Autimatic csgo: 10 most Interesting facts you need to know about him

Autimatic giving an interview or maybe getting interrogated


Did You Know These 10 Things About Autimatic?

While the Asians dominate in MOBA’s and strategy games, they aren’t so much involved in the eSports for FPS games. Autimatic breaks the taboo that Asians will aren’t good with rifles and he manages to demonstrate modern ninja shooting skills that leave his enemies maimed and killed. He also likes to shower often, so that is a plus for his team.

Wearing a shirt with the Cloud9 logo

10. His real name is Timothy Ta and he is from North America

He seems sleepy or maybe that is his normal face expression

The mix between the Asian and American culture has left him with the best of both worlds. He is an extrovert and analytical at the same time and his dedication to the game is solid. This champ has a lot of focus and he brings innovative ways to kill his enemies. He is currently 22 years old.

9. He plays as a rifler and lurker too

Two pairs of headphones so that he can better hear the enemies approaching

While the lurkers are especially hated with a passion, sometimes a man must hide in the shadows like a rat and await his moment, particularly when he is outnumbered. The rifle is a classic weapon of choice for most of the pros and it provides a lot of hitting power combined with fast firing.

8. It’s estimated that he has earned about $ 143,582

Holding a medal that he won probably at a tournament, we hope that he has a place where he can put it

There are CS: GO players that have a lot more earnings, however, for his age, this number is very good. He is on a journey to establish himself as a leader and champion.

7. His gear of choice is:

He seems very serious here, he is in Cloud9 after all

Mouse and mouse pad: Logitech G403 (Wireless) and Logitech G640 (Cloud9);

Monitor: BenQ XL2420T, with a refresh rate of 144 Hz and a screen resolution of 1280×960.

His keyboard and headset are Logitech G710 and Logitech G231.

6. His alternative names are autimatic_ps, hahN and GIORTS_AUTIMATIC

You can find videos of his best moments in CS: GO

They are var`iations of his name and if you see them, you will recognize him instantly. Give your best shot and try not to get killed too fast.

5. He says that he is an Asian, and that his lighting fast and robotic genetic is helping him play well

Entering the team makes him feel more confident

It’s probably a joke, however, the Asians are known for their focus. He also has strict parents that demand excellence in everything he does.

4. He started playing CS: GO in 2013, with a total play time of about 2.5 years

He is listening and talking to his teammates while they kill enemies

For a pro player, that isn’t a lot of time spent playing. It’s an indicator that he is advancing fast and that he is adaptable and capable of playing in the big league

3. He advises gamers whose parents are against video games to show them that they are dedicated, serious and smart about video games

He seems disappointed here, probably got pwned by someone badly

His parents were against his involvement in CS: GO, however, after they saw his big success they changed their minds and started to support him. He has earned a lot of money from CS: GO and they think that he should be careful about his future and to plan what he will do after he stops playing.

2. He likes the travel that comes with being a pro player and he likes that he is with his team

His teammates are giving him great support and he likes to be in their presence

The times spent with his team abroad are wild and he enjoys them immensely. However, he is separated from his family and he feels sad and it clouds his mood.

1. Playing competitively isn’t just hard, it can be stressful too as he says

Autimatic in a dominant pose, he is telling the world that he is a pro in CS: GO

Playing for fun isn’t the same as playing in tournaments where a lot is at risk. This requires a lot of training and he needs to be serious if he wants to see results. That is causing him stress and misery.

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