[Top 5] CSGO Best Way To Improve Aim And Become a Headshot Master

Best Way To Improve Aim
Try to be ScreaM one more time!

We’ve all watched ScreaM. And at some point in our lives, we’ve all strived to become one. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all failed laughably. Then we gave up and returned to normalcy. 


But let’s change that now. For I am here with the most effective techniques and tips that can legitimately help you be a headshot master. You’ll still find it rather difficult to be ScreaM or Twistzz or b1t, but hey, half of them is still enough to make you a star! 


5. Finding your sensitivity 

This is like ABC when you want to learn Shakespeare. You need to know what sensitivity suits you and you need to stick to it. You can’t just go around changing the sensitivity after every other loss. Your muscle memory will all be messed up and you’ll be in a very bad spot.


Just find a sensitivity that suits you, and stick to it. If you’re a rifler, start low, practice for a while, and play a few games. If you find it difficult, increase it a little and repeat. Soon, you’ll find which number is for you and marry that number for the rest of your gaming years to come. 


4. Letting go of bad habits 

Everyone has bad habits, be it newbies or professionals. But you can’t keep saying that you make up for it using other things. To truly become a master of aiming, you need to let go of those habits.


The first step is to acknowledge a habit that you think needs rewiring. Watch your demos and take notes as to what you’re doing wrong and what you need to improve on. Then go on Reddit or YouTube to find out how to fix the said bad habit. Once you know how to do it right, practice it consistently and consciously.


To rewire yourself is a lengthy process. It is fairly simple, though. Be conscious of your movements and mentally slap yourself when you do something wrong and make sure you do it right the next time. There will come a time when you’ll realize you have left your bad habits behind.


3. Muscle Memory 

As stated above, you need to learn all the basic fundamentals of CS by building muscle memory. But the problem is that you can build muscle memory on just about anything: be it good or bad. This is what makes a difference. 


You need to know how to do something before starting to practice that aspect. Go through a myriad of resources to find out how to do something right. When you know it, go to a practice map and master that particular aspect.


You should spend 2-3 weeks a month practicing a particular aspect. Once you’ve done that to all of your aspects, you can watch demos to see which ones are weaker than the others, and then you can specifically train them again.


I’ll repeat; the key part is to research how to do it right before practicing. You can easily develop bad and wrong habits and then you’ll have to spend weeks and weeks unlearning it before relearning it rightly again. So hey, just do it right the very first time.


2. Improving Hand-Eye Coordination 

At the base of all practice you do is to improve the coordination between your hand and your eyes. When you see a target and you know where to move your mouse to, you should be able to do it. If you consistently miss shots that could clearly have been shot, you are lacking hand-eye coordination. 


To improve this is not very different than stated above. But you’ll need a routine. Let’s say you are practicing headshots. Your target is 200 headshots a day. So you could practice 40 headshots in 5 repetitions, with 4-5 minutes of rest in between. You can also increase the level when you think you’ve practiced enough. If you’ve been practicing headshots on still targets for a week or so, start practicing on targets that strafe. 


After a while, you’ll see your aim get much better than it used to be when you simply played a lot of randomly played deathmatch without a real schedule or goal. This will take some time, as every worthwhile thing in our lives, but you’ll eventually get there.


1. Eat Healthy and Rest well

At the end of the day, if you aren’t healthy or well-rested, there is absolutely no point in all this. You will plummet to your low points easily if you’re starving or thirsty or sleep-deprived.


For CS:GO and more importantly, for your own health, the most important thing to do is to have a good diet and to have 7-8 hours of sleep before you play matches seriously. You should be comfortable as well so don’t make it too cold or have it too hot. Wear light clothes, get up and stretch after every aim training session, do some hand exercises to keep the wrists well and of course…  enjoy!

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