[Top 3] TFT Best Sivir Builds That Are Excellent

Best Sivir Builds in TFT.
It's not stealing if they're dead.

Sivir is a well-known mercenary captain who works in the Shurima deserts. With her legendary jewelled crossblade, she has fought and won a lot of battles for people who can pay for her services.

She is proud that, in exchange for a big share of the profits, she found lost treasures in the catacombs under the old empire. Ancient forces are shaking the bones of Shurima, and Sivir is now torn between two different paths...

This is a full guide on how to best place Sivir in TFT to make sure you deliver pizza or deliver your opponents to the lobby.

The only thing I look up to is the sky.

Sivir was raised in the harsh Shuriman desert. The little girl and other orphans like her had to steal food from local marketplaces and explore half-buried old ruins for trinkets to live when the Kthaons, one of the Great Sai's most infamous raiding tribes, killed their families. They searched confined passageways and disused crypts for valuable items, fighting over the greatest findings.

Sivir led others into the depths but rarely kept her meagre riches. She swore she would never betray anyone again after being stolen by her claimed friend Mhyra and joined a troop of mercenaries led by the famous Iha Ziharo as their guide and general lackey.

Sivir remarked that even though her growing proficiency with weapons led her to become Ziharo's personal sergeant, the overbearing commander stole the most riches and glory from every raid, despite Sivir's ingenious ideas earning them fortune. Sivir rallied her supporters to overthrow Ziharo and take over as leader.Sivir abandoned her in the desert with a fake good luck wish, unwilling to harm her mentor.

Sivir and her followers were feared throughout time. A Nashramae patriarch hired them to find "the Chalicar," a lost heirloom. Sivir and his guards searched for months before removing a cross-shaped blade from a Shuriman hero's coffin.

In a bygone era, ingenuity and magic created this gem. Sivir marveled—never had a weapon seemed so natural in her grasp. Sivir flung the sword in a curving arc, decapitating the captain and killing the three soldiers behind him. She battled her way out of the tomb, leaving only corpses.

Sivir became famous outside the desert. As Noxian expeditions moved in from the north, she joined Cassiopeia, General Du Couteau's youngest daughter, in pillaging Shurima's lost capital.Cassiopeia persisted while Sivir's mercenaries tumbled into old traps in the winding tombs.

Sivir's blood raced when they approached a massive tomb entrance guarded by statues and bas-reliefs of ancient god-warriors. These beast-headed warriors and their conflicts against subterranean monsters fascinated her. Cassiopeia stabbed the mercenary while Sivir was distracted.

Sivir slumped in anguish, blood staining the sand. Cassiopeia unlocked the tomb entrance with the Chalicar, activating the curse. Sivir watched as a stone snake stung Cassiopeia on her deathbed. The sword heard maddened gods roaring from the tomb before her senses darkened. Sivir's fate wasn't over yet.

She was the last descendant of a royal bloodline, unknown to her. Azir, the empire's final emperor, cared for her as she woke up. Her blood revived his spirit after over three millennia, completing the procedure and giving him god-emperor power. He magically healed Sivir's fatal wound in the Oasis of the Dawn's healing waters.

She felt only idiots believed in Azir's foretold return. She could not deny what she saw. The ancient city of Shurima emerged from its tomb, capped by a huge golden disc that sparkled with the sun's beams. The ground split, sending huge plumes of dust into the air. Sivir departed with the Chalicar, shattered.

She wanted to return to her old life, but she was caught up in energies beyond mortal comprehension. At Vekaura, she met another ascended creature, the liberated magus Xerath, who wanted to kill Azir's bloodline, but Nasus and Taliyah helped her survive.

She must decide whether to accept her fate or forge her own among Shurima's changing sands.

Best Ashe builds in TFT Set 8

Sivir’s stats:

  • Cost: 2 Gold
  • Health: 600 / 1080 / 1944
  • Mana: 70
  • Armor: 20
  • MR: 20
  • DPS: 49 / 88 / 158
  • Damage: 65 / 117 / 211
  • Atk Spd: 0.75
  • Crit Rate: 25%
  • Range: 4

Sivir’s traits:


If there is a Civilian alive, your team is inspired to protect them by gaining Mana every 2 seconds.

