[Top 5] Phasmophobia Best Items And Why They Are Great

Ghost in Phasmophobia
Get to know the ghosts of your nightmare on Phasmophobia

Be the best and fastest ghost hunter on the ever-growing co-op horror title, Phasmophobia, by picking up the right items.

The most important part of this experience is to know which items are precisely what you need to have in your kit. Knowing your equipment will not only get the job done but also improve your ghost hunting experience and time efficiency. 

Here are the top 5 items that are simply the best for your next ghost hunting sessions.

5. Ouija Board

The Ouija Board is one of the mediums used to communicate with the ghost by asking multiple types of questions

The ability to trade your sanity with a little bit of information about the dead is what makes the fun of playing Phasmophobia everlasting. 

The Ouija Board is used as a medium to ask the ghost definitive questions. The board has a 50% chance of spawning on specific locations of each map with a guaranteed spawn on the Nightmare difficulty. 

What makes the Ouija Board awesome?

  • A chance to get the EMF 5  ghost evidence when it gives an answer
  • Gain extra money when you capture a photo of the board and an interaction picture bonus when you get an answer
  • The monitor that shows players’ sanity level is broken in Nightmare difficulty, the board can be used to ask about the players’ sanity level

How to get the item: The Ouija Board can be found on certain areas for each map, see here.

Here are more details about the Ouija Board.

4. Photo Camera

Bring home visual proof of your ghost hunting experience with the photo camera and get rewards by doing so

Time to flex your photography skill and level up your credibility as a ghost hunter using the photo camera. 

Although this item does not directly contribute to gathering the ghost evidence, it is a significant item to collect rewards as well as finishing objectives and daily challenges. 

Tip: Goes hand in hand with the previous item, the Ouija Board, you can get two photo rewards from the board alone. Take a photo of the board then an interaction photo for when the ghost answers a question. 

What makes the Photo Camera awesome?

  • A maximum of $40 for photo rewards to be collected
  • Get photos of the bone, the cursed possessions, and most importantly, the ghost
  • For every player, the photos taken are rendered individually, your ghost hunting partner might not see what you saw!

How to get the item: Included in the starter pack and available for purchase in the inventory at $40

See more details on the photo camera here.

3. Video Camera

The video camera provides a live feed to your ghost hunting partners as well as a crucial item to gather the ghost orb evidence

What is paranormal hunting without a video camera that gives live feed to your base? The brand-new video camera featured with night vision mode is meant to help you observe ghost orb which is one of the ghost evidence. 

The video camera can be set on a tripod and watched through a live feed monitor in the van. The video camera now gives you a live preview as you carry the video camera, no more tiring trips to the van. 

What makes the video camera awesome?

  • The night vision mode helps you to get a better vision of the ghost’s presence especially through the D.O.T.S Projector
  • Find ghost evidence without risking your lives entering the haunted house once you have set up the video cameras inside

How to get the item: Included in the starter pack and available for purchase in the inventory at $50

More details on the video camera can be found here.

2. Spirit Box

Another item that acts as a medium between you and the ghost, listening to what the ghost has to say

It is your turn to communicate with the hunted as you soak in their evil energy. The Spirit Box allows you to hear the voice of what you are searching for, not available to be heard anywhere else. 

As a crucial piece of equipment to find the Spirit Box evidence, this item makes it to the top 2, not just for its function but also the entertainment you can get out of it. Kinetic Games has brought multiple updates to Phasmophobia including a recent one that reinvented the Spirit Box. 

Similar to the Ouija Board, this item lets you ask a list of questions that can lead you to the ghost’s location and to get more personal with the dead. It is always thrilling to ask multiple questions as you get to hear the ghost’s voice.

What makes the Spirit Box awesome?

  • There is a decent number of questions you can ask using the Spirit Box and a fan favorite is “Are you French?” which was discovered by Phasmophobia top streamer, Insym. Try it yourself to get the answer!
  • Asking a lot of questions nearby the haunted area will increase ghost activity and interactions

How to get the item: Included in the starter pack and available for purchase in the inventory at $50

Explore more about the Spirit Box here

1. EMF Reader

Detect paranormal activity around you by using this electromagnetic field reader or known as the EMF reader in the game

The most versatile item in the game, functioning both as an important indicator of ghost activities as well as a tool to get the EMF 5 ghost evidence. 

The EMF Reader lights up accordingly to the level of paranormal activity detected, level 5 reading is one of the ghost evidence. Expert use of this item will easily let you find the ghost location sooner than using other indicators. 

What makes the EMF Reader awesome?

  • Identify the ghost room by detecting any paranormal activity 
  • An EMF reading helps to detect ghost interactions and lead you to missed ghost evidence
  • Helps you to get closer to the ghost’s active area making it easier to take a photo of the ghost 

How to get the item: Included in the starter pack and available for purchase in the inventory at $45

More details on the EMF reader are here.

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