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The Importance of Aim

Aim is a key factor in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive. Some would even argue that it is the most important aspect of a player's game. For those who want to improve their aim, I have a solution: aim training! Aim training is the act of practicing all aspects of one’s aim, such as: crosshair placement, flicking, and spray control. These factors (and more) can all be practiced and mastered by playing the right aim maps…


10. Crashz’s Crosshair Generator v3

Before doing any aim training, you will need an ideal crosshair–one that is comfortable and well-fitting. Crashz’s Crosshair Generator v3 is the ideal map for finding and tweaking crosshairs, as it has all of the commands built into the map, along with a small aiming area that allows testing.

An important aspect of a player's aim is their crosshair, as it will make aspects of their game shine! A good crosshair will allow the best aspects of a player to shine, and the weaker parts of their aim style to grow. This map is ideal for finding what the best crosshair is the best, and will only supplement a player's game.

Why Crashz’s Crosshair Generator v3 is Great for Aim Training 

  • Tons of crosshairs to choose from
  • Small aim course to allow testing
  • Commands for tweaking crosshair in every way


9. training_aim_csgo2

A big part of aiming is flicking, and this map is the best one for that! The map allows for use of all separate weapons, and it even has various modes to choose from pertaining to all levels of skill.

Training aim has four separate levels, all at different heights and distances from the targets. This allows the player to improve their muscle memory from different angles. Flicking is imperative if you want to have snappy aim, and is huge for anyone wanting to snap onto heads and make an impact in rounds.

Why training_aim_csgo2 is Great for Aim Training

  • Great for training flicks
  • Has four different levels
  • Multiple modes 


8. Recoil Master - Spray Training

Recoil master is exactly what it sounds like, a map that permits one to master their spray and get to know the recoil of all the guns. The map allows for adjustment of the target from multiple ranges, and it comes with a built-in spray map for each weapon.

This map is the perfect tool for anyone trying to master the spray of all the most important weapons. With the addition of the spray map, these training wheels can help every level of player learn the spray of the guns, and master them with enough practice.

Why Recoil Master - Spray Training is Great for Aim Training

  • Spray map allows easy learning
  • Adjustable distance
  • Access to all weapons



A big part of aiming is tracking, and a huge part of Counter-Strike is movement. Tracking is the act of following a target with your crosshair, and it is an incredibly hard skill to master. This map is a necessity for anyone trying to improve their tracking, as it has enemies moving around the map in different directions.

With proper time put into this map, it will adequately improve your tracking. Being placed on the center platform, this map will also improve reflexes, as you will be spinning in all different directions in order to hit your targets.

Why FAST AIM / REFLEX TRAINING is Great for Aim Training

  • Bot movement is diverse
  • Player placement forces mouse movement
  • Boxes obstruct the enemies body for headshot incentive


6. Yprac Aim Arena

Yprac Aim Arena has all the good basic stuff. Aim Arena has a built-in recoil control for all guns, along with an aim mode. The aiming mode has dots pop onto the screen at regular intervals in random spots for the player to flick. The aiming mode comes in a range of difficulties and sizes for both vertical and horizontal flicks.

This map is a good place for all types of training but is not the best for any of them (just being honest…). This is a solid map for both flick training and spray control training, and is a great starting map for anyone needing to work on their aim basics.

Why Yprac Aim Arena is Great for Aim Training

  • Flick mode
  • Spray control mode
  • A wide array of modes for flick mode


5. Yprac Bot Arena

Yprac bot arena is a great place to test your aim. Although not the best for improving aim, this map is great for knowing where your skill is at with its challenge mode and has a large variety of ways to challenge yourself.

While not the best for improving, it's a great tool to use if you want to know how good your flicks are. Challenging yourself both vertically and horizontally is important if you want to polish your skills as a player.

Why Yprac Bot Arena is Great for Aim Training

  • Timed modes
  • Challenge modes
  • Easily adjustable terrain settings.


4. Training Center 1.5c

This map offers a lot in terms of flick training, mouse movement, and tracking. The map offers five separate areas, all focusing on different skills.

The five separate areas within this map can have a lot of impact on improving aiming. Area one offers stagnant bots, which are good for practicing muscle memory on motionless enemies. Areas two through five offer moving enemies with a different variety of skills to work on, such as: sight holds, timing shots on moving enemies, hitting enemies moving toward you from any distance, and flicking to moving enemies 360 degrees.

Why Training Center 1.5c is Great for Aim Training

  • Great for tracking
  • Variety of different areas
  • Great for mouse movement


3. Yprac Aim Trainer

This map is great for those who already have the basics down. This map is essentially Aim lab built into CS: GO and therefore offers many of the same basic training game modes.

Yprac Aim Trainer does a great job of simulating many different in-game aiming scenarios. This map is great for players who already have good fundamental aim, and want to break through to a new level.

Why Yprac Aim Trainer is Great for Aim Training

  • Great for high-level aimers
  • A wide variety of practice modes
  • Clean and simple interface


2. Aim Botz - Training

Aim Botz is truly the best place to practice the fundamentals of flicking, crosshair placement, and mouse movement. The map has a large area with access to the aim area, along with the ability to close off walls to make smaller space, and comes with a timed challenge mode.

With a large number of bots all standing on even ground, this map is perfect for honing the muscle memory and perfect for side-to-side flicks and micro-movements. This lets the player get good training of one’s crosshair placement, as keeping the crosshair on head level is easy to train on this map.

Why Aim Botz - Training is Great for Aim Training

  • Challenge mode
  • Great for all levels of players
  • Perfect for training standard fundamental aim


1. CSGOHUB.com skills training map

The CSGOHUB skills map has it all. This diverse map offers a variety of game modes imperative to improving not just a player's aim, but all facets of their game. This map includes a standard aim training area fit with many different modes, a movement course, and a prefire section.

The aim section is great for improving flicks with their standard and rush mode, amazing for tracking from all distances with their shuffle mode, and has a helpful spray transferring mode for those that know their spray patterns.

Why CSGOHUB.com skills training map is Great for Aim Training

  • Variety of modes for all aiming types
  • Prefire mode
  • Movement course

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