[Top 10] CSGO Best Knife Skins That Are Freakin Awesome!

CSGO Best Knife Skin
So many knives so little time

When playing CSGO few things are more important than having a freakin awesome knife. I mean why even clutch a round if you can’t pull out a sweet knife to inspect at the end of it. 

With that being said I bring you the Top 10 CSGO Best Knife Skins.


10) Shadow Daggers | Fade

Awesome is an understatement when looking at the Shadow Daggers | Fade. Not only are the Shadow Daggers one of the coolest knives in the game but then add the amazing looking Fade to it and you got a winner.  Seriously, anybody who sees you rocking these in the server will ask you about them guaranteed. 

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Unique 2 blade style 
  • Inspection of blades in-game is unique
  • In-game look is like nothing else

Get this skin:

  • Drops in Shadow Case
  • Buy it for $200




9) Stiletto Knife | Ultraviolet

The Stiletto is one of those knives that everyone knew before it was added to CSGO.  So what could be better than having the iconic knife in the game? Getting the Ultraviolet skin on it to accentuate the sleek badass look that made it famous.

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Sleek minimal design 
  • Unique inspection in-game 
  • Feel like a different experience using it in-game

Get this skin:

  • Drops in the Prisma and Prisma 2 Cases 
  • Buy it for $400 




8) Flip Knife | Lore

Do I even need to explain why this knife is awesome? I mean just looking at the profile of the Flip Knife makes anyone's mouth water. Then add the amazing looking Lore skin to it and you are left with a thing of pure beauty. (and great for stabbing too)

Why this skin is awesome:

  • Feels good in-game when stabbing 
  • Unique animation for pulling out knife 
  • Color gradient and engraving placement different from other skins

Get this skin:

  • Drop in the Gamma and Gamma 2 Cases 
  • Buy it for $350




7) Classic Knife | Case Hardened 

The Classic knife was something that every old school gamer wanted to be added to the game for the longest time. But no one can argue that of the classic knives the Case Hardened skin looks the best. It helps that the blade of the Classic Knife is large to show off all that amazing color.

Why this skin is awesome:

  • Original design from CS 1.6 with updated skin
  • Large blade area really shows off the look well
  • Original inspection from CS 1.6 

Get this skin:

  • Drop in the CS20 Case
  • Buy it for $440




6) Skeleton Knife | Slaughter

The Skeleton Knife | Slaughter just looks like the kind of knife that you would want to show off. And luckily that is exactly why it is worth having in any inventory. You take this into a server and no matter what your KDA is people will think highly of you. 

Why this skin is awesome:

  • Unique knife inspection in-game
  • Design always stands out no matter the lighting 
  • Clean overall design

Get this skin:

  • Drop in the Shattered Web Case 
  • Buy it for $1,300




5) Survival Knife | Crimson Web

The Survival Knife by itself looks amazing. But the Crimson Web skin takes everything that makes the knife great and makes it better. Helping to bring to life all the curves and edges that make this knife unique.

Why this skin is awesome:

  • Blade edges stand out on knife 
  • Unique knife animation when pulled out 
  • Color always stands out 

Get this skin:

  • Drop in the Shattered Web Case
  • Buy it for over $1,300



4) Bowie Knife | Fade

While this knife may not have the selling point of those around it, it will always be a top tier knife. Imagine trying to knife someone and they pull out this sword and com running back at you. Plus the sheer size of the knife makes the Fade stand out that much more.

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Largest knife in-game allowing the pattern to shine 
  • Satisfying to carry around and get kills with in-game 
  • Feels like you are carrying a sword into battle

Get this skin:

  • Drop in the Operation Wildfire Case
  • Buy it for $400




3) Butterfly Knife | Marble Fade 

Whether you are inspecting it or running around with it this knife feels amazing in-game. Then add on to it the colorful handle that comes with the amazing looking Marble Fade and you know if you had a real one everybody would want to play with it. Not that I’d let them. 

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Unique looks with the handle and blade 
  • Inspection animation in-game is unique 
  • Makes you feel like a street thug 

Get this skin:

  • Drop in the Spectrum and Spectrum 2 Cases
  • Buy it for $1,250




2) Karambit | Gamma Doppler

The Karambit is one of those knives that have become synonymous with CSGO and for good reason. The knife itself is incredibly cool and unique but the Gamm Doppler stands above all other Karambit. The style of the Gamma Doppler brings out the unique design of the knife. Plus there are phases to this knife meaning the Karambit | Gamma Doppler can look different depending on the phase you get.

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Skin comes in different phases meaning there are different versions of the same skin
  • Overall sleek design makes you feel like an assasin
  • Knife is only one held uniquely in the game 

Get this skin:

  • Drop in the Gamma and Gamma 2 Cases
  • Buy it for $1,500




1) M9 Bayonet | Lore

Last but certainly not least we have the M9 Bayonet | Lore. It’s no surprise that this knife hit the top of the list just based on its price point alone. But when you look at the M9 Bayonet | Lore it’s clear this knife is in a league of its own. Everything about the knife works with the rest of the look and nothing looks clunky or out of place. It is truly one of a kind and I love it.(anyone got 2k lying around and want to buy me an early birthday present?) 

Why this skin is awesome: 

  • Skin always stands out and looks incredible 
  • Makes you feel like an elite soldier 
  • Blade has engravings making it feel like an ancient weapon

Get this skin: 

  • Drop in the Gamma and Gamma 2 Cases 
  • Buy it for $1,900


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