Phasmophobia Guide: How To Play Phasmophobia Like A Pro [35 Useful Tips You Should Know]

A brilliant horror game with plenty of laughter, enjoyment, and some scary moments.

A psychological horror from Kinetic Games will not only make you jump out of your skin and possibly give you nightmares, but will also make for a hilarious evening. The game Phasmophobia is quite affordable and has excellent reviews on Steam. So, without further ado, let's embark on this game and get our ghost on!

Here Are 35 Useful Tips That Will Make You Play Like A Pro, So, Buckle Up.

35. Do Not Forget Your Equipment! 

Main Equipment in Phasmophobia.

This advice is quite typical. No equipment during a game? Well, you might as well stand in the dark and wait for the ghost to get you. You should at the very least have these before loading into a game.

  • A UV Light
  • A Video Camera 
  • Multiple Photo Cameras
  • A Spirit Box
  • A Ghost-writing book
  • A Thermometer 
  • Some Flashlights 
  • EMF reader

34. Know What Each Equipment Is Used For

  • The EMF reader is great for pinpointing where the ghost could be.
  • Fingerprints will only show up under a UV light
  • Using a thermometer can be useful to find a ghost. A low temperature below two Celsius, usually means the ghost is nearby. 
  • A video camera is important when looking for orbs or paired with a D.O.T.S Projector

33. Types Of Ghosts

Twenty-four different forms of ghosts are now present in Phasmophobia. Finding the evidence is important as this will narrow down the list until you find which ghost is haunting the location where you are currently.

32. Which Ghosts Are Faster Than Others

If ghost speeds weren't present, the game wouldn't be complete! Considering that, beware of the ghosts that move quickly. Depending on specific factors, such as temperature or level of sanity, some may move faster than others. 

31. What Should Make You Some Money

For this game, money is important. Money buys equipment, and equipment makes you a ghost detective. Making money is pretty simple; take photos of ghost activity and evidence. You can get money by finding objects like the bone and making an accurate guess of the ghost.

30. Do Not Ignore The Objective Board 

Let’s not be like Karen and neglect the objective board.  Bad joke, I know, but stay with me here. The objective board is crucial because it not only instructs you on how to begin the game but also serves as a means of payment. And having money prevents a ghost hunter from being broke!

29. Radio Communication 

If you have decided to join a game with teammates and want to become the new ghost busters, then make sure you’re in contact with each other throughout the game. People, use your radios!

28. The Map In The Van

Willow Street house map.

This piece of advice is very basic. A map of the location you have selected ought to be in the van. A short glance will always help you locate the circuit breaker.

27. Sanity and Total Activity

Hey, listen, losing your sanity may not happen in real life, but it does happen in the video game Phasmophobia. The less sanity you have, the more likely ghost activities and hunts will happen.

26. Keeping An Eye On Your Sanity  

Take care of your sanity, just like in advice number twenty-seven. If you and your team's sanity is low, more hunts will go on. Take a quick glance once you are inside the van and pray it is not zero.

25. Sanity Pills

You must be wondering how to maintain your sanity. Well, you have come to the right place. Buy sanity pills before you enter the game. It will raise your sanity and keep those hunts to a minimum.

24. Entering The House 

It might be rather unsettling to enter the house when you are initially starting this game because you know something bad is about to happen. So just unwind. Explore the space and become familiar with it.

23. Looking Out For All Possible Hiding Spots

Phasmophobia relies heavily on hiding places. Eventually, after playing the game like your life depends on it, you will know where the hiding spots will be. When the ghost is hunting, don’t be afraid to hide.

22. Finding The Circuit Breaker 

The circuit breaker, I see. Why would you want to play a horror game in the light? Well, it’s quite simple. Having the light on will slow down your sanity but be careful not to put on too many lights on, as you might blow the fuse.

21. Having The Lights Off

A great aspect of the game is playing it in the dark. However, did you know that your sanity deteriorates more quickly if the circuit breaker is out, and the lights are off? Which increases ghost hunting more quickly.

20. Cursed Voodoo Doll

Pick up any Voodoo Dolls you find but use them with caution. The doll has ten pins and when pushed it will cause a ghost interaction. Of course, there’s also a possibility that you will strike the heart and cause a hunt.

