[Top 10] CSGO Deagle Skins That Look Freakin Awesome!

CSGO best Deagle Skins
Don't underestimate my power.

The pocket AWP. The one tap. The Juan deag. In the right hands, the deagle is arguably the deadliest pistol in CS:GO. If you plan to use one, why not go out with a bang?

10. Midnight Storm

Storm’s a-comin’.

Using a traditional style of Japanese painting, the Midnight Storm features a teal blue coat with stormy waves. If you take a closer look, you can also see smaller (impact) “waves.” It’s nice to see a water element added to the deagle based on their damage potential.

  • Stormy waves
  • Transparent teal blue color
  • The image of a stormy wipeout sea fits well with the power of the deagle

How to find the Midnight Storm

You can buy deagle skins directly from the steam community market or by buying a case and key. Case prices vary, but most, if not all keys are sold in game for $2.50. With that said, you can buy a new midnight storm deagle for ~$11.50, a minimal wear version for ~$7, or a field tested skin for ~$5. There is no case for this skin.

See the Midnight Storm in action

9. Corinthian

Made In Israel.

Introduced in 2015, the Corinthian offers a shiny bronze coat with flower engravings. Apparently, the images were laser-etched and even include an eagle near the barrel. Don’t know why, but I could see myself fighting monsters or zombies with this.

  • Shiny brown coat
  • Flower, eagle, and leaf decals
  • Professional design

Where to find the Corinthian

It’s currently on the steam community market for less than ~$2 new. I wouldn’t bother buying a key or case since it’s more expensive.

See the Corinthian in action

8. Code Red

Code Red! Code Red! This is not a drill!

Added in 2018, this deagle uses a white and red paint job with a black grip handle. From afar, the white colors appear as silver stripes. On the barrel, you can clearly see the words, “Magnum Research Inc Minneapolis Minn.”

  • One of the few deagle skins that's primarily red
  • Features a white/silver eagle on the handle
  • Resembles a red train/locomotive thanks to the, “vents” near the front of the barrel and white/silver streaks

Where to find the Code Red

It ranges from ~$17 to $71. Field tested and minimal wear skins are ~$27 and ~$41, respectively. If that’s too much, you can test your luck by buying a horizon case and key for about $2.55 instead. 

See the Code Red in action

7. Crimson Web

Another reason to be afraid of spiders.

The Crimson Web incorporates a dark blood color with a black spider web throughout the body. According to the original description, it uses a semi-gloss topcoat, giving the deagle a soft and shiny appearance. Reminds me of the lesser-known red widow spider.

  • Features a dark red color over a more common bright red
  • Spider web decal
  • Power and death, with just a single shot, or bite

Where to find the Crimson Web

It ranges from ~$5 to $77. However, I do not recommend buying the field tested skin or below because most of the color deteriorates. Your best bet then might be buying a minimal wear skin, costing roughly $20 (looks about the same).

See the Crimson Web in action

6. Mecha Industries

Shape The Future.

Introduced in 2018, Mecha Industries offers a futuristic design, implementing various lined patterns with white, black, beige and red colors. Near the barrel, you can see 3 inverted triangles, or yield signs with the number, 03. There’s just something about these colors that give it that sci-fi vibe.

  • Predominantly white and black, with a touch of red
  • Lined patterns resemble vents from an aircraft/shuttle
  • Unique handle design with some transparency

Where to find the Mecha Industries

It ranges from ~$3.50 to $11. From field tested and downward, the white color appears to look moldy. Therefore, I’d recommend either a factory new or minimal wear skin for about $7 instead. You could buy a danger zone case and key for about $2.55, but there’s no guarantee you’ll get one right away.

See the Mecha Industries in action

5. Light Rail

Light and rapid movement.

Unlike most deagle skins, the light rail uses gradient or transitioning colors of copper, silver, and gold to stand out. Throughout the skin, you’ll see various lined patterns resembling the tracks of a light rail. It starts with a silver/gray color towards the handle to a golden color towards the tip of the barrel. 

  • Features gradient colors
  • Speed and power into one
  • Inexpensive

Where to find the Light Rail

You can buy a brand new one for about $4 or a minimal wear version for about $2. They are featured in the Prisma case.

See the Light Rail in action

4. Conspiracy

“There is no doubt in my mind as to who’s behind this.”-Counter-Terrorist

The body of the Conspiracy is painted with dark metallic paint and beige yellow accents. On the handle appears an unknown symbol, perhaps a tree or an anchor with a clock gear attached. Although it’s not as shiny as the other skins, the bold gray coat seems to stand out nevertheless. 

  • Bold and dark gray color
  • Unique decal on the handle
  • Predominantly uses a solid color over decals

Where to find the Conspiracy

You can find it in the steam community market for roughly $4.50 to $7. With an operation breakout weapon case and key, it’s about $3.50.

See the Conspiracy in action

3. Cobalt Disruption

A skin so vibrant that it doesn’t need any decals.

The Cobalt isn’t just any blue skin; instead, it uses an ocean blue color covered with metallic foil. The pattern appears to be pixelated or digitalized. It reminds me of Tidus’s original blade from Final Fantasy 10. 

  • Pixelated camouflage design
  • Unique shade of blue
  • Emphasis on color over decals

Where to find the Cobalt Disruption

A few years back, I bought mine brand new for about $20. The price has gone up however to ~$33. Minimal wear looks essentially the same for about $7 dollars less. The Cobalt is also found in an eSports 2013 winter case (with a key) for about $4.50.

See the Cobalt Disruption in action

2. Blaze

Guns ablazing.

Covered with a black chrome coat, the Blaze deagle speaks for itself. Using compressed air, it paints a fiery flame consisting of golden yellow, orange, and burnt brown colors. That being said, it really does personify the power of the pocket AWP.  

  • One of the few deagle skins that features flames
  • Fiery deagle power
  • Chrome black finish

Where to find the Blaze

Currently, the most expensive deagle skin on the market. There are only two versions of the skin: minimal wear and factory new, costing ~$444 and $414, respectively. Apparently there are fewer cases for minimal wear; explaining the increase in price.  There is no case for it. 

See the Blaze in action

1. Printstream

Taste the rainbow-Skittles

Recently added in 2020, the Printstream appears to have a white coat; however, upon taking a closer look you’ll see that it has a pearlescent finish, giving it a, “rainbow shine.”  In addition, it features an, “XXXY” decal with other smaller images throughout the body. Truly, there is no shine like it. 

  • Pearlescent shine
  • Plenty of decals
  • Good contrast between the black handle and pearlescent body

Where to find the Printstream

Factory new versions cost ~$260. Going down the list, it ranges from $166 to $84. If you’d rather open cases and buy keys, use a fracture case instead for about $3.25.

See the Printstream in action

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