Phasmophobia: How To Use Ouija Board

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In Phasmophobia, we get a bunch of exciting cursed objects to use in all of the maps.  The Ouija board is one among them. It’s mainly used to communicate with the ghost when you ask certain questions, although the cost will be your sanity. The Ouija board is one of the best ways to find the ghost room.

Once you have found the Ouija board and have finished using it, make sure to take a picture of the board to get some money at the end.

Step 1:  What Are The Chances In Getting A Ouija Board?

As there are six different cursed objects for the map to randomly pick, you have 1 in 6 chances per game. Each cursed object will have a specific spawn location in each contract map you enter.

So what do you do if you discover the Ouija board?

Step 2:  Activating The Ouija Board 

After picking up the Ouija board, you can start using it by left-clicking and asking specific questions. A helpful suggestion would be to place an EMF reader on top of the board while it is active to see whether there will be an EMF surge. It's time to start asking the correct questions to provoke a response after it has been triggered.

If you're careful, you could use the Ouija board more than once. However, don't leave it on for too long or you'll start a hunt!

Step 3: What Are The Questions To Ask?

The great part of phasmophobia is that  you can ask the ghost loads of questions using a Ouija board.

The main things to ask are:

  • Where are you?
  • How did you die?
  • How old are you?
  • Where is the bone?
  • What is the purpose?
  • Hide and seek?

Step 4: Getting a Response 

As long as you've followed the rules, the Ouija board will respond to your questions. The board can be used almost anywhere on the map as long as you’re on the property. Be careful to say "Goodbye" to the Ouija board when you have finished asking the questions to turn it off.

This is due to the fact that after a considerable amount of time, you will cause the board to break.

If interested, here are other ways to break a Ouija board:

  • You or your teammate asking questions when the sanity is extremely low
  • Saying goodbye with zero sanity
  • Playing hide and seek 

The player who has activated the board, forgetting to say goodbye and moves more than five metres from the still activated ouija board. 

Step 5: Hey Ghost? Let’s Play Hide And Seek!

In my opinion, one of the coolest aspects of phasmophobia is the game of hide and seek. If you want the ghost to play hide and seek, ask the Ouija board this. After the board counts down from five to zero, you will need to hide since the ghost will start looking for you.

Although there is a chance of death when playing this game, it's nevertheless a fun side activity for everyone. After you've played hide and seek, your sanity will have completely vanished, rendering the board useless.

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