[Top 10] Teamfight Tactics Best Augments Every Player Should Use

Augments will establish the difference between a good comp and a great comp!

Augments are a fundamental part of TFT. To further improve your champs, use augments to receive economic, attack-based, or many more bonuses. Now, there are three tiers to TFT augments and it obviously wouldn’t make sense only to put tier 3 augments in this tier list. Therefore, we will exclude any augments that exist for all three tiers. We will also exclude emblem augments as these can’t really be ranked and depend more on your specific situation.

Now that we’ve established some rules, let’s get into the Top 10 Augments in TFT as of right now!


10. Jeweled Lotus

“Magic and true damage from your units' Abilities can critically strike. Your units gain 25% Critical Strike Chance.”

We all know how mana/ap items are usually given to magic-damage based champs and physical-damage based champs get all the benefits from crit damage. With this augment, you can get the best of both worlds. You would typically need a Jeweled Gauntlet for magic damage to be able to crit, however, this not only skips that part but also allows the entire team to crit with magic damage.

  • Great for Dragons!

For dragons, like Shyvana, Aurelion Sol, and Ao Shin, the ability to crit without the need of a jeweled gauntlet is a massive advantage.

  • Commit to critical attack items

To actually take advantage of this augment, make sure to use items such as the Infinity Edge in your magic-damage dealing carry in order to increase their crit attack chance and damage.

  • When to pick?

Particularly useful if you get this either on your first or second augment pick, but not as recommended for your third pick since it’s probably too late for you to build a comp that benefits from it.

More info: https://www.metasrc.com/tft/augment/jeweledlotus


9. Rich Get Richer

“Gain 10/15 gold. Your maximum interest is increased to 7."

There are two variants of this augment, and although their name and picture may be the same you need to take a closer look to know if you’ll receive either 10 or 15 gold. If handled correctly, you could have some insane economy and therefore have a big advantage over your opponents.

  • Level 9 has never been easier

If you want to reach level 9 without sacrificing your overall comp power, this is the augment for you.

  • When to pick?

It’s especially useful for early game as it will give you a massive advantage over your opponents right off the bat.

  • Economy is key!

Please don’t go crazy with the gold that you’ve been given and instead use it wisely to actually take advantage of having an increased interest.

More info: https://www.metasrc.com/tft/augment/richgetricher


8. Second Wind

“After 10 seconds of combat, your units heal 40%/60% of their missing Health."

There’s a tier-1 and a tier-2 version of this augment. Don’t let that fool you though, both are insanely useful. Just think about it. The tank of your comp has a total of 3000 health. Over the course of 10 seconds, they lose 2000 of it. They could regain a massive 800 - 1200 health, basically stalling the opponent for even longer. It’s super useful!

  • Comp Strategies

Do not pick this if you rely mainly on dealing damage, rather than tanking damage out as damage dealers can die out very quickly and not take advantage of this at all.

  • Use items to your advantage

By picking health items, such as Warmog’s Armor, you’ll have a higher initial health stat, which will obviously make a noticeable difference with this augment. 

More info: https://www.metasrc.com/tft/augment/secondwindii


7. Thrill of the Hunt

“Your units heal 400/700 Health on kill.”

This is yet another augment with a tier 1 and tier 2 variation. It’s basically the opposite of the previous augment. And although in this case the latter is considerably better, you definitely won’t regret picking the tier 1 variant either. 

  • A beginner-friendly augment

Unlike the previous augment, there’s no need for a big tank because hey, who minds some extra healing? It just means you can use this on any comp, which is great for beginners!

  • Pro Tip

If you have a super strong range attack carry, corner them up and cover them with all of your troops. You’re welcome. 

More info: https://www.metasrc.com/tft/augment/thrillofthehuntii


6. Cruel Pact

“Buying XP costs 6 Health instead of gold. Heal 3 Health each round.”

When this set first came out, you actually didn’t get the 3 health healing for each round, but they quickly realized picking this trait would limit you to leveling up to level 7. Now that you can heal, this augment is CRAZY. If you get this augment as your first pick, you’d be able to level up to 7 immediately. You will go on a crazy win streak and by the time your opponents catch up to you, you should have enough health to level up again. Pretty simple strategy. 

  • Don’t get carried away so easily!

Don’t get too cocky with this augment, as your health will be on a tightrope for most of the time and when you least expect it, you might be put against a stronger opponent, putting an end to your run.

