[Top 15] CSGO Best AK-47 Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Best AK-47 Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome
Own your enemies in style.

Strike fear in the hearts of the enemy with these awesome skins. The AK-47 is renowned for its notorious status, a force of nature packed into a single weapon. And when you’re using a gun as iconic as the AK-47, you’re going to need a skin that matches its deadly reputation. Stick around, and we’ll show you the best skins for the AK-47.

#15 X-Ray ($186.50 - $1,186.67)

Take a look and see what makes the AK47 so deadly.

Watch the AK47 in action and see how a professional works.

Starting the list with the X-Ray skin, a unique and eye-catching skin featuring the inner mechanisms of the infamous AK. While the skin is purely cosmetic, it still allows players to get acquainted with the AK-47 and discover what makes this one-man arsenal so deadly.

Naturally, a skin as unique as this one is a rarity. It debuted in the Havoc Collection and is not found in any Case containers.  Players can purchase it for a price ranging from $186.50 up to $1,186.67.


#14 Black Laminate ($16.08 - $262.43)

The AK gets a sleek and rustic redesign.

The Black Laminate offers minimal changes but creates great visual impact.

The Black Laminate combines the beautiful art of woodworking with the AK’s explosive firepower. This skin replaces the AK’s signature birch buttstock and handguards with a black laminated finish. The alternating light and dark wood blends beautifully with the AK’s metal body.

This skin is part of Vertigo Collection and can be acquired from the Berlin 2019 Vertigo Souvenir Package. It’s a pretty common skin with a high drop rate; it’s available for purchase for $16.08 up to $262.43.


#13 Wasteland Rebel ( $19.39 - $816.94)

The Wasteland Rebel is true to its name with its run-down look that's ripped straigh from a wasteland.

Relive your dream of being a wasteland rebel. 

A gun with a story to tell, the Wasteland Rebel proudly shows wear and tear like a badge. Its handguard and buttstock are covered in ornate prints, with a white graffito as the centerpiece of this grizzled weapon.

The Wasteland Rebel is a Covert class skin with a low drop rate. It’s only available within Operation Vanguard Weapon Case containers, as part of the Vanguard Collection. This charming skin was brought to life by the community designer "SA_22". Players can purchase it on marketplaces for a price ranging from $19.39 up to $816.94.


#12 Slate ($2.00 - $26.99)

Doest it come in black?

Slate makes the AK47 sleeker and even more stylish.

Go covert with this low-key yet charming skin. The aptly named “Slate” switches the AK’s signature color scheme with a darker and muted design. The pristine gunmetal look blends surprisingly well with the AK’s loud and brash performance.

The skin can be obtained through Snakebite Case containers, released as part of the Snakebite Collection. The community designer named “Redesired” is responsible for creating the skin. You might want to cross your fingers with this one, as the skin has a drop rate of 15.98%. If your trigger finger is itching, you can buy the skin for a cheap price of $2.00 up to $26.99.


#11 Neon Revolution ($11.73 - $104.32)

Fight the man and start the revolution with a bang.

Play the role of terrorists and unleash mayhem with a little bit of artistic flair.

Stand and fight against the system with the perfectly named Neon Revolution. This skin gives the AK a much-needed revitalizing paint job, courtesy of the pink and aqua green neon paint. The community designer, "Coridium," was inspired by graffiti and hydro-painting to infuse the AK with an anarchistic spirit.

This free-spirited skin is a rarity and can only be obtained through Gamma Case containers of the Gamma 2 Collection. Lucky for you, as this skin is available for purchase for the price of $11.73 up to $104.32.


#10 Uncharted ($0.28 - $3.92)

Venture through lands where no man has ever step foot.

Brave through uncharted territory with a trusty firearm.

Pay tribute to your ancestors and offer the blood of your enemies with this eclectic skin. Uncharted introduces tribal culture to the AK’s stern and no-nonsense motif. The body is spray-painted with an exotic pattern. The same pattern is engraved into the wooden handguard and buttstock.

The skin has a high drop rate of 79.92% and can be acquired through Prisma Case containers in the Prisma Collection. The tribal-inspired design was created by the community designer "Apel ∞." Its higher than average drop rate makes it the cheapest skin on the list, with a price of $0.28 up to $3.92.


#9 Leet Museo ($11.93 - $85.11)

The AK47 with a cubist influence.

Make Picasso proud with every shot.

Channel your inner Picasso with this artistic skin inspired by Cubism. The skin bears a blue, red, green, and white color palette, depicting two terrorists with their feathery companion–in a beautifully painted skin worthy of being curated in a museum.

A community designer named “Oscar” was the artist behind this inspired piece. This art piece is a rare gem, appearing within Operation Riptide Case containers as part of the Operation Riptide Collection. Fortunately, you won’t have to sell off your kidneys to acquire this skin.  Leet Museo can be purchased in marketplaces for between $11.93 and $85.11.


#8 Jet Set ($95.50 - $504.22)

Impress your teammates with this globe-trotting weapon.