19. Haunted Mirror

The Haunted Mirror is great for when you want to find which room the ghost is in. This will reduce your sanity by 10%. The danger of using the mirror is that it will break if you use it for an extended period of time, which will result in a hunt. So put down the mirror quickly, and let’s not give you seven years of bad luck, or an angry ghost.

18. Ouija Board

This cursed object is voice-recognized and you can ask questions like "Where are you?"

Playing hide and seek is really popular. This will cause a hunt, and you have to hide. Well, I don’t think I need to tell you how to play hide and seek, so onto the next tip!

17. Music Box

The ghost will sing for you after activation. Although it isn't comparable to X Factor singing, it will help you locate the ghost. Just be careful not to drop the music box or you will get…you guessed it. A hunt.

16. Tarot Cards

Tarot cards are a neat trick to use with ten randomly generated cards. They can cause you to be hunted, to die and be reborn, and to lose or gain sanity.

15. Summoning Circle

The summoning circle is great for when you need to take a picture of the ghost. Each candle you light will reduce the sanity of those nearby by sixteen percent, and the ghost will remain motionless for five seconds before hunting. 

14. Top Ways To Find The Ghost Room

  • Thermometer- A low temperature below two Celsius shows you are near the ghost.
  • EMF reader- The EMF will go off when you are close or in the ghost room.
  • Video camera- if you can see orbs in the camera then you’re in the ghost room. 
  • Salt- This will show you if the ghosts are nearby. They will step in the salt. 

13. Finding The Ghost Room

It's time to start setting up your room after using the equipment to locate the ghost room. Return to the van and retrieve additional supplies.

12. Leaving A Video Camera In The Room

If you leave the video camera in the ghost room, it will record any orbs that are present.  Paired with D.O.T.S. You can also see if the ghost walks across the room. Just go to the van to have a look. Well, at least a few ghosts aren’t camera shy!

11. At All Times Leave The Spirit Box On

Leave the spirit box on in case that specific ghost wishes to communicate with you or alert you to their proximity. They'll ultimately start talking. I mean, it must be lonely to be dead, right? converse with them!

10. Ghosts Can Hear You!

They can hear when you talk, as if hearing them speak to you wasn't horrible enough. They will become enraged by hearing their name, leading to a ghost interaction or perhaps a hunt.

9. Look Out For Any Ghost Activity Or Hunting Signs 

The prior tips I've already given you will explain ghost activity. It's important to know that by getting a response from them, gathering proof will be lot simpler. Don't forget to record the supporting information in your journal.

8. The First Hunt 

A ghost hunting. Yikes.

The honoured guest has thus decided to show up. Well, I’m sure you will be curious to see what the ghost looks like but standing there will only get you killed. In other words, RUN!

7. Hide And Be Quiet

You can either continue to try to outrun the ghost or hide and remain silent at this moment. Don't be startled if the ghost shows up if you decide to have a casual conversation with your teammate while you are hiding. Remember this: They can hear you.

6.  Save The Running If You Are Being Chased

Try to wait to run until you really must get away from the ghost. Some ghosts are swift, as I just mentioned, so you'll need to flee. Be prepared to enter the afterlife with your new roommate if you choose to walk. The ghost!

5. What Hearing A heartbeat Means

What do you do if you unexpectedly hear a heartbeat while hunting? Make sure it's the game and not you, though. Try not to panic; it only indicates how close you are to the ghost. Therefore, keep quiet and conceal your whereabouts.

4. Smudge stick And Flashlight

There’s a fast ghost chasing you like a cheetah chasing its food. What do you do? Use a smudge stick to slow the ghost down until you can hide! Another trick will be to keep your flashlight off when you are hidden.

3. Be Quick Once Sanity Is Down

Your level of sanity has dropped to zero since the sanity pills were lost or stolen. You can take steps to give yourself more time, even though the game has simply become harder because hunts will occur more frequently. Hunting will end temporarily if a cross is placed in the space. Be prompt, and when completed, go.

2. What Happens When You Die 

The afterlife 

Oh dear. You have died. The world will not perish because of this.  When you have died, there isn’t much you can do.  However, a useful tip would be to move about the map and keep an eye on the other players. It's never too late to pick up fresh tricks for Phasmophobia.

1. When And If You Win

I'm glad you figured out what kind of ghost it was. You will have made some money if you have taken photos, located the bone, and the cursed object. Even though nobody will succeed every time, it's still a fun little horror game to play with your buddies.

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