guess.

6. He is considered to be one of the best players in the world and the most consistent in championships

You can see some negative emotions in his eyes, that probably happens when you lose a round

If the situation demands it, he can play well with all weapons. He has more than 7000 hours of CS: GO gameplay on Steam.

The consistency is one of the secrets to his success. He practices often and all those hours have paid off hugely. He knows a lot about the game and that gives him an edge against his opponents.

5. It’s estimated that he has earned around $527,669

Did he accidentally kill a prisoner while trying to save them? He doesn’t care, he won the game

That is a lot of money and in Brazil, it’s even more useful. He has earned all that money from the tournaments and he can afford many things. There are people who support him and people who envy him because of his financial success.

4. His hardware of choice is:

If your team detonates the bomb in time, that is what satisfaction looks like, mixed with a released rage

ZOWIE by BenQ ZA12 (White) - a professional mouse, mousepad Mionix Sargas 450 SK, BenQ XL2411 monitor with a 144 Hz refresh rate, keyboard HyperX FPS Alloy and headset HyperX Revolver. His in-game resolution is 1280×960 and his screen is stretched while he plays.

3. MLG Columbus 2016 and ESL One: Cologne 2016 chose him as MVP and he got a lot of fame for that

Speaking to the team members is important part of the game and the insults aren’t rare happenings

This gave him exposure to the audience and he was able to get noticed. The crowds were impressed by his results and they liked him a lot. He is their hero, their shining light, their reason to exist.

2. HLTV voted him for the best player of 2016

You can put your images in the game on the walls and floors, why not put some ads on your shirt too?

This network helped him to gain even more supporters and he was seen as a modern warrior. The viewers can choose matches that they want to watch and the network will provide them a good experience. Coldzera was the player with the best results and it’s no wonder that he got chosen as the best player.

1. Some of the alternate ID’s that he uses are cold, cold:v, gelado, coldZL, nst[t]

Yelling at team members is a common thing, however, it’s advisable that you don’t insult close family members

So if someone kills you on Steam and he has a username like that, know that you have been killed by a pro. There is no reason to be stressed.

Coldzera is the hero of the Counter-Strike community. He and his team have been first in many tournaments and he is considered to be the best CS : GO player. There is a bright future ahead of him and he will help his team a lot in the future. The sniper rifle is a very hard weapon for use, but Coldzera has no problem with that.

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