[Top 15] TFT Best Items To Combine

Best items to combine in TFT
A lot of people want the crown, but they are not willing to combine it.

TFT is all about placing champions with their right combos while being equipped with the right items.

Items play a really high role in TFT as it’s one of the most important aspects of the game and it requires 2 components to forge 1 complete item.

Components can be found by various methods which can be the circle you choose a champion from which each champion is equipped with a different component or just a complete item in late rounds.

This is a full article on how to combine the top 15 used items in TFT to make sure you make your champions as powerful as they should be.

These are the top 15 items used in TFT in terms of ability power, attack damage, and tank:

15-Spatula + Spatula = Tactician’s Crown

Your team gains +1 maximum team size.

This item is combined when you have 2 spatulas, but you don’t want to make a specific emblem or if your team requires more slots to be deployed then tactician crown is the best choice for this situation.

Combos such as the Lasercorps If you want to get to 9 Lasercorps, you should either wait for level 9 and use 2 Spatulas with 2 BF Swords to get the 2 additional emblems, or if you already have them, you can just use the Tactician Crown to have the 9 Lasercorps on board once you hit level 8.

If you have two Spatulas and are playing a combo that does not require an emblem, try using them early as they will give you an advantage until the late game with one more champion, so use them wisely. 

14-BF Sword + Tear of Goddess = Spear of Shojin

Grant 15 bonus Ability Power.

Every 3rd attack restores 20 additional mana.

This item is mainly placed on champions that are skill-focused and need to use their items more often, such as Miss Fortune or Taliyah, as it restores 20 mana every 3 basic attacks, which would allow them to cast their abilities more often.

Spear of Shojn is best used on the backlines, as they will have longer time to gain mana and hit more targets.

Don’t use Spear of Shojn on champions that rely on basic attacks, as it would be useless for them.

To get the most out of the spear, place it on champions whose skills scale with their ability power, as the spear grants some extra ability power.

13-Needlessly Large Rod + Sparring Gloves = Jeweled Gauntlet

Grant 15 bonus Ability Power and 15% Critical Strike Chance. 

Damage from an Ability can critically strike.

The jewelled gauntlet is a core item for ability power champions as it allows them to have critical strike with their abilities, which would deal double the damage, and it also gives them some extra ability power for more damage.

Don’t use the Jeweled Gauntlet on AD champions unless you want to get more critical strike chance and they have a hybrid skill that would scale with AP.

If you already have an augment that increases your critical strike chance, combine it with the death cap, which would be more beneficial.

12-BF Sword + Recurve Bow = Giant Slayer

Grant 15% bonus Attack damage and 15 bonus Ability power. Abilities and attacks deal 30% more damage to enemies with more than 1600 maximum Health

This item is essential if you are having a hard time killing enemies' tanks, as it allows you to deal more damage to tanks if they have more maximum health than the champion the item is placed on while also giving them more damage.

Giant Slayer is used on damage champions, whether they are AD or AP, so you get the most out of it.

If you're still having trouble killing your opponent's tank, you can use more than one Giant Slayer on 1 AD champ and 1 AP champ. 

11- Needlessly Large Rod + Needlessly Large Rod = Rabadon's Deathcap

Grants 50 bonus Ability Power

This item is mainly for the ability power champions that their skills stack AP as it gives tons of ability power which makes them beasts.

Although Rabadon’s Deathcap grants a lot of AP it doesn’t guarantee killing opponents as it lacks critical strike chance and damage also it’s not an anti-tank nor an anti-heal item so try combining it with items that provide these powers to make sure you get the best out of it.

10-Tear of the Goddess + Sparing Gloves = Hand of Justice

Grant 2 effects: 

  • 15% Attack Damage and 15 Ability Power. 
  • 10% Omnivamp. 

Each round, randomly double 1 of these effects. 

Omnivamp: heal for some of damage dealt.

This is a very useful item for frontlines that can both deal damage and sustain damage, as it gives both more damage and omnivamp, which allows them to heal a percentage of the damage done.

This item is a plus; don’t spam it, as it gives a little of everything, so only use it when you have extra components.

9-Chain Vest + Recurve Bow = Titan’s Resolve

When the wearer basic attacks or takes damage from any source, grants 2% bonus attack damage and 2 ability power for the rest of combat, stacking up 25 times for a maximum of 50. At maximum stacks, additionally gains 25 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance, and increases in size. Resets every round.

Titan’s resolve is a really strong item when placed right, as it makes the holder a true living beast as it gives him both extra damage and defensive stats.

