[Guide] TFT Portals: Everything You Need To Know

Best Portals in TFT Set 9.5
Portals the new feature that gives extra stats.

TFT Portals are a new game feature introduced in Set 9. The portals add excitement and challenges to the game, as there are over 30 different portals to choose from, each with its own unique effect.

Portals are chosen at the very beginning of the game, and all players are sent to the same portal, which means everyone is playing on the same even ground.

In this article, we will mention all the portals that are available in TFT Set 9.5 and why you should prioritize or choose a specific portal.


TFT Portals Set 9.5


1. Bandle City

Bandle Cafeteria

Gain a spatula on 2-1. At shopping start, units equipped with a Spatula, emblem, or Tactician's Crown feed a Poro Snax to their closest ally, granting them 7 permanent health. Units will feed one snax per item they have equipped.


Why it’s a great pick:

  • This portal is a great one as it allows you to forge one of the emblems you want, or even a tactician crown to have an additional unit.
  • Try to have this if you play comps such as Noxus, Shurima, or Bilgewater, as it will greatly help you take advantage of the game.
  • Also, if you are playing using this portal, place the spatula or any item forged by it on a champion so that the closest ally can gain permanent health each round.


Scuttle Puddle

PvE monsters are replaced by scuttle crabs that grant extra loot.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • The Scuttle Puddle allows you to get tons of extra loot, so always aim for comps that require many items, or you can even reroll high-cost champions with the gold you receive.
  • Always have a plan for where to place the items so that your bench doesn’t get full of wasted components.


Yuumi's Zoom Zone

When you buy XP, gain an additional 2.


Why it’s a great pick:

  • This portal focuses on giving you additional EXP every time you buy XP, so make sure to fully use it by aiming for high levels such as 8 or 9.
  • Try changing your plan to play a comp that requires high-tier champions, as it would be much easier to get higher levels, which would increase the odds of having high champions in the shop.


2. Bilgewater

Finn’s Market

Instead of a creature to fight, round 3–7 is a visit to Bilgewater Trader Finn, who offers either one completed artifact, support, or radiant item for free to each player.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This one is the least ranked in Bilgewater portals, as it only gives you free items. The only great part is that it might give you radiant items that would greatly increase your team stats.
  • Always plan so that you can best fit the item you get unless you have the twisted fate legend and you picked the pandora’s item so that you can get the item you want.


Rat Town

Starting in Stage 2, randomly, a Lucky Shop can appear at the start of a round in a shop. These Lucky Shops will always be tailored to whatever traits you’re building.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This one is one of the best portals you can pick, as you will have a lucky shop each stage, starting from stage 2, giving you exactly the champions you need for your comp based on the traits you are building.
  • Try to go for comps that require rare champions, so if you are going for some high-tier champions, try to stay on a high level so that you get many copies of them.


Slaughter Docks

Gain a number of free shop re-rolls that is equal to the stage number plus one, and only for the first round per stage. When that round ends, so does that re-roll potential.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This is a great portal, unlike the Rat Town portal, where you get free shop re-rolls that are equal to stage number plus one, so if you are on stage 4, for example, you get 5 free re-rolls that work perfectly with the re-rolls augments, as every 4 free re-rolls you get another 1.
  • This would greatly help you to reroll low-cost champions if you are on a comp that is rerolling Tier 1 or 2 champions.


3. Demacia


Start the game with three components anvil.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This portal would greatly help you build more than 2 items before you even begin the first round, as you will get 3 component anvils giving you 3 different components, which most probably will allow you to build the perfect early game items.
  • Also, if you are using Twisted Fate Legend, you will have 3 extra components change through the course of the game until you hit the desired items.


House LightShield

Gain a powerful Crown of Demacia on 2-1. If the wearer dies, you instantly lose the fight.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • It’s one of the most tricky and hardest portals you would pick, so you need to think twice before picking it, as the crown of Demacia would give you radiant items for the holder, which greatly increases the stats, but keep in mind that if the holder dies, you will lose the round instantly.
  • The best use is to place it on a tank that you are sure he won’t just die wasting the round, or place it on a damage dealer, protecting him with huge tanks and placing him in the safest spot.


