[Top 3] Teamfight Tactics Best Idas Builds To Use

Best Idas Builds in TFT
Stronger than a tank and a Hulk.

Did someone call a tank?! Have you ever looked at this guy who is always getting 1st place, telling yourself, “How on earth can I kill his frontline?” Well, it’s Idas the Unbeatable Dragon.

Idas might not deal loads of damage, but she can indeed handle TONS of damage. This article shows how to use Idas in the best way. Following the guidelines and tips would guarantee you a front line that doesn’t fear death. Oh well, Idas doesn’t know what death is.

So rich that she hates gold.

Gold?! Diamond?! Idas, the Ancient Shimmerscale Dragon, She has everything that anyone could dream about. This behemoth needs nothing, but what she truly seeks is loyalty.

Other dragons’ goal was to fill their caves with jewels, but Idas cherished her devotion. Idas had a belief that her assistants and friends would always be there for her, waiting for nothing in return.

One day, Idas found out that everyone around her was there because of her treasure. She couldn’t stand this and killed every single one of them in fury.

She became lonely and unwanted. She yearned for more money and the love that she once had, but instead she became cursed. Having her scales change to gleaming gold that she alone admires.

Best Idas builds in TFT season 4 – stage II

Idas’s ability

Golden Scales

Idas hardens her scales for 2 seconds, reducing incoming damage. She then roars, healing herself and shielding other allies for 5 seconds. The shield grants 30% attack speed while it holds.

Damage Reduction: 30/50/300

Heal: 450/600/3000

Shield: 180/275/2000

Best items for Idas

1-Warmog’s Armor

Regenerates 3% of maximum health per second.

2-Dragon’s Claw

Grant 80 bonus Magic Resist. Every 2 seconds, regenerate 1.2% maximum health for each enemy targeting the holder. If the holder is a Dragon, increase all bonuses and effects by 20%.

3-Bramble Vest

When the wearer is hit by a basic attack, it deals 75/100/150 (based on star level) magic damage to all nearby enemies (2.5 second cooldown).

The best comps for Idas:

3) Dragon’s era

It’s the ultimate comp of Dragons, which will make you win every game. Getting 2 Dragons to 2 stars is a must so they can help you go on a winning streak. This build requires a strong economy since it contains 3 of the highest-priced champions.

The best team for this build:

1-Terra besides dealing a good percentage of damage, she will harden her scales for 8 seconds, giving them extra armor and magic resist.

2-Idas being hardened by Terra would make her a huge tank in addition to the extra item you would get.

3-Shyvana being the damage dealer as magic damage and knocking up everyone would be a huge advantage.

4-Au shin, stunning everyone and deleting everyone once he hit his skill.

5-Rakan adds to the Guardian, Mystic, and Ragewing traits.

6-Bard increases the odds of the shop getting as many dragons as you want and an additional Mystic

2) Keeping an eye on the Canonneer  

Earning loot as a Lagoon and dealing damage as a Cannoneer is Zeri’s main job as a damage carrier.

But guarding her is our beast’s job, Idas. Idas along with the guardians, can protect her from any threat.

This is a slow Zeri reroll until level 8. Try to get her to 3 stars along with the 2 and 3-cost champions.

The best team for this build:

1-Idas is in the front line, receiving all the enemy’s attacks while healing and shielding her team.

2-Seraphine healing and shielding the team while giving Zeri extra on-hit damage.

3-Rakan, adding 1 more to the Guardians and the Mystics.

4-Zac being a Lagoon to help Zeri earn more loot and protect her as a Guardian.

5-Braum is a Guardian with a huge shield and a mustache.

6-Zeri is the damage dealer while earning extra loot as a Lagoon.

7-Aphelios to activate the Cannoneer trait while dealing some good amounts of damage.

1) The Guardian beast with the Evoker beast

Going for this comp would mainly rely on Nomsy being an Evoker, which differs from one game to another. Having 4 Evokers would make Nomsy’s use of her skill unstoppable, and having Idas in the front line would give Nomsy enough time to deal TONS of damage.

The best team for this build:

1-Nomsy (Evoker), which would summon an additional Evoker (Lulu), dealing pretty good damage from the backlines.

2-Seraphine adds to the Evoker and Mystic traits while increasing her surrounding champions’ damage.

3-Zyra stuns most of the enemies with a 1 shot while being Evoker.

4-Idas the tank frontline, which would protect the whole team.

5-Rakan adds to the Mystic, increasing the magic resist of the team and the Guardians, increasing the shields they receive.

6-Bard being a Mystic and increasing the shop odds to get Nomsy and Idas to 3 stars

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