Top 10 Biggest CSGO Tournaments To Watch

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The best csgo tournaments to watch.

What Are The Best CSGO Tournaments?

This article aims to introduce you to the best of the competitive CSGO world and give you a solid starting point to grow as a viewer of the sport.

The tournaments discussed below have been picked out and ordered by their 2018 prize pool. Higher stakes mean a higher-energy performance from the competitors and a more enjoyable experience for you!

10. BLAST Pro Series

The BLAST Pro Series is a set of tournaments organized by RFRSH Entertainment centered around a high-energy, live experience that can also be felt from the live stream. This environment has contributed to an excellent show at every event.

There are three tournaments a year. They are all independent from each other and other events and never held in the same city twice. There have only been four of these events so far, but all have been massively popular. It is likely that all three 2019 events will be sold out.

2018 Prize Pool-$250,000

Watch last year’s event:

Official site:

9. DreamHack Masters

The DreamHack Masters tournaments are exciting arena events held either once a year or twice year and aren’t linked to any seasonal leagues. It has a goal of showcasing the best teams and providing an excellent spectator experience.

The tournaments are held by the same organizers of the DreamHack Computer festivals but are separate events. These tournaments are some of the most well-known CSGO events.

2018 Prize Pool-$250,000

Watch last year’s event:

Official site:


EPICENTER tournaments are annual events held in Russia since 2016. It is organized by Epic Esports Events.

They feature a group stage and elimination stage and always maintain an exciting and competitive environment. This annual tournament is always a crowd pleaser.

2018 Prize Pool-$295,000

Watch last year’s event:

Official site:

7. StarSeries & i League

The StarSeries & i League tournaments are joint efforts by the Starladder and ImbaTV organizations, and were held two times in 2016, two times in 2017, and four times in 2018. A lot of effort is put into the presentation of these events, and they have always attracted the top teams.

The tournaments are longer than most (usually 8 days) and are referred to as seasons. This makes them feel more long-term to follow but still dense with excitement.

2018 Prize Pool- $300,000

Watch Last Year’s Event:

Official site:

6. ESL One

The ESL One tournaments are international tournaments held two or three times a year in various locations around the world. They are organized by ESL, an organizer of many main esports events.

The tournaments always feature a vibrant and extreme environment and competitive field. Because of this, ESL One tournaments tend to be favorites among competitors and spectators alike.

2018 Prize Pool-$200,000-$300,000

Watch Last Year’s Event:

Official site:

5. Intel Extreme Masters World Championship

The IEM World Championship is an event organized by ESL that is proceeded by multiple qualifying Intel Extreme Masters Tournaments. The World Championship is held once a year and has been in Katowice, Poland the past four iterations.

The season and championship format have worked out really well here and always seems to increase the intensity for the final competition. This is also compounded by the massive prize pool.

2018 Prize pool-$500,000

Watch Last year’s Event:

Official site:

4. The Esports Championship Series Finals

The ECS Finals are held at the end of the biyearly seasons and organized by FACEIT. The whole ECS series has been popular for a few years and a large contributor to the competitive CSGO community.

The pinnacle of the ECS season is always a very well organized and rewarding experience for viewers and competitors alike and is definitely not something you want to miss.

2018 Prize pool-$660,000

Watch last year’s event:

Official site:

3. ESL Pro League Finals

The Main league run by ESL culminates its biyearly seasons with an extravagant and high-stakes tournament that is always a must-watch event. It has been this way consistently since its inception in 2015.

Centered around star power and excitement, very few tournaments bring the CSGO community to one place like the ESL Pro League Finals.

2018 Prize pool- $750,000

Watch last year’s event:

Official site:

2. World Electronic Sports Games World Finals

The World Electronic Sports Games Series is fairly new compared to other events on this list. It has run yearly since 2016 and comprised of many regional qualifying tournaments on the road to the world finals.

It is organized by Alisports and is definitely the largest set of tournaments in terms of participating teams. Its high prize pool and large field make this event a truly epic spectacle.

2018 Prize pool: $890,000

Watch last year’s event:

Official Site:

1. CS:GO Major Championships

CS:GO Major Championships are biyearly tournaments organized by Valve and the various leagues. These tournaments dwarf the others on this list in importance, prize pool, and excitement.

The majors are by far the most exciting and wild events for spectators and the most nerve-racking for the competitors. You aren’t really watching esports unless you’re watching the CS:GO Major Championships.

2018 Prize pool: $1,000,000

Watch last year’s event:

Official site:

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