4. Freljord


On 4-5, gain a consumable Masterwork Upgrade that lets you upgrade one equipped item into its radiant version.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This is a great way to make sure you have a powerful radiant item, as this portal would give you a masterwork upgrade that makes you pick any item you have on a champion to upgrade it.
  • Just a small reminder that the item you upgrade will be benched and you will need to replace it on the champion, so in case you have Twisted Fate as your legend, don’t forget to use it before it changes.


Ornn’s Forge

Randomly on either 2-5 or 3-5, gain an ornn anvil.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • It’s a great way to make sure that you are getting Ornn’s items that don’t exist as normal items in TFT and can’t be forged either.
  • Keep in mind that you receive the item either on stage 2-5 or 3-5, so keep its place empty on the champion you are wishing to use it on.


Valar’s Hollow

Players will get an item anvil on stages 2–3 and a support anvil on stages 3–3.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This time it’s not about radiant or ornn’s items, but it’s about having 2 completed items; one of them is a normal item, and the other is a support that would greatly help your team.
  • Try picking up the support item that would help out the most on your team.


5. Ionia

God-Willow's Grove

A spot on your bench becomes the grove. The unit in it contributes their traits as though they were in your army.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This is one of the most powerful traits, as one of your benches that is placed on the last spot on the right side would contribute their traits to your army even if not used in the arena.
  • Always try to activate your strongest trait using it, or activate 2 supporting traits; the more traits you activate, the better you get.


Placidium Library

Gain a consumable on 3-5 that, when you place it on a unit, opens an armory with an emblem of each of their traits.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • Unlike the God-Willow’s Grove portal, this one would provide you with an emblem for any trait you want, forgeable emblems, and non-forgeable emblems.
  • This trait is best used with, for instance, the Void, as you will need an extra Void emblem to fully activate the trait. Just keep in mind that you will only get emblems that the champion you placed the consumable on shares.


The Dreaming Pool

At the start of each stage, gain a champ that really fits your team!

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This portal makes everything easier, as you won’t be worried about getting the high-tier champion you want in the shop; instead, at the start of each stage, you will gain a champ that fits your team, and its rarity depends on the stage you are in.
  • If you are playing a low-cost reroll comp and it only requires 1 high-tier champion, keep going on low-level rerolling, and you will get the high-tier champion despite your level.


6. Ixtal

Cardinal Arcology

Your game consists of one silver augment, one gold augment, and one prismatic augment, in order.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This portal is one of the most rational portals you would need unless the legend you picked, prismatic augment, has a powerful effect; if not, the order of the augment would make you play freely without building upon an augment.
  • Even if you are falling or if you don’t know which comp you are going for, the Prismatic augment would fix that by giving you tons of gold, exp, or even HP or items.



Every time a player stars up a unit 20 times, they gain valuable loot, repeatable each time 20 stars are hit.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This portal gives you all those who are in the game tons of loot, but it depends on how fast the queue levels up champions, as every 20 levels up for a unit would grant all the payers the loot.


Serpentine River

Instead of carousel rounds, players vote for one bonus that all players get. Plus, after each voting round, every player gets a component anvil.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • Unlike any other portal, this one cancels the carousel rounds; instead, players get to vote again, just for the portals voting for additional loot.
  • This one helps you to vote for exactly what you are missing; for example, if you are on a losing streak, you would vote for HP, but if you are running low on gold, you could vote for more gold.


7. Noxus

Fleshing Arena

On the 1st and 5th rounds of each stage, get a free high-tier unit. The unit's tier increases with game time.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This one is close to the Ionia portal as it gives you a free high-tier champion on the first and 5th rounds of each stage, and the tier increases with game time.
  • Just like the Ionia, if you are rerolling on low-cost champions and your comp requires a high-tier champion, you will get it without the need to level up.


Immortal Bastion

Players start with 115 health.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • Who doesn’t love extra health? This portal gives everyone 15 additional HP to start with to have 115 instead of 100.
  • If you are playing a comp such as the Piltover, it would be a great pick, as you will get to lose some more rounds for a much more powerful T-Hex.



