[Top 3] TFT Best Pyke Builds That Are Powerful

Best Pyke Builds in TFT
Hard to laugh with a hook through the cheek.

Pyke is a great champion in early game rounds or even late game rounds with his huge stun, as he also shares the hacker trait, which makes him a core champion in many combos.

Pyke also shares the Riftwalker trait, which must be activated while having Vex and Jhin around, or the emblems if you find them.

This is a full guide on how to best place Pyke in TFT to make sure you win your games and stun your enemies.

Let's see you get mouthy with a harpoon in your neck.

Pyke can always be a great pick in the early game rounds, dealing some good damage and stunning your enemies.

Everything about Pyke will be discussed down below, starting from the stats, traits, and items to the best combos that he can fit into to make sure you own the game.

Best Pyke builds in TFT Set 8.5

Pyke’s stats

  • Cost: 2
  • Health: 700 / 1260 / 2268
  • Mana: 120
  • Starting Mana: 60
  • Armor: 35
  • MR: 35
  • DPS: 38 / 68 / 122
  • Damage: 50 / 90 / 162
  • Atk Spd: 0.75
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 1

Pyke’s traits


Riftwalkers open a gap between dimensions and summon their ally Zac, who grows in power based on the star level of Riftwalkers. Zac gains the last-listed Trait of the closest Riftwalker.

  • 3 Summon Zac


Hackers gain Omnivamp and summon a H4ckerr!m. Any unit placed in the rider hex will be sent to the enemy backline and is untargetable for the first 2 seconds of combat. Omnivamp: heal for some of damage dealt.

  • 3 10% Omnivamp for Hackers
  • 4 20% Omnivamp, +15% for the rider
  • 5 40% Omnivamp, +30% for the rider

Pyke’s ability

Phantom Undertow

Pyke stabs his current target for true damage. He then summons a phantom at his current location and dashes behind the furthest enemy. After 1 second, the phantom returns to Pyke, stunning all enemies it passes through for and dealing magic damage to them.

  • Stab Damage: 120/180/280
  • Dash Damage: 70/105/165
  • Stun: 1.2/1.5/1.8 seconds

Carousel priority:

These are the components you would need to focus on since the very first circle in order as you will need them to build up the required items for the team in most of the comps you will find bellow:

Pyke’s best items

1-Ionic Spark

50% Shred enemies within 2 hexes. When enemies cast an Ability, they are also zapped for magic damage equal to 185% of their maximum Mana.

2-Jeweled Gauntlet

Grant 15 bonus Ability Power and 15% Critical Strike Chance.


Grants 15 bonus Ability Power. Magic or true damage from the holder's Ability 10% Burns and 33% Wounds enemies for the 10 seconds.

Best comps for Pyke



  • 5 Gadgeteen
  • 3 Hacker
  • 2 Heart
  • 2 Defender
  • 2 Ox Force
  • 2 Spellslinger

This is a slow reroll to level 8 to make sure you get everyone on your board to 3 stars so that you can get the best out of this team.

This team revolves around Gnar being on the Hecarim spot.

Best team for this comp:

1-Gnar would be the main damage dealer as he has huge area damage, and he will be turned into an assassin by having the Hacker trait activated.

2-Annie is the main tank in the frontline as she can sustain a lot of damage with her huge shield, and she will be adding to the Gadgeteen trait.

3-Viego can deal some good damage while being a Heart and Ox Force member.

4-Poppy is a great frontline player as a defender and gadgeteen.

5-Lulu will stack up AP as a Heart member, and she will be adding to the Gadgeteen trait.

6-Shen is the 2nd Defender member and also a Hacker member.

7-Pyke is the 2nd Hacker member, and he can give an advantage with his huge stun area.

8-Leblanc is a great damage dealer, and she will be activating the Spellslinger trait and the Hacker trait.



  • 4 Riftwalker
  • 3 Supers
  • 3 Hacker
  • 2 Mascot

In order to ensure that you level up your champions to the required level, this is a quick reroll to level 8, with a robust economy over 50 gold.

Zac is positioned above Pyke to trigger the Hacker trait, while Pyke serves as the major damage dealer in this combination.

Best group in this competition:

1-Pyke would be the major damage dealer because he is a hacker, gaining a ton of omnivamp and activating the hacker trait with Zac above him.

2-Vex will activate the Riftwalker and Mascot characteristics while doing some decent damage.

3-Jhin's Riftwalker trait will be active, and he will also be inflicting damage from the backlines.

4-Shen is a massive frontline tank who will also use the hacker trait.

5-Malphite is a front-line tank who can contribute one more to the Mascot trait while also doing some damage as a Supers trait member.

6-Lee Sin is the second member of the Supers.

7-As a member of the Supers, Gangplank can inflict some decent damage.



  • 6 Defender
  • 3 Hacker

This is a slow reroll to level 8 with a strong economy, trying to get everyone on your board to 3 stars as they all cost 1-3 gold, which will be pretty easy.

This comp revolves around Shen being the main damage dealer and being placed on the Hecarim spot.

Best team for this comp:

1-Shen is the main damage dealer as a Defender and hacker, but having his augment with you will make him a beast.

2-Leblanc will be dealing some good damage from the backlines, and she will be adding to the Hacker trait.

3-Pyke is the 3rd hacker, and he will be stunning enemies with his skill.

4-Poppy is a great defender on the frontlines.

5-Garen is one of the best Defender members on the frontlines, and his skill can stun the largest group of enemies.

6-Riven can sustain tons of damage on the frontline as a Defender.

7-Rell will be adding to the Defender trait.

8-Wukong is the 6th Defender member who will sustain some good damage on the frontlines.

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