[Top 5] CSGO Best Way To Farm Cases

Best Way To Farm Cases
Bounty hunting for some greedy prophets!

So we’ve all watched those YouTube videos of random people opening cases and winning a million dollars worth of skins and knives, right? And I bet you think you can get that as well. Without disappointing you too much right now, here’s an article that’ll show you how to farm as many cases as you can. 

Enjoy opening them and getting another Sand Dune for a pistol you’ll never play. 


So the underlying principle is to play and complete as many games as you can, hence maximizing your chances of getting a case. Here we go!


5. Danger Zone

Danger Zone matches last as long as Wingman and Deathmatch: 10 minutes. The wait time could be excruciatingly long but I believe that it is worth it, since not only is there a great chance to improve yourself and of course, getting to farm cases, but also, Danger Zone is the most effective way to gain XP.


Umm… highly recommended!


4. Wingman

Wingman is a really fun game mode and it lasts roughly 10 minutes, which means it could as effective as Deathmatch. 


3. Deathmatch

Ah, our favorite ever game mode. Though it lasts as long as Wingman, I have it on 3rd, not 4th, merely because of how much it improves your gameplay and aim.  Also, Deathmatch warms you up for more serious gameplay like Competitive. So yeah, one hour of DM will warm you up and boost your chances for a drop! 


2. Arms Race

Since Arms Race matches are very quick and the number of people on those servers is usually low, this game mode is one of the best methods to farm cases. 

On top of that, it helps you be a little more comfortable and proficient in all weapons (and knife too), so Arms Race is a real win-win.


1. Deathmatch

Wait... again? We covered deathmatch, right? Ah well. This is something special. Something... new. 

So the concept is: to get cases, it’s not the number of kills you get. It’s not your points or your deaths. It’s you simply being on the server. Get any ideas yet? You can simply start Deathmatch and… go AFK! You can check on the game every 10 minutes, but most probably the maps will shuffle themselves and a new game will start automatically. 


This hack is the best way to farm cases. Alright then, how to go AFK? 


So to start, you can run CS:GO in Window Mode. To do that, right-click on CS:GO on Steam. Select CS:GO Properties. In Launch Options, type: “-window -w 640 -h 480”.

Run CS:GO. After enabling the developer console, type: “+left; +right”.


And voila! You have yourself a good deal on your hands, you cheeky farmers. You can use your PC while the game goes on, and easily farm cases!

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