Best CSGO Launch Options for Smooth Framerate

CSGO best Launch Options
See more, react quicker, and bask in wins, when you’re getting more FPS thanks to this guide.

When a game of CS:GO can be decided off who reacts to a single frame first, you want as much of them as you can get. But before your local art gallery starts questioning who stole theirs, let me share a secret. Optimizing your current hardware is easier than ever if you know which settings to tweak. Find the perfect combo of launch options from this list and give yourself the edge you’ve been looking for.

Before we get started I’ll show you how to add launch options and use console commands to edit your config. Navigate to CSGOs library page in your Steam window. Right click on the game in your list and select “Properties”, on the general tab you will see “launch options”. Click it and a window will pop up where you can add your launch options. For console commands simply add the line of text specified from a list entry into the console; If it’s not on already you can turn it on in the in-game settings.

Once opened the console should look a little something like this:

Now that all the basics are out of the way let’s get started!

1. -freq <rate> / -refresh <rate> / -refreshrate <rate>

If you’re fortunate enough to own a 120hz or higher monitor don’t let it go to waste. If you haven’t already, make sure your monitor is set to run at the rate you desire in your windows settings. Replacing “<rate>” with a chosen refresh rate will force it on your client. With this on you know your monitor is dishing out all the frames it possibly can.  Do not use this option if your monitor is 60hz or below, you might damage it.

2. -novid

Would you rather start the game without having to fling your headset off your ears when the Valve intro plays? Placing -novid in your launch options-

will skip the intro while launching the game. Sure Valve can’t count to three but thank gaben for this.

3. -tickrate 128

Aim training on 128 ticks could help you produce feeds like this all the time.

Do you practice in workshop maps? “-tickrate 128” forces your client to update the map 128 times per second. Meaning all your mouse movements, strafes, and shots are as smooth as can be. I can personally attest that practicing on 128 ticks refind my muscle memory and got me a few more ranks up the chain.

4. -threads <number of cores>

A lot like us, every PC is different. Check how many cores your processor has, if you have 4 or more cores you can reserve a desired amount. Ideally you should use all of them. You should know this setting doesn’t produce frames out of nowhere if your chip doesn’t have the juice. Test it yourself and see if your numbers go up.

5. -high

Your computer likes to give programs priorities to help manage the order it performs its tasks in. If you want your games to come first type “-high” in the launch options. This isn’t a greeting for the developers, it will make sure anything related to CS:GO is first in line to be processed by your CPU.

6. +exec autoexec

It’s frustrating when you take the time to write one of these and the game doesn’t it load it like it should. This launch option is a 100% reliable way to making sure yours loads properly. Another first world problem checked off the list!

7. m_rawinput 1

Raw input is an option that causes the client to ignore data from windows to get the most accurate inputs from your mouse. Useful for those who find themselves under-flicking and over-flicking more often than being on target. Try this one out and start hitting nasty flicks more consistently.

8. +cl_forcepreload 1

Another entry for the more than average horsepower GPU owners. Enter this launch option to preload the maps into your GPU memory. Once your engine doesn’t have to worry about what part of the map to load you might end up with more frames.

9. -w <width> / -h <height>

If full 1920x1080 is giving you FPS drops you can tone it down a notch. Replacing “<width>” and “<height>” with your desired window size will scale your game quality down to whatever you choose. The pixels you sacrifice will be replaced with more frames. It will also stretch to fit if you have fullscreen mode enabled.

10. +mat_queue_mode 2

Multicore rendering uses, well multiple cores to get the job done quicker and more efficiently. Enabling this ensures all your components are in overdrive mode producing the image your playing from. Unfortunately this can be shaky with some CPUs, make sure you benchmark your results before and after trying this one.

11. cl_hud_playercount_showcount 1

One of the more underrated entries on this list, this is a setting most of you newer players might have missed. With all the info on the HUD you wouldn’t be wrong thinking it could use some cleaning up. Luckily Valve thought so too and added this option that takes the 5 pictures of each teams players from the score section and reduces them to a number. This frees up some screen space that would otherwise be blocked.

