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Best early game comps. Set 8.5
The early bird gets the worm.

Building a strong team in TFT is crucial for success. While there are a lot of possibilities and scenarios in TFT, mastering the early game is a game changer for dominating your opponents.

In this article, we will discuss the top 5 comps in TFT that you can use in your early game so that you can always have the competitive edge right from the start.

Either you are a seasoned player looking for new strategies or comps or you are a newcomer who seeks guidance, these 5 comps will help you build a great early game and pave the way for a victory.



This comp is easy to find in early rounds as most of the team costs 1-2 gold, which has a high chance of being found in the shop in early rounds.

This comp is a buildup for the Warwick comp. Either a full brawler team or a full lasercorps team can work with this early, so you won’t need to sell many champs of your early rounds.

Also, this team is really strong in the early going as it has both the defensive and offensive taits which are the brawlers and lasercorps.

Best team for this comp:

1. Renekton will be sharing both the brawler and lasercorps traits, which is a crucial pick in the early rounds.

2. Yasuo can deal tons of damage in the early rounds as he shares the lasercorps trait with his tornado.

3. Ashe is the 3rd Lasercorps member who will be activating the trait and dealing some good damage from them backlines.

4. Vi is a great early brawler and tank, as she can sustain tons of damage with her shield.

5. Lee Sin is the 3rd brawler, shielding his teammates and dealing some good damage.

6. Blitzcrank is the 4th brawler member who can sustain a lot of damage while his ability is activated, and he will be sharing the A.D.M.I.N. trait with Warwick.



This comp requires level 6, but you can start out with Poppy, Annie, Lulu, and Fiora as they can make a great comp in the early game, activating many traits, but adding Alistar and Sona will keep you ahead in the early and mid rounds.

This comp has both a great frontline that can sustain a lot of damage and a great backline with Lulu as an item holder, which can make her deal tons of damage.

This comp is a buildup for either the Ox Force comp or the Gadgeteens comp.

Best team for this comp:

1. Lulu will be your item holder, which can deal tons of damage as she shares both the heart and gadgeteen traits.

2. Annie is a great frontline in both early and late rounds as she shares spellslinger, gadgeteen, and ox force traits that will make her a beast in this comp.

3. Poppy is the 3rd gadgeteen where she can sustain a lot of damage and deal damage to enemies’ backlines.

4. Fiora will be activating the ox force trait, which will allow her to gain a huge shield whenever her health drops to 1.

5. Sona is your 2nd heart and spellslinger member, making her a crucial pick. She can also deal a lot of damage as well as heal your team.

6. Alistar is your 3rd ox force member, and he can sustain a lot of damage.



This comp is more of an investment where the underground trait is activated, so whether you lose or win, you are getting points for the vault, but winning will give you fast access to better loot.

This comp focuses on a strong frontline and 2 in the backline to deal the damage needed.

This comp is a buildup for underground or ezreal comps, so if you are not playing any, this is not a suggested comp for the early game.

Best team for this comp:

1. Kayle will be your item holder so that she can deal tons of damage in the early rounds until you get your main damage dealer.

2. Ezreal will be activating the underground trait and dealing some good damage from the backlines.

3. Fiora is a great pick in this comp in the early rounds, as she will activate both the duelist trait with Kayle and the Ox Force trait with Alistar.

4. Vi will be sharing both the aegis and brawler traits with Alistar and Renekton.

5. Renekton is your 2nd brawler to sustain a lot of damage on the frontlines.

6. Alistar will activate both the Aegis and Ox Force traits.



This comp requires you to have an InfiniTeam emblem so that you can build up the whole comp as the game progresses.

InfiniTeam is one of the strongest traits in the early rounds, as it opens a portal that duplicates the InfiniTeam champion on it with some extra items that will give you a competitive edge.

Best comp for this team:

1. Lucian is your main damage dealer and item carrier, in case you wanted to change him, but he can do well in both early and late rounds.

2. Shen is a great frontliner who can sustain a lot of damage as he shares both the InfiniTeam and defender traits.

3. Pantheon will be activating the infiniteam trait while stunning enemies and dealing some extra damage.

4. Poppy is your 2nd defender, and if you have the infiniteam emblem, she will be adding an extra 1 to the trait.

5. Sivir is your 5th infiniteam member who can deal great damage in early rounds from the backlines.

6. Ezreal will be your 2nd quickdraw member with Lucian, which allows them to deal a lot more damage.



This comp can be acquired in early games as they all cost 1-2 gold except for Vayne and Riven, but if you got them in early rounds, you would definitely win your early rounds.

This comp is a buildup for a full anima squad trait, which can work really well in late rounds.

Activating the Anima Squad in the early rounds will surely give you a huge advantage, as they stack HP whenever they kill a champion.

Best comp for this team:

1. Jinx is a great damage dealer and item carrier for Miss Fortune, so you can remove the items with a magnetic remover.

2. Sylas is a great frontline tank as he heals a lot, especially when placed with the Anima squad as he stacks more HP.

3. Nasus is your 3rd Anima Squad member, and he will also be activating the mascot trait.

4. Malphite is your 2nd mascot member, and he can sustain some good damage on the frontlines.

5. Riven is one of the strongest tanks, as she can deal a lot of damage yet shield herself to sustain more damage.

6. Vayne can deal great damage from the backlines with her true damage ability, especially against tanks.

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