[Top 3] TFT Best Zeri Builds To Use

Best Zeri builds in TFT.
You know what? We might die here. Let's make sure we go down swinging.

It’s not about the guns and bullets nor the knives and stabs.

When they invented electricity they knew that it would change the whole world but imagine a girl who can control it with her own hands.

This article is a full guide on how to use Zeri, the spark of Zaun, in TFT lightening your enemies.

Man, I should've packed more snacks.

Zeri's electric charm charged with her emotions, sometimes grounded, sometimes building to fierce and fiery.

Life in Zaun was beautiful chaos, her grandma would say, and Zeri embodied that all too well.

One night while Zeri strolled through the Entresol markets, the ground rattled from underground excavations that soon swelled into a destructive quake.

She risked her life to rescue trapped victims. Zeri's mother fashioned her a rifle made of materials given by those Zeri fought for: the people of the Entresol.

The gun's ammo was Zeri's emotions, its conductive barrel amplifying her powers directly from her hands.

Enraged at their losses, the local barons formed a rare alliance and trounced Zeri wherever she went.

Best Zeri builds in TFT Season 4 - Stage II

Zeri’s stats:

Cost: 3 Gold
Health: 600 / 1080 / 1944
Mana: 70
Starting Mana: 20
Armor: 20
MR: 20
DPS: 49 / 88 / 158
Damage: 65 / 117 / 211
Atk Spd: 0.75
Crit Rate: 25%
Range: 4

Zeri’s ability

 Watershock Laser

Zeri fires a water pulse filled with electricity at the closest enemy within 2 hexes, otherwise at the enemy that is closest to the center of the board. The pulse explodes on contact, dealing physical damage and creating a laser behind the target that deals magic damage to all enemies hit.

Damage: 225/325/475

Zeri’s best items

1-Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Basic Attacks grant 6% bonus attack speed for the rest of the combat. Stacks with no upper limit.

2-Giant Slayer

Basic attacks and spells gain 20% increased damage, increased to 60% if the enemy has over 1800 maximum health.

3-Statikk Shiv

Every third basic attack from the wearer deals 60 magic damage to the target and 3 additional targets, while also reducing their magic resistance by 50% for 5 seconds.

Best comp for Seraphine


This comp rotates around cannoneers and darkflight traits.

This is a slow reroll to level 8 trying to get each champion on your board to 3 stars.

Best team for this build:

1-Zeri would be a great damage dealer as a Cannoneer LASERING her enemies.

2-Graves is a really strong Cannoneer being placed beside 2 darkflight members.

3-having 2 copies of aphelios would be a really good fit as he would share the Darkflight item.

4-Rell would be a good tank as a Cavalier and Darkflight member.

5-Hecarim is counted as an additional Cavalier, making his enemies flee in fear.

6-Sejuani is a great frontline tank as a Cavalier.

7-Senna would be placed in the Darkflight circle sharing the Zeke’s item with all Darkflight members.


This comp rotates around Seraphine increasing Graves, Pantheon and Zeri’s on-hit damage which would make them true beasts.

Try to slow reroll to level 8 because Seraphine 3 stars is a must if you want to get the best out of this comp.

Best team for this build:

1-Seraphine is the core of the team as she increases the team’s on-hit damage while shielding them as well as sharing her Mystic, Evoker, and Lagoon traits.

2-Pantheon would be your main damage dealer in the frontline as he shares the Whisper trait.

3-Graves would be your second main damage dealer from the backlines as he shares Cannoneer trait.

4-Zeri would LASER enemies, sharing Lagoon and Cannoneer traits.

5-Zyra is a great fit as she is counted as an additional Evoker and Whisper member.

6-Rakan’s job is to protect the team as a Guardian while sharing the Mystic trait.

7-Zac is a great frontline tank as is a member of Lagoon and Guardian traits.

8-Bard increases the odds of getting more Graves and Pantheon in the shop while sharing the Mystic trait.


This comp rotates around Guilds sustaining damage while Cannoneers dealing all the damage needed from the backlines.

This is a slow reroll to level 8 as Zeri and Twitch 3 stars are a MUST.

Best team for this build:

1-Zippy as the Guild dragon would grant the team some extra stats while dealing some good damage and sustaining a lot of it.

2-Zeri would be your main damage dealer from the backline as a Cannoneer member.

3-Graves would be your second main damage dealer sharing the Cannoneer trait.

4-Aphelios is counted as an additional Cannoneer.

5-Senna sets the Cannoneer trait to 4.

6-Twitch is a Guild member granting other members extra attack speed.

7-Sejauni is a great frontline tank granting Guild members extra hit points.

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