  • 1 +2 mana
  • 2 +4 mana
  • 3 +10 mana


Combat start: gain bonus Attack Damage now, and every 4 seconds.

  • 2 +10% Attack Damage
  • 4 +20% Attack Damage

Sivir’s ability

 Pizza Delivery

Sivir throws her pizza at her target, dealing % attack damage. It then splits into slices and gets delivered to the 3 nearest allies and heals them.

Attack Damage: 400/400/425%

Heal: 80/100/125

Sivir’s best items

1-Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Basic Attacks grant 5% bonus attack speed for the rest of the combat. Stacks with no upper limit.

2-Statikk Shiv

Grants 15 bonus Ability power. Every 3rd attack unleashes chain lightning that bounces to 4 enemies, dealing 30 magic damage and reducing their magic resist by 50% for 5 seconds.

3-Giant Slayer

Grant 15% bonus Attack damage and 15 bonus Ability power. Abilities and attacks deal 30% more damage to enemies with more than 1600 maximum Health

Best comps for Sivir


This is a very good reroll to level 8 because there are so many expensive champions.

Because of his Renegade and Ox-Force statuses, Viego is your primary damage dealer in this matchup.

Best team for this build:

1-Since Aphelios also has the Sureshot trait, he is your team's secondary damage dealer. In addition, he has the Ox Force characteristic, much like Alistar, and is an Arsenal, which means he may choose from a variety of weapons.

2-Because of his compatibility with Ox Force and Aegis, Alistar should be your squad's primary frontliner.

3-Ekko is a powerful frontliner who can summon a dummy and has the Aegis trait, making him an excellent tank.

4-Zoe can burn her foes on fire with her powers, and she may call out a dummy to replace her as her health drops.

5-You'll have a significant advantage with Sivir's assistance because she shares your Civil and Sureshot qualities.

6-As an Aegis member, Leona is a superb tank since she gains a lot of magic resistance and provides decent damage.

7-Since Viego possesses the Renegade and Ox Force qualities, he can single-handedly wipe out the opposition in a matter of seconds.

8-To both the Renegades and the Ox Force, Talon is like having another member.


You'll need a rapid reroll to level 8 and a solid economy for this combination, since most of the items cost more than 3 gold each; however, if you can, you should strive to boost Galio and Sivir to 3 stars early on.

The Sureshot ability is the core of this combo, allowing them to do increasing amounts of damage throughout the course of a fight.

Best team for this build:

1-Samira is responsible for the bulk of your team's damage output. due to her employment of Ace and the Sureshot trait.

2-Aphelios is your team's secondary damage dealer. Since he also has Sureshot Also, he has the Ox Force characteristic, like Alistar, and is an Arsenal, which allows him to choose from a variety of weapons.

3-Alistar is an integral part of your front line. Because he has the same Ox Force, Aegis, and Mascot as your squad.

4-Ekko is a dependable front-line tank and summoning dummy.Having the Aegis and Prankster traits is advantageous.

5-As a magician, Zoe can ignite her foes on fire, and as a prankster, she may call out a dummy when her HP is low.

6-As a member of Sureshot, Senna is able to do a lot of damage from the safety of the backline.

7-Since Sivir has the same Civil and Sureshot qualities as you, she is a significant asset.

8-As Galio engages the team-beneficial characteristics of the mascot and the civilian, he becomes an invaluable asset.


All champions cost 3 gold or more, making this a very economical reroll to level eight, with the exception of Sivir and Galio, who need careful monitoring of the store to get three stars.

Threats don't get stat boosts, but their augmented abilities make them devastating.

Best team for this build:

1-Vel'koz, one of the most powerful three-cost champions, does massive damage and stuns his foes for a considerable amount of time.

2-Cho'Gath is a powerful tank since he can boost his opponent's maximum mana and scale his magic resistance.

3-As he climbs his armor and knocks down foes, Rammus the Third is one of the most effective front lines.

4-In addition to being a potential danger, Fiddlesticks is a corrupted member who is capable of doing a lot of damage at the end of a fight.

5-Alistar is a strong frontline player who contributes to the Mascot character attribute.

6-The most dangerous enemy is Urgot, who can knock opponents to the ground and propel them ahead at great expense.

7-At Galio, you get a total of four figures: two mascots and two civilians.

8-Sivir, a member of the Civilians' backline, does significant damage.     

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