CSGO Best Brightness Settings That Give You An Advantage

CSGO Best Brightness Settings
Time for you to change those video settings that's making you blind to your enemies


CS:GO is a game of many complexities.  

Not only should you be versed in the art of aiming and have proper game sense, but you should also have had to learn proper nades and crosshair placement. Now, all of those are fundamentals in playing the game much more efficiently than others. Still, there are different aspects to the game that must be focused on to make the gameplay much more immersive and advantageous to you. 

In this article, we will be talking about that. These are the video settings that I think will prove to give you an edge over some other players in the game. Of course, it will not mean that you will be better than them without training yourself first.

You might be lacking since you are playing on too dark settings LMAO

1. Brightness

Brightness is important for CS:GO and is recommended to be as high as you want it to be. It will make enemies visible on your screen - especially in dark places. This setting usually depends on what you are most comfortable with.

  • The brightness settings can be found at the top part of the video settings page of the game.

Your brightness settings can also be set outside of the game if you are an Nvidia user. One advantage is you can set your contrast setting higher, making your enemies more visible in darker areas.

2. Resolution

Resolution is essential when it comes to CS GO as it can affect your entire gameplay. CS GO pros usually go with stretched 4:3, although it is unachievable in some computers. Nevertheless, 4:3 might just be the best and most advantageous resolution out of all because of how big your enemies are compared to 16:9. 

4:3 resolution will usually result into having black bars, but that is not always the case. You can head over to your PC's Nvidia display settings to turn those black bars into a part of your game and end up with a stretched 4:3 resolution

Bigger enemies mean a bigger target and make it easier for you to play. On the flip side, using the 16:9 1920x1080 resolution can help with a bigger screen resolution and help separate your targets from the background, albeit having smaller targets than a stretched 4:3 in the process.

Having a large resolution will not mean you would see your mom entering your room, so another disadvantage. Although unconnected to how these settings work. 

One problem when talking about resolutions is that it can also affect how your game's performance will be. Using the highest resolution might give you the best vision but the worst FPS for your game. I suggest putting your PC specs into consideration when choosing your game's resolution.

Most Used Resolutions:

1280x960 (4:3)

1024x768 (4:3)

1920x1080 (16:9)

3. Laptop Power Savings

Power saving usually means running your PC at the lowest possible performance to make it run for a bit much longer than usual. With that, it might be simple to understand that lower performance means very low FPS, so better not touch that unless necessary or if you are using a laptop without a charger. 

Many of the settings you see in this photo remain low because it usually hardly affects gameplay a lot. It might only lessen the performance of those with not too well-performing computers. 


4. Other Important Video Settings

I suggest copying the settings shown in the picture for the best FPS possible.


(of course, I am not saying a weak PC can run any better. Get a job, buy a new one.)

We will be focusing on some which are very useful, and some which can be changed to your liking.

One of the settings that I find most important is Boost Player Contrast which makes other player models much more visible and brighter than the background. 

Shader Details - should be used on High quality (if possible) as it makes the Molotov have less smoke while making the enemy on the other side visible. FPS-wise, better to keep it low like shown in the picture. 

That is all the video settings that I can advise you - for now. Maybe when an update comes in the future, I can upload an updated version of these settings. For now, decide on whether your PC can handle it or not, but I recommend you stick with performance rather than quality; it makes the game better to play.


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