The Jet Set's design bears decorations from its many adventures.

This is the perfect skin for players with a sense of wanderlust. Jet Set decorates the AK with a multitude of stickers bearing the landmarks of several famous cities from across the globe. The design is enhanced by the leather-covered stock and handguards.

Jet Set is another rare skin with a low drop rate. The few lucky players may acquire it through the Baggage Collection. The rest will have to cash out $95.50 up to $504.22 to obtain this globe-trotting skin.


#7 Ice Coaled ($8.84 - $98.87)

Effortlessly cool. 

Remain cool under pressure as you make quick work of the enemy.

Look cool and stylish with this cutting-edge skin. Ice Coaled makes subtle yet impactful redesigns to the AK. The skin features a mesmerizing blue and green gradient, with some white accents for some variety. Impress the competition before making quick work of them.

You can find this skin inside the Recoil Case containers of the Recoil Collection. The skin itself was designed by a community designer named “REINCARNATION.” The skin has a steep drop rate, so eager players can choose to purchase the skin online for the price of $8.84 up to $98,87.


#6 Panthera Onca ($69.27 - $355.76)

Strike fast and strike hard, like a Jaguar.

Attack the enemy with the speed and ferocity of the Jaguar.

Strike the enemy before they even see you coming. That’s the motto behind this skin, featuring the majestic Jaguar. The wooden stock and handguards bear intricate design patterns printed on them, while the main body is covered in desert camo with a Jaguar as the centerpiece. Much like a Jaguar, the AK is fast and lethal.

You’ll rarely find this beaut considering its low drop rate. It’s part of the Ancient Collection and can be found inside Ancient Souvenir Package containers. Purchasing the Panthera Onca can set you back anywhere from $69.27 to $355.76


#5 Neon Rider ($16.77 - $237.08)

Deck out the AK with a neon and punk aesthetic.

The Neon Punk's design complements the AK's fast paced and frenetic firepower.

Stand out from the rest with the Neon Rider. Covering the AK with a fusion of vibrant and hypnotizing colors, the Neon Rider’s bold and attention-grabbing presence fuels the AK’s already legendary status. The varied patterns perfectly contrast against the blue, purple, and pink ensemble.

Another rare item from a talented community member named “Puffin”. The Neon Rider came with the Horizon Collection and can be obtained through the Horizon Case container. Players can purchase this skin right away for anywhere between $16.77 and $237.08.


#4 Bloodsport ($44.82 - $158.51)

Zip through enemies in quick succession.

The AK47 was optimized for speed and deadly accuracy.

The Bloodsport is designed like a racecar–loud, attractive, and covered in decals. The red and black base stand out and is greatly complemented by the white accents and decals– builtand dressed like a machine fine-tuned for precision, speed, and lethality.

The Bloodsport is a gift from yet another talented community designer named “SLIMEface”. It debuted as a part of the Spectrum Collection and came along with the Spectrum Case container. The Bloodsport is a rare skin, with prices ranging from $47.40 up to $158.51.


#3 Cartel ($5.13 - $37.07)

Death has never looked so beautiful.

Make your enemies cower with the Cartel's beautifully morbid design.

Any day becomes the Day of the Dead for anyone who crosses this gun. The perfectly named Cartel bears a design that will make even the most hardened Cartel member proud. The body is engraved with an exquisite pattern of skulls, snakes, and flowers–a grim reminder of the AK’s beautiful yet deadly precision.

The Cartel was born from the creative mind of a community member named “Anders 2k21.” This skin can be found inside the Chroma Collection's Chroma Case containters. The Cartel’s unforgettable design and rarity make it a favorite among players. Anyone can purchase this skin for as little as $5.13 or as much as $37.07.


#2 Legion of Anubis ($6.83 - $50.28.)

Become the agent of death with the Legion of Anubis. 

Vanquish your enemies and leave Anubis to decide their faith.

Summon the power of the Egyptian gods as you mow down enemies with the Legion of Anubis. This amazing looking skin is inspired by Egyptian mythology. The dark blue base is overlayed by gold accents and features the god of the afterlife, Anubis, and the god of all creation, Ra.

Players can acquire this legendary skin inside the Fracture Case containers of the Fracture Collection. This magnificent skin was designed by the talented community designer, Apel ∞. While your chances of getting this skin are slim, it is plentiful in the market, with prices ranging from $6.83 to $50.28.


#1 Gold Arabesque ($967.00 - $5,424.42)

The best weapon deserves nothing but the best.

Decimate the opposing team with a weapon befitting of royalty.

Standing above the rest is the Gold Arabesque. This fully decked out skin gives the AK a proper golden treatment worthy of its status. Arabesque patterns are intricately engraved into the wooden handguard and buttstock, while the rest of the body is encrusted with a shiny layer of gold, with the magazine bearing a floral pattern.

The skin debuted as a part of the 2021 Dust 2 Collection and came inside a handful of containers. Its ridiculously low drop rate makes it a rare and valuable skin, with an outrageous price tag of $967.00 up to $5,424.42.

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