Each time you take an augment, a random arena hex appears. Units on an arena hex gain an item that they can use.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • It gives you a powerful hex that makes your champions much more powerful with an extra item—this item you get every time you pick an augment.


8. Piltover

Jayce’s Workshop

All augments offered in this game will be Prismatic.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • The games for which this portal is chosen most likely go at a fast pace, as all the portals would be prismatic, giving out powerful augments.
  • Try to choose wisely the augments, as you might get the first or last place depending on the augments you picked, as other players would be more powerful as well.


Stillwater Hold

Whenever you are offered an augment, gain a completed item instead.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This portal isn’t the best to pick if your comp depends on specific augments, such as the Double Trouble augment, so don’t pick it if your team relies on augments.
  • If not, you can pick it up, as you will get 3 extra components to forge more items.


The University

The first augment round will be a prismatic augment.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • Choosing a legend you prefer that works perfectly with the comp you want to play and picking up this portal would greatly help, as you will get the prismatic augment for the legend you picked.
  • Having a powerful prismatic augment in the very first round would put you on top of the queue.


9. Shadow Isles

Thresh's Sanctum

When any champion dies, collect their soul. Every 40 souls you collect, gain loot!

Why it’s a great pick:

  • The more champions killed in a single round you play, the more loot you get, as every 40 souls, which means every 40 dead champions, would earn you loot.


Yorick's Graveyard

Every time a player dies, all players open an armory containing 4 of the eliminated players completed items.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • Every time a player dies, you will get a full item, so if you are going for first and 2nd place, you will get 6 full items that would greatly benefit your team.


10. Shurima

Shifting Bazaar

Component carousels have 2 components on them instead of 1.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This portal allows you to craft more items, as each carousel round you will get 2 components instead of 1, which means you get a full item for each carousel round.


Warlord’s Palace

An armory of treasure that offers infinite rerolls for 2 gold per reroll replaces the 4-7 dragon round.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • The dragon would give you only 1 item or 2 at best, but the armory treasure would give you tons of loot, starting with gold, items, radiant items, emblems, or even dummies.


11. Targon

Marus Omegnum

On 2-5 and 4-5, gain a tactician's crown.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • Try going for comps that require a lot of champions, as you will gain 2 tactician’s crowns on 2 different stages, which are 2-5 and 4-5, which would greatly help you place more champions.


Targon Prime

When you reach 40 HP, gain a blessing from the Targonian gods.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This is a great portal if you are planning on playing Piltover, as you will be the first one to get the blessing, which randomly gives huge valuable loot such as tactician crows, radiant items, or even Ornn’s items.
  • Even if you are not playing Piltover, if you find yourself on a losing streak, this portal will bring you back to the game.


The Summit

Starting at stage 2, gain a Lesser Champion Duplicator at the start of each stage. On stage 5 and beyond, gain a Champion Duplicator instead.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This portal requires you to get on a high level by playing a comp that requires a high-tier champion, as you will get a lot of champion duplicators, which would help you get your core champions to level 2 or even 3 easily.


12. Void

The Hall of the Nine

At the start of each stage, everyone gets the same loot from a highly varied pool.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This balances between you and other players as you all get the same loot from a highly varied pool, so it can be a boot for 0 gold or a tactician crown.


Unstable Rift

Gain an unstable completed item that pops off and transforms into a random item every round.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • The portal gives you a huge advantage as it gives you random items that can be used for 1 round, so every round you can use them on a different champion that it fits on.


13. Zaun

Ecliptic Vaults

Every time you select an augment, you gain 4 gold per augment you have.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This would give you more gold, 4 gold per augment you have, so the last augment would give you 12 extra gold if you are running low on gold or to save for max interest.


Glasc Industries

Every time you build a completed item, you gain 3 gold.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • This one is a bit better than augments, as it has no cap. The more completed items you forge, the more gold you get, as you get 3 gold per item.


The Sump

There is no interest in this game. Instead, starting at 2-1, gain 3 gold every round.

Why it’s a great pick:

  • If you feel like you know how to manage your economy, this augment is for youyou, it will give you 3 gold each round with no interest.
  • So, you can level up or reroll whenever you feel like not worrying about the interest you get for the gold you save.

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