[Top 15] CSGO Best Knife Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome

Best Knife Skins That Look Freakin' Awesome
Demonstrate your sharpness with a cutting-edge skin.

Show off your close quarter melee skills with these amazing skins. Knifing an unaware enemy from behind is a rite of passage for CSGO players. It’s a rewarding experience that is easier said than done, so you want to make sure that your first kill is a memorable one. Leave a lasting impression on your unsuspecting enemy with these 15 skins to decorate your blade.

#15 Bayonet | Gamma Doppler Emerald ($4,618.10 - $5,544.14)

The emerald's shiny finish is bound to mesmerize even the enemy team. 

The emerald's bold color complements the knife's lethality.

We begin our list with the alluring emerald finish on the Bayonet. This skin adds a shiny emerald coat with a mix of darker colors to the Bayonet's simple design. The skin creates an artificial shine similar to a genuine emerald.

This skin is available in the Gamma Case containers, released during the “Gamma Exposure” update. The skin has a low drop rate, resulting in high market value reaching up to $4,618.10 to $5,544.14 depending on the quality of the skin.


#14 Bowie Knife | Doppler Black Pearl ($705.53 - $912.74)

Dark and mysterious.

Stick to the shadows and strike the enemy at its most weakest.

The Doppler Black Pearl skin gives the classic Bowie Knife a mysterious and attractive appeal. The blade of the knife is coated in an iridescent paint with a blend of black, blue, and purple. The guard and the butt of the blade are painted a darkish purple shade, giving the knife a certain charm.

This mystifying skin is featured in the Spectrum Case containers, released alongside the Spectrum Collection. The drop rates are quite steep with this one, giving it a significant price range of up to $705.53 to $912.74.


#13 Flip Knife | Ultraviolet ($101.12 - $936.24)

The black and purple color scheme works hand-in-hand with the flip knife's sleek design.

Strike with a light foor and quick reflexes.

Simple, but deadly. The simple and monochromatic color scheme of the Ultraviolet skin perfectly complements the Flip knife’s design. Both the blade and handle are painted with matte black and violet paint. The black finish on the blade goes well with its elegant curve and sharpness.

It’s marked as Covert, with an extremely low drop rate. It is now considered a rare item, with prices ranging from $101.12 to $936.24. If you’re lucky, you might not even need to spend any cash, since it’s available on all the Chroma cases released back in 2015.


#12 Ursus Knife | Doppler Phase 1 ($250.13 - $352.00)

The Doppler's purple sheen accentuates the ursus knife's cutting-edge precision.

The ursus knife retains it's no-nonsense charm with a bit of mysterious edge.

The straight-edged, geometric shape of the Ursus knife is given a mystifying paint job. The blade has a doppler paint job that is finished with a marbleizing effect that perfectly blends dark blue and red, resulting in a blade with a sort of faux mineral appearance.

You can get this skin in the Prisma Case containers, although getting it right off the bat is a gamble considering its low drop rate. You can buy it for a price ranging from $250.13 up to $352.00.


#11 Flip Knife | Gamma Doppler Phase 4 ($300.01 -  $354.92)

The emerald tint offers a great contrast to the purple coated blade. 

Distract the enemy with your blade's tantalizing color for an easy kill.

The Flip knife returns for a second time, now sporting a beautiful balance of an emerald green and dark purple paint scheme. The blade is painted with a smooth and reflective dark purple base, with emerald paint glazed over it, creatinga beautiful balance between the two striking colors.

This skin dropped alongside the Gamma Doppler Emerald skin, inside Gamma Case containers, during the “Gamma Exposure” update. Another rare gem with a low drop rate, this skin is available for purchase for the price of $300.01 up to  $354.92.


#10 Classic Knife | Fade ($436.87 - $450.00)

The classic knife gets a new coat of paint.

Nothing beats the classic.

The franchise’s classic knife gets a cool new paint job. The Fade skin brands the classic knife of Counter-Strike with a combination of orange, pink, and purple that fades together beautifully, giving new and old players a chance to admire a classic with a modern twist.

This skin comes in the CS20 Case containers, released during the CS20 Skins update. Another rare item with a ridiculously low chance of dropping, it’s available for purchase for the price of $436.87 up to $450.00.


#9 Skeleton Knife | Case Hardened ($297.61 - $995.31)

This one's for those with a softside for crude yet distinct aesthetic.

A little rough around the edges, but it get's the job done.

The crude and rudimentary design of the Skeleton knife serves as the perfect base for this uniquely designed skin. The case-hardened exterior features heat tints that add charm to an otherwise plain looking weapon.

This skin came inside the Fracture Case and Shattered Web Case containers, released after the “Operation Shattered Web” update. The skin is classified as Covert, with a drop rate of 0.26%. Fortunately, it's widely available in online marketplaces, with prices ranging from $297.61 to $995.31.


#8 Talon Knife | Doppler Phase 2 ($536.52 - $617.98)

What is it with the purple that makes it so captivating?

