Top 10 CSGO Best M4A1-S Skins

CSGO Best M4A1-S Skins
The silent killer comes in many varieties

The M4A1-S has been the go to gun for pros and casuals alike for its accuracy and reliability. Naturally your weapons need skins otherwise you’re skill will steadily decline. It’s proven science! If you need some options the one you’ll take home or just like to admire the selection look no further and read on. Side note: all prices are marked as of the date this is published and are subject to change.

10. Hot Rod

Like the muscle car! (Warning: will not function as a vehicle)

Do you have classic 20th century manly man car merch in your room? Why not have some in your CSGO loadout? Simple but stylish the anodized finish and red body scream mustang. With bits of black in between to space out the red this one is bound to remind your dad of his glory days.

Factory New market price: $56

It really runs through the competition.

9. Flashback

This grungy masterpiece will summon your inner veteran.

Did someone dip my gun in the compost bin again? Might as well own it and add some flare! Seriously though, filled with what you might find on the gun of a Vietnam vet this piece really can be a "flashback". The hilarious “Shhh!” on the silencer, the “boom switch” indicator by the safety, and the “5.56” which is the caliber of ammunition this gun shoots. There are also the other terms which held much weight for some in the era. “67-69” being controversial years for the conflict, and the peace sign couple with the “make love not war quote” were staples of the anti-war culture of the era.

Factory New market price: $3.50

See the wasteland slayer on the battlefield.

8. Atomic Alloy

Soda can or a weapon skin?

Another anodized entry, this one however might remind you more of soda than a car. Although to me it resembles an aluminium beverage, most will be attracted to its futuristic style. Sporting some orange line work near the iron sights and on the barrel, it stands out over the darker orange and black base. A fantastically simple design that stands out more the more you look.

Factory New market price: $9.89

Watch this soda can, I mean skin, in action.

7. Mecha Industries

Not a real company, but a real sick skin!

While it’s not a giant robot, it sure is as cool as one. This skin utilizes shading techniques to the max, making a lot of flat parts seem raised and giving a fresh aesthetic to our favorite gun. The grey “ribbed” texture seen on the stock and magazine, along with the sleek detailings give it that special flare. Its white base with black and (fewer) red accents all comes together for a space age feel that no other skin can replicate.  

Factory New market price: $23

Giant robot or gun? Find out.

6. Nightmare

A monster of your worst nightmares, or the skin of your dreams?

When there’s a giant monster for the centerpiece of your skin what name is more fitting than “Nightmare”? A dark and gloomy background fit for a brooding supervillain is occupied by a giant black feathered creature. An icy landscape with dead trees fill the background creating an unsettling vibe. Four eyes and razor sharp teeth are made even scarier by the electrifying energy surging through the monster. If horror is your cup of tea, this skin is sure catch your eye.

Factory New market price: $21

Watch as this skin scares its enemies to death.

5. Master Piece

For the city dweller in us all

This skin is likely what you’d get if you commissioned a teenager with a can of spray paint. Taking elements from graffiti it uses the “wildstyle” production of text. It says “Silence” if you’ve ever wondered, wildstyle is known for being hard to read. The splotchy and cube-ish foreground closely resemble camouflage of some sort. Truly a perfect culmination of graffiti as an art it deserves its place in the skins community.

Factory New market price: $70

See the wall art in action.

4. Decimator

The 4th wall is gone, this skin knows it’s a 3D model

Futuristic styles can be hard to pull off but the Decimator kills it. A lot can be said about how a skin utilizes its color pallette. The flare of this skin comes from the gradiented fractals along the outer edges of the weapon. The stock, iron sights, magazine, handle and silencer are all seemily slipping into the simulation. Coming together at the center where the blue and black are separated by some stylish racing stripes. This skin will speak to your inner Matrix fan.

Factory New market price: $10.75

Watch the digital killer in a test run.

3. Golden Coil

♪ Black & yellow, black & yellow ♪

Does shiny gold attract your attention? You might like this one, as long as you’re able to stop admiring to play. Starting off with a matte black base this skin has its simplicity, which makes the flashier parts stand out even more. A golden embossed serpent wraps itself around the stock and appears center piece. The front end of the stock and the silencer both graced by the serpents scales add substance. On top of the gold accents along the edges the golden stems and leaves give it natures touch.

Factory New market price: $34.60

Watch this beauty take command in game.

2. Knight

Knight? Wait is CSGO an RPG now?

Subtlety can go a long way with the proper execution, once you see the price my case will closed. Not anodized but not matted I’d call this one glossy. The greyish-black base makes up for most of the surface area, adding some gold along the stock and barrel, and as accents throughout the skin. The use of the gold on the rings of the handguard is especially eye catching. And to give justice to its regal name there are a few royal symbols spread across the body.

Factory New market price: $400

See the royal executioner take heads clean off.

1. Chantico’s Fire

This skin is hot if you ask me.

Drawing inspiration from the Aztec goddess of fire this skin is some real eye candy. It keeps the color pallette simple while doing the most utilizing the bumps and crevices of the gun model. The black spirals and zig-zags filled in with red or yellow make for an authentic Aztec style. Yellow accents across the various edges and rings on the handguard stand out clearly over the red foreground giving it an intriguing 3D appeal. This beauty was an instant favorite when it’s collection dropped and has retained its reputation since.

Factory New market price: $61.50

Take a look at this one in action.

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