Focus on using Titan’s Resolve on champions that stack attack speed, as it needs to be stacked. Also, combining it with Rageblade would give you a huge advantage for champions such as Jax and Bel’Veth.

8- Needlessly Large Rod  + Giant’s Belt = Morellonomicon

Grants 10 bonus Ability Power. Magic or true damage from the holder's Ability 10% Burns and 33% Wounds enemies for the 10 seconds.

If you are having troubles killing enemies who heal a lot this item is the best choice for you as It sets them on fire and also reduce their healing received.

Use the Morellonomicon on secondary champions like Zoe to allow her to spam her skill, dealing high damage and burning enemies. So you don’t waste item space on primary champions such as Taliyah or Miss Fortune.

7- Needlessly Large Rod + Recurve Bow = Guinsoo’s Rageblade

Basic Attacks grant 5% bonus attack speed for the rest of the combat. Stacks with no upper limit.

Rageblade is a must for any champion that mainly focuses on basic attacks, as it gives them unlimited attack speed and an attack speed percentage that stacks infinitely.

Rageblade is a stacking item, so try placing it on strong frontlines such as Jax or Bel’Veth or on backlines such as Vayne and Kai’Sa.

Also, try combining it with Titan’s Resolve, as they would scale.

6-Tear of the Goddess + Tear of the Goddess = Blue Buff

Grant 10 bonus starting Mana and 15 bonus Ability Power. Abilities cost 10 less Mana to cast. 

If the holder gets at least 1 takedown within 3 seconds of casting, gain 10 Mana.

This item is focused for champions that needs to cast their abilities way too much and it already has low cost as it makes it even lower and gives additional mana and ability power which empowers the ability casted.

Try using the Blue Buff on low-mana champions that have the potential to get multiple kills each round, as it has been reworked and won’t grant much mana like it used to, such as Yuumi, and for high-mana champions such as Miss Fortune, try using the Spear instead.

5-Tear of the Goddess + Recurve Bow = Statikk Shiv

Grants 15 bonus Ability power. Every 3rd attack unleashes chain lightning that bounces to 4 enemies, dealing 30 magic damage and reducing their magic resist by 50% for 5 seconds.

Statikk Shiv is one of the best items for damage dealing and reducing enemies magic resist so make sure to combine it whenever you are having an advantage.

The Statikk Shiv effect lasts for 5 seconds, so place it on the backlines, as they would spam the item instead of the frontlines, who would die early in the round.

4-BF Sword + Negatron Cloak = Bloodthirster

Passive 1: Grant 20% omnivamp

Passive 2: Gains a 25% maximum health shield for 5 seconds if the wearer falls below 40% maximum health.

Bloodthirster is essential for champions that uses melee basic attacks as it gives more omnivamp which helps them heal and gives a shield whenever their maximum health falls to sustain more damage.

Use Bloddthirster if your champion, such as Zed, gets too much damage, but if the champion doesn’t get much damage and you want to make him deal more damage, Infinity Edge would be better, which is made with the BF. Sword and Sparring Gloves.

3-Giant’s Belt + Giant’s Belt = Warmog’s Armor

Grants 500 bonus Health.

Giant belt is any tank favorite item as it gives so much extra health so make sure to always place it on frontlines tanks.

Place it on your main champion so that his skill can either regenerate maximum health or grant him a shield, as it would scale with the passive of the item.

2-Negatron Cloak + Negatron Cloak = Dragon’s Claw 

Grant 20 bonus Magic Resist. Every 2 seconds, regenerate 5% maximum Health.

Dragon’s Claw is most hated by any ability-power focused champion as it grants so much magic resist and regenerates more health every second, which makes any tank a beast.

Placing Dragon's Claw alongside Warmog's armor would match and scale, allowing your tank to regenerate more maximum health.

If your opponent focuses on AD combos, you can use the Bramble Vest (a combination of two Chain Vests) or the Gargoyle Stoneplate (a combination of Chain Vest and Cloak).

1-Chain Vest + Negatron Cloak = Gargoyle Stoneplate

The holder gains 13 bonus armor and bonus magic resistance for each enemy targeting them.

Gargoyle Stoneplate is one of the items that is placed on tanks that get targeted by many enemies, as it increases its bonuses depending on how many targets hit the tank, so make sure to get it every time your tank gets triggered.

If you are facing hybrid combos, Gargoyle is the best match because it grants both armor and magic resist for each enemy targeting your tank. However, you can always replace it with Dragon's Claw or Bramble Vest if your opponents focus on one aspect of damage dealers, such as AP only or AD only. 

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