The pinkish shade works surprisingly well with its ivory handle.

The Doppler skin’s dark color blends well with the elegant and deadly Talon knife. Its ivory handle creates a striking balance with the purple and pink color scheme of the blade, resulting in a beautiful weapon that perfectly encapsulates the subtle beauty and lethality of the Talon knife.

This knife was part of the Prisma Case containers that dropped during the “Seeing the Light” update in 2019. The skin's rarity makes it difficult to acquire, players can instead purchase the skin for $536.52 up to $617.98.


#7 Falchion Knife | Damascus Steel ($88 - $154)

It's unique and wavy pattern is bound to turn some heads.

Show your unwavering resolve with the strenght of damascus steel.

The Damascus Steel skin strengthens the already deadly Falchion knife to great effect. The signature wavy pattern of Damascus steel creates a spectacular shine that’s bound to impress and intimidate foes. Slash and pierce through enemies without breaking your resolve.

The Damascus Steel skin dropped with the “Take a Trip to the Canals” update and can be found in Spectrum Case containers. Although I wouldn’t get my hopes up, the fact that it has a low drop rate means the chances of getting it are slim. It is available for purchase for as little as $88.17 and as much as $143.39.


#6 Survival Knife | Urban Masked ($69.00 - 199.99)

Get up close and personal with this urban defender.

The Urban Masked is a master of close quarter combat in an urban setting.

The Survival Knife and Urban Masked Skin Ensemble is perfect for players with a keen interest in CS:GO’s strategic action. Its gray and ash color scheme screams close quarter combat. The perfect knife for players with a light foot and a sneaky attitude.

It made its way into the game inside Fracture Case and Shattered Web Case containers after the “Operation Shattered Web” update. With a low drop rate, the only sure-fire way of getting this skin is by buying it for the price of $69.00 up to 199.99.


#5 Huntsman Knife | Doppler Ruby ($1,257.00 - $1,476.34)

One look is enough to make the enemy's blood curdle.

Paint the town red with as you slice and dice enemies.

Bathe in the blood of your kills with this awesome skin. The Huntsman knife’s large and ergonomic body surprisingly works well with an eye-popping ruby paint job. The Ruby Doppler skin has a nice glint that greatly accentuates its superb color.

Another feature from the “Take a Trip to the Canals” update, the Ruby Doppler skin can be obtained by opening Spectrum Case containers. Its rarity and amazing color design grant it a price range of up to $1,257.00 to $1,476.34.


#4 Paracord Knife | Boreal Forest ($69.92 - $449.99)

Use the environment to your advantage and surprise the enemy.

Use your wit and survival skills to come out on top.

Venture into the wilderness and embrace your inner survivalist with this skin. The Paracord knife’s multipurpose design is the perfect base for this nature inspired camo design. Outwit your foes and catch them at their weakest with this essential survival tool.

The Boreal Forest skin is an offering from the Fracture Case and Shattered Web Case containers, made available after the “Operation Shattered Web” update. Drop rates are slim, so save up if you want to get this skin, because prices can range from $69.92 up to $499.99


#3 Huntsman Knife | Tiger Tooth ($234.67 - $239.61

Channel the speed and ferocity of the tiger.

Stalk your prey and when the time is right, execute. 

Win the round with the ferocity of a tiger with this appropriately named skin. The Huntsman knife makes a second appearance with this new and bold color scheme. Evoking the brave and attention-grabbing appearance of a tiger, this skin matches the appearance and deadliness of its namesake. What makes this skin unique is its anodized paint job, which makes it resistant to scraping and rusting. Preserving the pristine sharpness of the design.

The skin is another generous offering from the “Take a Trip to the Canals” update. It can be acquired through the Spectrum Case containers released after the update. Players can opt to buy this skin for the price of $234.67 up to $239.61.


#2 Karambit | Black Laminate ($579.36 - $1,092.29)

A simple black and white color scheme is all that you need to get a point across.

Less is more when it comes to an effective and eye catching color scheme.

Black and white has never looked this good. Dispatch your enemies with this sleek and stylish skin. The matte black paint enhances the Karambit’s sweeping curved edge, while the intricately designed handle features a black and white design with a laminated base to tie it all together.

Another feature from the “Gamma Exposure” update is the Black Laminate skin, which can be found inside Gamma Case containers.  Its appealing design and scarcity command a high price, ranging from $579.36 to $1,092.29.


#1 Gut Knife | Lore ($88.00 - $253.47)

Luxurious and exotic.

Show your skills with the a weapon that matches your status.

Slicing and gutting its way to the top is the Gut knife Lore skin. This skin offers magnificence in a simple and sleek design. Its gold laced frame provides the perfect backdrop for the exquisite knotwork pattern adorning its edge. Regal, stylish, and deadly.

The Lore skin debuted with the “Gamma Exposure” update and can be found within Gamma Case containers. Unsurprisingly, the skin has an abysmally low drop rate. Players can purchase this skin for $88.00 up to $253.47.

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