[Top 3] CSGO Best Resolution - Which Should You Use?

CSGO Best Resolution
Gift your dear monitor with the best resolution!

You can stop blaming your monitor for your 1v1 losses, now. For I will guide you to the best resolution! There are not a lot of good resolutions available, and to have your pick among them is rather easy as long as you involve your comfort. You might get an idea though, from this article. Try all out and have your pick.

I assure you that above anything else, your taste and your monitor and CPU model will matter the most. Using s1mple’s resolution will not magically make you a Major winner. Oh, wait. Sorry for that. Haha. 

Anyway, let’s get into the countdown!  


3. 1920 X 1080 (16:9)

Want everything to be clearer and easier to see? You might want to adopt this resolution.

The apparent disadvantage of this resolution, though, is the drop in FPS. So, it’s wise to try this resolution only when you have enough FPS to sacrifice.
Having at least 240 FPS even after using this resolution is perfect. Check out my settings’ guide to adjust all aspects of your game and revisit your resolution problem again.
This resolution is used with 16:9 Aspect Ratio. This Aspect Ratio shows you the maximum amount of field-view possible. You may find it helpful, though it can have its flaws. 

Buying a high-quality monitor and using this resolution may take you to Global! Maybe dev1ce will finally befriend you.

9% of the professionals use this resolution. 
Some of the pros that use this resolution are: dev1ce, YEKINDAR, ropz, etc


2. 1024 X 768 (4:3)

This resolution is more of a midway and if you always wondered why stewie2k uses this, it’s because he likes it. There are not a lot of pure-visual reasons you can handpick why this is better or worse.

You will have to bring in your comfort while choosing this resolution.

This resolution is mostly used with 4:3 Aspect Ratio. 4:3 cuts off the sides of the field-view, unlike 16:9. That may or may not be a disadvantage. This is because the extra view contains extra information which is, in most cases, useless. If someone crawls up on you from the edge, you are as good as dead, unless your flicks are s1mple-like. 

Your comfort dictates all, in the end.

27% of professionals use this resolution.
Some of the pros that use this resolution are stewie2k, XANTARES, frozen, Jame, valde, etc.


1. 1280 X 960 (4:3)

Do you crave for those extra bits of FPS while still having decent monitor performance? This resolution may be perfect for you!
Unless you have extra good monitors, this is your way to go.

To choose between stretched and black-bars is completely down to your personal taste. Most of the pros use Stretched models, however.
Stretched mode stretches the enemy model. That may seem like an upgrade, but in reality, the models’ horizontal velocity increases. This supposedly balances the benefits out.
Black-bars obviously produce black bars at the sides instead of stretching.
You can try both out and see what works for you.

A whopping 38% of the professionals use this resolution – and so should you!
Some of the pros that use this resolution are the best players in the CS:GO world: s1mple, ZywOo, NiKo, coldzera, etc.


In the end, just pick one resolution and stick to it. If you’re having a bad day, don’t go out changing your resolutions every game. Have fun!


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