  • Pro Tip

It’s not mandatory for you to level up to 7 as soon as you get this augment, however, it definitely is recommended as it will allow you to have a winning streak from very early in the game, therefore accumulating win streak interest.

More info: https://www.metasrc.com/tft/augment/cruelpact


5. Cursed Crown

“Gain +2 maximum team size, but take 100% increased player damage.”

Cursed Crown is probably the most controversial augment in this list. By gaining +2 team size, you would immediately have a massive advantage over your opponent. However, don’t be blinded by it as later in the game, any lost rounds will be seriously detrimental. You could be losing 3 fights and already be out of the game. 

  • Think about the comp you will play in advance

There’s a lot of space for different comps to be played and you must take full advantage of your increased team size with comps like Astral-Mage.

  • -When to pick

Getting this as your first pick is perfect. Can’t say the same about 2nd, let alone 3rd pick. As a 2nd pick, you still have some time to adjust your comp to this augment and take a win. However, you should probably skip out on it as a 3rd pick as your comp is probably already fully built so taking it may only make you lose immediately.  

More info: https://www.metasrc.com/tft/augment/cursedcrown


4. New Recruit

“Gain +1 maximum team size.”

A safer and more conservative version of the previous augment. This augment really is great. There’s not much else to say about it. You’re not taking any risks for an extra champ on your board, which is a massive boost!

  • Think about the comp you will play in advance:

My only tip for this augment is to play comps with an easy vertical trait climb. For example, Mage-Guild, Mage-Mystic, or Whispers-Cannoneer.

More info: https://www.metasrc.com/tft/augment/newrecruit


3. Think Fast

“Shop refreshes are free until the end of this round. Traits and other augments do not benefit from these free shops. Gain 8 gold.”

We’ve never seen an augment quite like this one in TFT before. And as its name says, once you pick it YOU HAVE TO THINK FAST. Not just that, if this shows up in your augment picks disregard the others immediately just so you don’t waste a single second of this precious time. You could 3-star your troops in no time, or even get higher rarity champs since you’re rolling so frequently.

  • When to pick

The only exception for this would be if you get it as your 1st augment pick, as your economy is probably very low at this point and most people don’t have a clear idea of what comp they’ll be playing at this point. Not only that but your chance of higher rarity troops is pretty low at this point so you’d be getting only 1-cost or 2-cost champs in your shop which is certainly not ideal.

More info: https://www.metasrc.com/tft/augment/thinkfast


2. Portable Forge

“Open an Armory and choose 1 of 3 unique Artifacts crafted by Ornn.”

Ah yes, Ornn artifacts. A set of 10 unique items that provide abilities that no other item does. 

Items really are a fundamental part of a strong comp, and having one of the Ornn artifacts can establish a big difference between you and your opponents.

  • Take a risk!

It is luck based, which means you won’t get that perfect item for your carry or for your tank 100% of the time, nevertheless, it’s definitely worth giving it a shot. The worst that could happen is that you still have a unique item for one of your champs.

  • Ornn Artifacts to look out for:

The best Ornn artifacts to look out for are probably Anima Visage, Infinity Force, and Gold Collector. This obviously still depends on what kind of comp you’re playing but those 3 will fit most comps pretty well.

More info: https://www.metasrc.com/tft/augment/pandorasitems


1. Pandora’s Items

“Gain a random component. At the start of each round, items on your bench are randomized (excluding Tactician's Crown, Spatula, and consumables).”

My reaction whenever I get to pick this augment in a game is pure happiness. It may not make your troops super strong or give you lots of abilities but this augment simply works. And it’s only a tier-1 augment, meaning you’’ probably find it more frequently than the rest. There’s nothing quite like having the peace of mind of not worrying about your items, as you’ll be able to get perfect items for your champs 100% of the time. Did you get an item that is useless for your comp? Don’t worry about it! Just wait until the next round and see if the new item works better.

  • A friendly reminder

Keep the items you do want either on a champ that’s on the board or on the bench. Numerous times have I accidentally forgotten to do so and I end up losing just the item that I needed.

  • Maximize your benefits from this augment

This will also randomize complete items, which means if you no longer need an item that you built early in the game, just let it sit on your bench for a while and seek something that will better suit your needs!

  • Pro Tip

For me, this is probably the only augment in the game that I would pick 100% of the time without even thinking about it. Yes, THE ONLY ONE. That should be an indicator for you as to how good it truly is.

More info: https://www.metasrc.com/tft/augment/pandorasitems

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