How To Get Infinite Money In Phasmophobia [Top 5 Ways]

who desires money! In phasmophobia, I mean.

For anyone who loves games that include being an investigator, then you are going to love phasmophobia. People have gathered to play this masterful psychological horror, which is well-liked on streaming platforms like YouTube and Twitch.

If you are wondering what you will need when you are playing, then the answer is simple. It's game money! 

In phasmophobia, we all require a lot of cash. This will enable us to get the greatest equipment for when we get our ghost on!

What will gain me the most money?

  • Taking photos
  • Objectives
  • Interactions 

Therefore, have a seat and enjoy reading about the top five ways to make lots of money so that you may make this experience into a tale to tell everyone!

5. Don’t Be Shy, Raise The Difficulty

(Start at 1:12 minutes into the video)

It is safe to assume that making the game harder will make it more challenging to play. Ghosts will be more difficult to identify and aggressive than ever! By increasing the difficulty, you’re guaranteed to make plenty of money in no time. You must be willing to accept a significant risk given the increased likelihood of mortality.

The four difficulties are:

  • Amateur (Cash multiply 1x) 
  • Intermediate (Cash multiply 2x)
  • Professional (Cash multiply 3x)
  • Nightmare (Cash multiply 4x)

4. Learn To Take Photos

(Start at the beginning in the video) 

Being able to know which photos that will make money is crucial for phasmophobia, therefore avoid taking random pictures. You’re an investigator, not a photographic genius. Taking photos of the evidence/interactions, the cursed items, and yes, even the ghost, is your main source of income.  So, make sure they’re showing their pearly whites and take those photos!

Best things to take pictures of, for money:

  • Players dead bodies
  • Fingerprints 
  • Ghosts 
  • Ghost-writing book 
  • Any cursed objects 
  • Footsteps from the salt
  • Dirty water
  • The bone

3. Get Doing Those “Optional” Objectives 

(Start at 0:21 seconds into the video) 

Let's face it: once you encounter the word "optional," you automatically assume that it might not be crucial to the game. However, you may be surprised to learn that this is one of the best ways to be financially rewarded. There are three random objectives that you can do while you are ghost hunting.

For each objective, you should receive $10 for each one that you complete. However, it will multiply according to the difficulty you have selected.

Types of optional objectives you may see:

  • Get an average sanity below 25%
  • Get a ghost to blow out a candle
  • Capture a photo of the ghost 
  • Detect a ghost presence with a motion sensor

2. What Insurance Does 

Not every game will be flawless. Sometimes, when you're caught with the ghost, you'll be required to enter the afterlife with them. That's just your luck, right? So, how are you supposed to gain money from this?

You will inevitably acquire more insurance the easier the game is for you to play. Once you've made the decision to attempt professional difficulty, your insurance won't be refunded. It’s a risk, but we know that the higher the difficulty, the more money you will ultimately earn. It’s really up to you which you prefer.

1.  Look out! There’s An Interaction

(Sart at 0:06 seconds in for the first ghost interaction) 

You can profit from every ghost interaction that takes place in the game. Just be certain that you or your teammate is carrying a camera. You can detect interactions rather easily, and you don't run the chance of dying from them. As long as it's not a hunt anyways.

Here is a list of some interactions that you could take a picture of for money:

  • The Music box (While its playing) 
  • The Ouija Board 
  • Rocking chair (That’s currently moving)
  • The shower running
  • Dirty water in the sink
  • The light flashing 
  • The ghost presenting itself 
  • The phone ringing 

With a little patience and gameplay, you will be making infinite money in no time. By watching the videos I have presented to you, it should show anyone the right steps to becoming rich!

On the game. Not real life, sorry! 

The final piece of advice I have for you is to refrain from using every piece of gear you own in every game. So that you won't lose a lot of money or your belongings if you do die, make sure your teammates are also packing equipment.

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