You'd be surprised how many times heads could show up where those profile pictures used to be

12. +fps_max 0

Zero? Yes I can count, but apparently computers can’t… sometimes. Seemingly counterintuitive using “0” as your maximum FPS causes your PC to render unlimited frames. If you have a higher end computer you’re sure to render all the frames you could ever need. If not set a limit about the same as your monitor refresh rate.

13. m_customaccel 0

Mouse acceleration is one of those “features” windows has added that accelerates your sensitivity based on how quickly you move the mouse from one point to the next. While not important for FPS, this is worse for your muscle memory than a candy store is to a diabetic. Turn it off in the console and watch your muscle memory get more stable over time.

14. net_graph 1

This is an info nerds dream. You’ll find a lot of useful stats like FPS, ping, server tickrate, packets lost, etc.Use “net_graphpos <value>” and “net_graphheight <value>” for specifying the graphs placement on your hud.

15. mm_dedicated_search_maxping <value>

Fragging out is loads of fun but next to impossible with high ping. With the default value set to 80, not setting your own preference would be a waste. I would say 10-25 is most reasonable. Try tweaking with it and your games will be much more stable than before once you find your internets sweet spot.

16. r_drawparticles 0

If you’re still in need of some more frames this one’s a must use. Particles can be a lot of weight for some GPUs so disabling them with this console command would reduce your load significantly.

17. cl_righthand <value>

Everyone has a dominant eye and this setting helps with optimizing your screen for this factor. This is important as your eyes work hard already and blocking your dominant eyes view of the screen with a gun is a hindrance. In terms of the value, “0” will place the gun in the right hand while “1” puts it in the left. You can find a test online to find out which of your eyes is dominant. You could also check out the images below and see which one “feels” best.

18. r_drawtracers_firstperson 0

Tracer rounds are useful in real life. They can provide a clear indication that your bullet hit it’s target. With games being 2D imitations of 3D worlds, depth perception can make tracers annoying. I personally turn them off, if your view is regularly blocked I’d turn it off for the advantage in future gunfights. Slightly reduces the load on your GPU.

19. muzzleflash_light 0

The big brother of tracers, muzzle flash is very obstructive. A nice big fireball right in the middle of your screen whenever you shoot. In a shooter this can be kind of annoying. Turn it off in the console with this command, also slightly reduces load.

20. mat_disable_bloom 1

Turns off light bloom. This makes things brighter by adding a higher luminosity to the source of a light. If streetlights looking realistic isn’t something important then go ahead and use this for an FPS boost.

21. func_break_max_pieces 0

Disables a number of tiny objects on the map from loading in. Slightly reduces your GPUs load. Who can say no to a little more frames? They’re like sprinkles.

22. r_dynamic 0

Dynamic lighting is one of the great features that makes some games breathtakingly beautiful. If your playing CS, chances are you didn’t download it to be astounded you did it shoot stuff. Use this setting for a frame boost if shadows and lighting aren’t important to you. With it off flashes and light beams won’t get in the way of locating enemies quickly.

23. viewmodel_fov <value>

Sets the field of view for your camera. Increasing it will allow more to be seen around the sides of your vision by stretching back the center of the screen. Set it to a value you find comfortable.

24. viewmodel_offset_(x,y,z)

These three iterations of the one command allow you to fine tune the placement of the gun on your screen in all three spatial dimensions. Use this to get yourself in your comfort zone. Move around you gun until your vision is how you like it.

25. Dsp_slow_cpu 1

I would save this one for last, if you still need results then try it out. Attempts to boost performance by lowering sound quality. As a soldier of the turtle beach army from the CoD days, in my opinion sound is the last thing that should be sacrificed.

And that’s my list! I especially hope you came out the other end with more frames. As well as options that improve your games performance I tried to include a few to help you out in competitive.If you have any feedback be sure to leave a comment. We love to hear what you have to say.

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