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tips and tricks for beginners
A Guide for all beginner players

TFT is one of the most popular games right now, and it’s a game mode in League of Legends. TFT became a really playable game as it is cross-platform, which allows everyone to play it together. It also has short games, which allow you to pick a game or two if you are in a hurry.

TFT is all about strategies and tactics and a little bit of luck as you have to build teams that can have multiple champions that would have the same synergies.

In this article, we are going to discuss 10 guides that would help you improve your gameplay and increase your chances of winning and getting to the top.

TFT Tips and Tricks to Master the Game:


10. Mastering the Basics of TFT

TFT is all about champions, traits, augments, and items, so you have to make sure you know exactly what each of them can do.

You should also read each trait and know its champions so that you can get the most out of the combo. Remember that more traits activated means more benefits for the team, so you have to place champions that can have synergy.

Items are a primary key to victory; you have to know what each item can do and which champion can do the best with this particular item. As there are tank, AD, AP, and utilising items, you need to know which item can work the best with which champion to maximise their output.

Positioning can have a huge impact on your team. You might win a fight even if your champions aren’t in the best shape, or you might lose a fight having the best champions placed in the wrong spots.

You need to make sure that your carries are the last to die, so position them behind tanks so that they can deal the maximum damage they are able to throughout the fight.

Also as a beginner, you need to be aware of how to level up and reroll; they both cost you gold, and you need to make sure you spend this gold in the right place, so you need to know when to level up. For example, if your combo requires an extra level or two, you need to focus on levelling up; if you are playing a comp that is high in cost, you need to prioritise levelling up to high levels before rerolling; in another case, if you are playing low-cost comps, you need to prioritise rerolling, as the higher you go in level, the less low-cost champions are 


9. Know when to be flexible

You can either be the player who sticks to the same comp that he knows the best and gets placed in the top 4 every game, or you can be the player who is open to different comps based on the champions and items he gets. Both are good, but know when to be this or that.

If you are lucky to have the champions of the comp you know the best, go for it so that you can increase your chances of winning the game, but if the odds are against you, don’t hesitate to change it and go with the flow. So if you scout your enemies and more than one is playing the same comp, it will be a hard game, but you can contest and win the battle.

The shop pool is made of 18 copies of each champion, so make sure how to get the best out of them so you can go for calculated risks and taking a bold move if you find out that they will pay off. Changing your whole team in the late game can be a great way to adapt to the game.

You can always practise new combos of champions and items in unranked games so you don’t lose your LP; this will help you find new powerful and effective tactics to win more games.

Knowing when to change your combo and which combo to choose is an advanced step you will get to by playing multiple games to understand how the shop works and to master the opponent scouting feature.

You also need to keep an eye on the patch notes to know what has been buffed and what has been nerfed so that you can always be up to date and play the most powerful comps.


8. Managing your gold

There are a lot of gold basics that you need to understand, starting from the interest you receive (the more you save, the more you get), the levelling up techniques, and the rerolling times. They are all related to how you spend your gold, and the more you get familiar with the gold basics, the more games you will win.

Keep in mind that you receive 1 extra gold each round for each 10 gold saved, capped at 50 gold with 5 gold interest per round unless you have the "Rich Get Richer" augment, which increases the cap to 70 gold with 7 gold interest per round.

You should keep in mind that stronger comps with a high cost require a lot of gold and a higher level, so you need to spend your gold on levelling up while saving some to get interest until you reach high levels like level 8 or 9, but in case you are playing a low cost champion, you can save up to 50 gold to get the maximum interest and then start spending on rerolling so that you can level up your champions at low levels.

You need to keep an eye out for useless champions that you have either on the bench or on the board so that you can sell them to earn some extra gold for better combos, whether you got those champions from an orb, bought them by mistake, or even if you are changing the combo in mid or late game, you will need to sell your old champions.

Taking your opponent’s gold into consideration can give you a huge advantage as you can predict their next moves and counter-play them.


7. Scout your opponents more often

The scouting feature is a huge option that, if used right, can give you the advantage over your opponents and lead to a victory.

When scouting your opponent, have a look at their composition, item build, and positioning, as this would help you counter them with the right positioning of your team or the right positioning of items such as frozen heart or how to place your assassins to make sure they take out his carries in the early round.

