[Top 10] CS:GO Best M249 Skins

CSGO Best M249 Skins
Who said lethal weapons can't look beautiful too?

10 - Contrast Spray

The mesh of this specific skin is pretty great even if it’s blurry and here’s why.

It consists of a light gray background with distorted black spots scattered across the entire body, making it a great stealth combination that should fit about any loadout.

The glare isn’t that noticeable but the blur of the pattern adds on to its trippy design which I think looks really cool.

9 - Blizzard Marbleized

There is a good chance that a snowstorm happened on this skin, and it adds on to the beauty of the gun.

It features a blurry blizzard pattern consisting of blue and white accents on the entire decal which makes it look like a, you guessed it, blizzard.

The glare is really obvious, hence the name “marbleized” which to me just adds a great contrast to the overall skin.

8 - Magma

The skin looks really rusty and dark, making this a threatening pick for this top 10.

It has an orange and dark blue contrast with some grey on the side, making this an obvious choice for anyone who’s serious about what they’re doing.

The glare gets absorbed by the decal though it gives it that stealthy look, which fits in exactly with the name of this skin.

7 - Shipping Forecast

This is a relatively dark skin but with some very lively patterns that make up for the bland contrast.

It features a dark cyan background with black lines scattered across the gun which makes the skin feel simple yet look really awesome at the same time.

Even though the glare isn’t moticable, I wouldn’t even think about putting stickers on this weapon since it looks really good on its own.

6 - Emerald Poison Dart

The skin on this kind of reminds me of the old Razer logo, it’s a classic dark green and black combination with a twist that adds to its beauty.

The colors are green as the background with dark spots on the sides, with a few golden streaks in the middle that makes the gun look anything but boring.

Overall this is for the competitors that want their opponents to know that danger is approaching.

5 - Impact Drill

This is a pretty funny skin since it kind of resembles The Home Depot’s color scheme.

It has an orange and black contrast along with a glare that makes the colors look even flashier.

Although there aren’t any patterns on it, it has a really minimalistic look to it that would be a fit in any loadout whatsoever.

4 - System Lock

Another example of a minimalistic piece of weaponry is this skin right here.

It features a relatively balanced red along with some black to fill in the rest of the spots.

These colors fit so well together, they aren’t really too “gamery” in any way whatsoever but they still do have that dangerous vibe you get from any other red and black gun out there!

3 - Warbird

This is definitely more on the “serious” side of the spectrum, it has a gamer aesthetic while still looking threatening when it’s in front of your face.

The corroded gray finish covering the entire body of the gun along with some noticeable rust marks makes it so that it came straight out of a Dystopian Novel.

The name of the gun honestly complements the overall decal of the body and this is obviously going to be a number one pick for anyone that's competitive.

2 - Spectre

If this skin doesn’t look like a granite sink countertop, then I’m probably not feeling well.

It features a granite background along with some hints of yellow that add to the skin’s contrast.

It doesn’t look impared or unbalanced in any way whatsoever and it would make a great fit in anybody’s loadout.

1 - Nebula Crusader

This skin is entirely based on superhero comics, giving its wielder a sense of nostalgia, all while having an epic style and color scheme which is sure to go with any loadout.

The vintage color combinations are amazing and putting stickers on this skin is just a bad thing to do.

Overall it adds more contrast in your inventory and this would be a definite pick for anyone in my opinion!

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