[Top 10] Best CSGO Teams of All Time

Best CSGO Teams
The best of the best

10. NaVi

Prepare to be juked out your boots

NaVi, or Natus Vincere, is the Ukraine-based esports team, their name latin for “born to win”. Their ability to react and respond to the push-pull nature of CS:GO and abuse the enemy’s decision making is legendary. Although #10 on our list, expect this team to fly up the roster.

What Makes NaVi a Crowd Favorite:

  • The constant unpredictability
  • The non-stop mind games
  • Their newly found momentum thanks to their superstar “S1mple”

Notable Achievements:

  • Only team in history to win 3 CS 1.6 majors in a single year
  • Only organization to attend all CS:GO majors
  • Current record holders for prize money won in a single year

Natus Vincere: https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Natus_Vincere


9. Cloud9

The NA dream that spawned the international meme

C9 began as a small group rooted in the game League of Legends in America. In 2014 the current CEO picked up the original crew and the brand gathered some serious steam, and is now one of the most widely known organizations worldwide.

  • What Makes Cloud9 a Crowd Favorite:
  • Unyielding aggression
  • Their left-handed, high-sens awper “Woxic”
  • Their underdog tenacity

Notable Achievements:

  • First team to win all but one map in ESL Pro League
  • First North American team to win an S-tier international event in 10 years
  • First NA team to win a major championship: Boston-2018

Cloud9: https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Cloud9


8. Complexity

Despite the name, their rise to fame isn't all that complicated

Another American team COL, briefly known also as “Los Angeles Complexity”. They are one of the oldest organizations on the CS scene, starting back in 2004! They’ve had their hand in crushing opponents for a while, and are still going at it.

What Makes COL a Crowd Favorite:

  • Them absolutely roasting each other in comms
  • Their very rough climb into “Juggernaut” status
  • The unique ability to counter-strat

Notable Achievements:

  • One of the most senior organizations
  • Clutching the BLAST Premier 2020 EU Finals
  • Their underdog crawl back from the early 2000’s

Complexity: https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Complexity_Gaming


7. Virtus.pro

The Russian Machine is at it again

The Russian VP entered the CS;GO scene back in 2012. Much like Complexity they’ve actually been around since 2003. After VP entered the international scene they really hit their stride in 2014.

What Makes VP a Crowd Favorite:

  • VAC-worthy shots, insane predictions, and sweaty clutches
  • The unstoppable “Plow” starting in 2014
  • Biceps

Notable Achievements

  • Clinching the $500,000 reward in the Flashpoint tournament
  • Champions of Intel Extreme Masters XV
  • Approaching almost $4 million dollars in winnings

Virtus.Pro: https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Virtus.pro


6. Mousesports

The mighty German mouse

Mouz, founded in Germany way back in 2002, refers to “sports played with a computer mouse”, hence the name. In addition they were originally one of the 7 in the G7 Federation.

What Makes Mousesports a Crowd Favorite:

  • Their high-risk, high-reward playstyle
  • Utility assisted aggression
  • The pistol-round domination

Notable Achievements:

  • Beating NaVi in he 2020 ICE Challenge
  • Repeat world champs
  • 18 year tenure in pro-CS

Mousesports: https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Mousesports


5. Ninjas in Pyjamas

Although the Swedish organization NiP was founded in 2000 and were active till their dissolution in 2007, they returned in a big way in 2012. Now, they’re easily on the top 10 list for CS:GO pro teams.

What Makes NiP a Crowd Favorite:

  • The legendary and infamous Allu
  • The perfect positioning for cheeky plays
  • Their goofing around in tournaments with hundreds of thousands on the line

Notable Achievements:

  • 87-0 LAN streak in 2012-2013
  • Founders of G7
  • Only team to win IEM Oakland in 2017

Ninjas in Pyjamas: https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Ninjas_in_Pyjamas


4. FaZe Clan

The iconic combination of personality and talent

FaZe is an American CS:GO organization. Based out of LA and founded in 2010, and was originally a Call of Duty group that started on Youtube.

What Makes FaZe a Crowd Favorite:

  • Their signing of superstar NiKo
  • That classic FaZe swagger
  • Flashy, all-or-nothing plays

Notable Achievements:

  • Multiple championships won with stand-ins
  • 2017 Eleague winners, taking $500,000
  • Top competitors for being relatively late to the CS:GO scene

FaZe Clan: https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/FaZe_Clan


3. MadeinBrazil

If you're very clever, you might guess where this team comes from

MiBR, short for Made in Brazil MiBR was another founder of G7, alongside NiP. Although their future is becoming more uncertain, their past has made them legends. What will happen with this team in the coming months may see them change positioning on this list, but for now they land the 3 spot.

What Makes MiBR a Crowd Favorite:

  • Their fade away in 2012, and rumored return in 2016
  • Surgical counter-tactics and constant pressure
  • Their fanbase’s unrivaled passion (to the point contention)

Notable Achievements:

  • The only South American champion of the Electronic Sports World Cup 
  • Founders of G7
  • ZOTAC Cup Masters 2018

Made in Brazil: https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Mibr


2. Astralis

The Danish, late-blooming powerhouse

Astralis, the renowned Danish organization founded partially by members from Team’s SoloMid and Questionmark. Although starting in 2016 they have made an undeniable mark on the CS:GO landscape.

What Makes Astralis a Crowd Favorite:

  • The nade stacks, the merciless nade stacks
  • Incredibly methodical countering of aggression
  • Unrivaled technical play

Notable Achievements:

  • 2018’s “Esports Team of the Year”
  • Most Majors in CS:GO history
  • Only team to win a major without losing a single map in the playoffs
  • 31 LAN matches undefeated on Nuke
  • HLTV’s #1 for 406 consecutive days

Astralis: https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Astralis


1. Fnatic

The European, clutch-drunk fanatics

The EU founded team Fnatic finishes out the list at #1. Another founder of the now defunct G7, and best known for fielding a huge list of legendary players, it’s no secret how they made it here.

What Makes Fnatic a Crowd Favorite:

  • The perfect utility usage
  • Aggressive and unparalleled gunwork
  • Clutches. For. Days.

Notable Achievements:

  • Former core roster: JW, Flusha, Olofmeister, and KRIMZ stated to be best of all time
  • Their “Legend Status” streak of 12 consecutive majors taken
  • First to win multiple consecutive championships
  • First team to win a major on home soil
  • Best CS team in 2009, 2014, 2015

Fnatic: https://liquipedia.net/counterstrike/Fnatic


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