So make sure to always scout them and predict their next moves or counter their current strategy, but most importantly, make sure to scout your own board so that you know what gaps you have and what improvements your team needs to get the best out of them.


6. Poisitioning is a primary key to victory

Keep in mind that not every champion has the same range of attacking or defending stats, so you need to position them in the right places to get the maximum output and win your rounds.

Make sure to place champions that have area effect abilities in the right places opposite to the enemies’ most crowded spots so that the area effect can deal damage to all of them. Also,  if you have group area items, try to group your champions so that they can all get the benefit.

If your opponent has assassins or area damage items or abilities, try to separate your team so that they don’t get affected by the damage.

Placing your carries in the corners would protect them from taking much damage, so always place your carries behind your tanks so that they don’t die in the early round, then you would find yourself with no damage dealers.

Always practise different positioning strategies in unranked games so that you don’t waste your LP, or if you know what you are doing in ranked, go for it to dodge or counterplay your opponent's strategies.


5. Defensive items are important

Defensive items are just as important as offensive items such as the Dragon’s Claw, Bramble Vest, and Warmog’s armour; they can give you a huge advantage in late-game rounds.

Balancing between the defensive and offensive items will ensure that your damage dealers are dealing the damage needed while being protected by the tanks on the front lines; don’t neglect the tanks, as if they died, your damage dealers wouldn’t stand long enough to win you the round.

Also, defensive items are a huge counter to some champions, such as the Frozen Heart, which would cause pain for your opponents champions that rely on attack speed. Some items can also greatly help your team sustain more damage and survive for longer periods of time, such as the Redemption.

Defensive items in the early game can be a huge advantage for you as they would allow you to survive the early rounds of the game, which would allow you to save more gold and earn more interest, so always look to balance between the defensive items and the offensive ones.


4. Upgrade your main champions

Knowing who’s your core and main champion is an essential tactic, as it will help you focus your gold and rerolls on them, which will save you tonnes of gold and free up space for more copies of the champion.

Wasting resources on champions that are not the main part of the comp could lead to a defeat, so focus them on the main ones by selling weak champions, and if you changed the comp, sell the old champions so that you can gain more money and free up space for the new champions, as you only have nine free spaces on the bench to have unused champions.

If you find yourself with a low-level main champion, consider levelling it up if it costs 3-5 gold, which will increase your chance of having more copies of the champion in the shop.


3. Set a goal

Having a specific goal each round would help you build the best team, so always have a goal such as levelling up, getting a copy of a particular champion, or even activating a specific trait; all of this will put you at the top of the list.

Also, keep your eyes on the items that you get, as this will help you adjust your whole team without falling behind.

If you find yourself falling behind, start spending some gold and changing the strategy, position, or even the comp as a whole so that you can get back on track and catch up with your opponents.


2. Learn from your mistakes

Losing a round or even a game can happen, and nothing is wrong with that, but leaving it behind as if nothing happened is the wrong action that you don’t want to do.

Losing a game is a new opportunity to learn and improve your tactics. Instead of leaving the game or losing your temper, look back at the round or the game to know what gaps you had and how to improve them by watching pro players, joining TFT communities, or reading more about the game itself and how to improve this part.

Playing with someone who is higher ranked than you could be a great advantage for you, as his coaching advice would help you improve. Also keep in mind to stay positive, as a positive attitude will help you stay focused and motivated to play more games with better strategies.

You can always take a look at each round and ask yourself, Why did I lose this round? Was it bad positioning for a champion or an item, or was it bad gold spending technique that I needed to improve?



Keep in mind that TFT is a fun game to play, and the goal of playing is to have fun and enjoy the experience you are currently having. Losses can happen to even the most professional player, so stay positive and calm and enjoy your games.

Always look for different comps and new updates that might nerf or buff champions so that you can always play with the strongest champions that are currently in the meta.

Also, playing with friends can be pretty fun, so match up with your friends to play against each other or even go for a double-up game mode with your partner to help each other win the game against three other teams.

TFT always has new modes, so stay tuned for new modes that are made just to have fun and where you won’t be losing your LP.


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