[Top 10] Teamfight Tactics Best Champions That Wreck Hard!

Teamfight Tactics Best Champion
Strong champions won't put us down. They'll climb us up to the top!

10. Kai’Sa

Kai'Sa, the Daughter of the Void

Kai’Sa is part of the few Valkyrie’s and she is Infiltrator by class. She is great at dealing enormous damage although she has the value of two points of interest. She proves that the quality doesn’t have to be all in expenses!

->In what Kai’Sa excels in:

  • As we mentioned in the review from above, Kai’Sa is great at dealing enormous damage;
  • As Infiltrator, at the beginning of each combat, she jumps to the opponent’s backline which causes disabling of probably the strongest enemy champions!

->Why we consider her S-Tier:

  • Because of the only 2 points of interest which give us the chance to get her the highest Star level through the course of the game!
  • Also, she has great Traits which allows us to get Kai’Sa in comp with other S-Trait’s champions.

9.Xin Zhao 

Xin Zhao, the Seneschal of Demacia

Xin Zhao is part of the Celestials and by a class he is Protector. What makes Xin Zhao an exception is his strength to tank enormous damage and his power to deal one!

->In what Xin Zhao excels in:

  • Front lining and absorbing enormous damage!
  • Excessive healing and shielding!
  • Conceding damage even though with his role as Protector!

->Why we consider Xin in S-Tier:

  • Available before the start of the battle with our first opponent!
  • Easily gettable to level 3 by the time we ménage to complete our battleground!


Vel'Koz, the Eye of the Void

As Sorcerer and one of the Voids, Vel’Koz is sure something we need to conquer the battlegrounds of the TFT!

->In what Vel’Koz excels in:

  • His spell cast which rotates from one side of the battlefield to the opposite!
  • His covering a great length with his spell which allows him to covers from opponents front to the opponent's backline!
  •  His damage causing to enemies per spell cast!

->Why we consider Vel’Koz in S-Tier:

  • Activating the Voids Trait, which allows him to deal True damage!
  • Along with the Sorcerers, he is unstoppable!
  • Allowance to make awesome comps with champions from the lowest to the highest point of interest!

7. Shaco

Shaco, the Demon Jester

A clown who will kill the opponent instead of fooling him, Shaco, an Infiltrator is part of the Dark Stars and sure it’s someone who you want to be on your side of the team!

->In what Shaco excels in:

  • As an Infiltrator, he jumps to the backline of the opponent at the start of each battle!
  • His unique spell allows him to move around the battlefield freely and even dodging opponents spell casts!
  • Deals great amount of damage to his targets!

->Why we consider Shaco in S-Tier:

  • If he’s combined with the Infiltrators, with his attack speed he causes a lot of trouble!
  • Also, combined with Dark Stars, Shaco will receive an exclusive amount of bonuses through the game!
  • Great to make numerous comps with champions from a high value of interest!

6. Jinx

Jinx, the Loose Cannon

As previously known as one-of-a-kind troublemaker, Rebel-ion Jinx, with her Blasting ability can make us cry, with the tears of Victory!

->In what Jinx excels in:

  • For the first takedown, whether she pulled the last hit or not, she gains an excessive bonus of attack speed!
  • And after the second takedown, she takes out her rocket launcher. With this launcher, she causes her basics to deal magic damage to the surrounding opponents of her target!

->Why we consider  Jinx in S-Tier:

  • Great possibility to make comps with champions from the lowest to the highest points of interest!
  • Activating the Blaster Trait among her rocket launcher can means damage to all opponents!
  • If we combine her with the Rebellions, Jinx will probably slay her opponents first before the shield runs out!

5. Ekko

Ekko, the Boy who Shattered Time

The troublemaker Ekko, a Cybernetic and Infiltrator is sure the best one to make comps!

->In what Ekko excels in:

  • His ability to stop the time and move quickly through the battleground!
  • With his ability, he covers every living opponent champions and causing them damage!
  • Dealing abnormal damage through the course of the combat!

->Why we consider Ekko in S-Tier:

  • He is one of the Cybernetics, so if that Trait is active, he gains exclusive bonuses!
  • As part of Infiltrators, Ekko causes trouble to the opponent's backline though the combat!
  • He is one part of the champions with the highest value of interest!

4. Jhin

Jhin, the Virtuoso

Part of the Darks Stars and the best Sniper there is, having Jhin on our team will only increase the chance of climbing, or rather staying on the top!

->In what Jhin excels in:

  • His actual ability/passive it doesn’t have negative sides! He ménages to load the guns faster than ever!
  • Every fourth attack is a powerful critical strike!

->Why we consider Jhin in S-Tier:

  • As previously mentioned, Jhin is the best Sniper there is and along with that comp, he sure can be the trouble!
  • When combined with Dark Stars and standing in the backline, Jhin will get an enormous amount of damage!
  • Ability to activate both Tiers with champions from every point of interest!

3. Irelia

Irelia, the Blade Dancer

As part of the Cybernetics, Irelia is also a great Blademaster and one the Mana-Reavers! That’s right, 3 Traits and only one champion!

In what Irelia excels in:

  • Her spell cast to dash from one opponent to another!
  • Her excessive damage-dealing through the course of the combat!
  • If she takedowns her target, Irelia casts her spell again immediately

Why we consider Irelia in S-Tier:

  • Irelia has 3 Traits which are allowing her to be combined with other S-Tier champions!
  • She is available to stand in both the front and back lines and still cause enormous damage!
  • With activated all of her Traits, she can be the supreme one of our comp!

2. Kayle

Kayle, the Righteous

With the oath to always fight for justice, a Valkyrie and one of the best Blademasters, Kayle is sure one of the champions we like to have on our side!

->In what Kayle excels in:

  • Her blasting ability to cause a great amount of damage to the opponents!
  • With her launching waves from basics, which deal magic damage until the end of the combat!

->Why we consider Kayle in S-Tier:

  • Activating the Valkyrie trait along with Kayle is sure one of the best combinations there is!
  • Along with the Blademasters, she is probably the one who makes the most of the damage!
  • If added bonus items with attack speed, she sure can be game-changer!

1.Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune, the Bounty Hunter

As one of the top champions on our list, Miss Fortune, a Valkyrie, Blaster, and Mercenary is something that your opponent doesn’t want to see!

->In what Miss Fortune excels in:

  • Her unique spell cast which can make enormous damage!
  • Hers 3 Traits which can be activated with only combining of 2 allied champions!
  • The upgrades of her spell which can cause the opponent even more trouble!

->Why we consider Miss Fortune in S-Tier:

  • She is one of the few champions with the highest points of interest!
  • Also one of the 2 champions who have several upgrades of spells available in the shop!
  • Possibility to activate Valkyrie and Blaster Traits, which can lead her causing damage that we can’t even imagine!

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