Phasmophobia: How To Blow Out The Candle

Bet you didn’t know that a candle can be used for more than bringing light into a room. In phasmophobia the ghosts can interact with a candle and blow the light off. One of the main points for a candle is to prevent the sanity from going down quickly when in the dark. 

There is also an optional objective to have a ghost blow out a candle. Here are some steps on how to use a candle correctly. 

Step 1: Where To Place The Candle

You can place the candle pretty much anywhere as long as it's in the ghost room or around it. The best way to place a candle down for the ghost to blow out is if it's on the floor, or on a table close to where the ghost spawns.

Step 2: Lighting It May Help

You or your teammate will need to also have a lighter for you to be able to light the candle, pretty standard stuff, right? 

When you place the candle in the spot you want it at, you can light the candle and wait for the ghost to blow it out. 

Step 3: How Does It Work?

You are best making sure the candle is no more than four metres to where the ghost spawns to give you the best chance for the candle to work. If the candle hasn’t been blown out within a few minutes you may find it has extinguished itself. So, make sure to relight it.

Step 4: What’s That? An Onryo

One ghost to essentially watch out for when lighting a candle is the Onryo. They don’t like light and if they blow it out, you will have a chance of a hunting phase. Some ghosts just prefer the dark. 

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